How to Add Hundreds of Subscribers to Your List Every Week

We always hear that the “money is in the list”. Honestly, when I started online back in 2006, I never gave importance of building my list. I only took it seriously after 2 years. Consider this for a minute.  Every subscriber on your list is worth $1 in sales a month to you. Therefore, when you have an email list of about 2,000, you are likely to earn at least $2,000 per month. If your list is about 5,000, you can expect to make about $5,000 per month. That’s when I realized to start building my list in 2008.Now, even though I have thousands of subscribers already, I still continue building my list every single day. In fact, I have one strategy that I would like to share to you that consistently adds hundreds of subscribers to me every week.

This is how I add 100-200+ subscribers to my list every week, and guess what, the more your list grows, the more money that you can make and let me show how you can do the same.

How Do I Consistently Add 100 – 200+ Email Subscribers Every Week?

Absolutely, one of my favorite strategies is what we call email “adswaps”, you probably heard of it before, or to some of you, might doing this already. What exactly is an email adswap? An adswap is when two marketers come together to advertise one of their offers to each others list.

For example, if you have 300+ subscribers. you will look for a marketer who have 300+ subscribers as well, and agree to send out promotional email to each others list to gain additional subscribers for each other. Why does this work? The best type of promotion is when other people promote you. That builds more credibility and trust from others, and as we all know, we need credibility and gain trust from people if we want to succeed online. I am going to show you how to look for them in a minute…

Why does email adswaps work?

It is very easy to set-up, no hassle and you get responsive potential subscribers. So, if you have 700 email subscribers, you have to find a marketer with similar amount of subscribers just like you.
If you both send an email, the normal rate of subscribers you would keep from 700 people is roughly 10% conversion which is 70 subscribers, and your opt-in page converting at about 30%, in that scenario, you would add 21 subscribers from this adswap.

At this point, it may not sound like a lot yet. However, just visualize if you keep on repeating this similar method frequently, you will notice that you are building your subscribers list fast. Just make sure to look for a marketer with similar list size, don’t perform email adswaps with people who have fewer subscribers than you.

Take a look at this instance…

700 subscribers X 10% conversion = 70 visitors X 30% opt-in = 21 subscribers.

If you do this repeatedly about 2-4 times a week, you will keep 10% of another marketer’s list. As a result, that will build to 721, followed by 742, then 764, then 786. Thus, you have just added 86 new subscribers for that week!

Consider this, when your list grows and you are hitting 1,000 or 2,000 subscribers and you are repeating this method, matching your list size with another marketer, you begin to increase your list fast. Just to illustrate, if your list is 4,000 subscribers, 10% of that is 400 and a 30% opt-in page  conversion, you will add 120 subscribers just from 1 adswap, and if you do 2 that week with the same size, you will add 240 new subscribers, isn’t that incredible? Now, keep in mind that those are very responsive subscribers, because it came from another respectable marketer.

My objective is to help you build your email list fast this year. I aspire to see you accomplish something and the quickest and much more long-term approach to do this is to build your email list primarily. Keep in mind, traffic = money, no other way around it, this really is traffic you possibly can generate on demand by sending 1 email to your list. Also, when you are driving traffic from other sources you continue to still build your list at the same time, how awesome is that?!

Everything else is simply a distraction to you. Your email list needs to be your number 1 concern every day, and all of the things that I’m doing to build my list including article marketing, blog commenting, forum marketing, viral marketing, social bookmarking etc all leads back to my squeeze page to build my list. I’m going to provide help to build your email list to atleast 300+ subscribers this month to be able to get the standard downpact and on your way to making true success, because it does matter.

Keep in mind, it is not about how big your email list is, it’s about how responsive it is, I’ve seen 500+ subscribers list out-perform list size of about 5,000+ and by building your email list using these techniques, it is possible to build fast, and build responsive too. Remember, not anything works unless you truly put it to use.

This guest post was written by Gary David, an Internet Marketer which specializes list building. Discover 26 superpower tactics for rapid-fire list building and learn the step-by-step guide on how to build your list.

Make Money Online with John Chow

What started as just a personal blog and a diary of what’s for dinner, John Chow sure has done well for himself over the years. It wasn’t enough to grab the eye of Google and get kicked out of their search engine for a while, nor was it time to relax after continually making a cool $50,000 from his blog. No, John had to take it to another level and come out with his own book, rightfully titled “Make Money Online” (Roadmap of a dot com mogul).

With over 80,000 RSS subscribers, I’m sure many have read John’s free ebook “Make Money Online with John Chow“. The ebook takes you through John’s pre-blogging life… how he first got into blogging, and his journey to the top… and it’s also full of monetization methods and more. With the print version of Make Money Online being released, John stayed on the same topic. While you may see similarities between the ebook and the written copy, the latest print version is updated with new content, more chapters and blogging case studies. With over 140 pages and 13 chapters of content, it’s a good read for anyone in the make money or blogging niche. A break down of the chapters listed in “Make Money Online” are shown below.

* Chapter 1: The Best Time to Get Started
* Chapter 2: My Story
* Chapter 3: Blogging 101
* Chapter 4: Ten Essential Blogging Tips
* Chapter 5: WordPress Basics
* Chapter 6: WordPress Techniques and Tools
* Chapter 7: Content is King
* Chapter 8: Promotion and Search Engine Optimization
* Chapter 9: The Importance of Branding
* Chapter 10: Optimizing Google AdSense
* Chapter 11: My Top Moneymakers
* Chapter 12: Private Ad Sales
* Chapter 13: The Formula for Success

John Chow’s “Make Money Online” Hits #1 on Amazon
Well, not exactly #1 on all of Amazon, but it did hit #1 for the “Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Home Based” section of Amazon, and that’s still a pretty big accomplishment. If you’d like to order the book, it retails for $15.95, but Amazon currently has it on sales for $10.85.

Win a Signed Copy of Make Money Online
For anyone looking to play the odds and win a signed copy of “Make Money Online” by John Chow, simply grab your copy of Six Figure Affiliate Blogging and ten winners will be selected at the end of the month.

– Order Make Money Online at Amazon. – Photoshop Tutorials and Design

I recently went live with a new blog that focuses on design and photoshop tutorials, and also highlights artwork, photography and WordPress as well. I’ve always wanted to be a master at photoshop and create awesome artwork and web sites, but my focus was always on building sites and affiliate marketing. With the new blog,, I can highlight amazing artwork and provide tutorials for others to learn from, while building up a new web site property in the process. The majority of tutorials and articles found on the site are exclusive content from quality designers throughout the world.

RoyalTutorial Launch Contest
To kick things off, I called upon a few partners and friends to see if they would like to contribute to a “going live” contest. Nearly everyone I asked gladly provided something, and I ended up with over $3,000 in prizes to be award. The promotion started and few days ago, and the first set of winners will be selected tomorrow. New winners are selected weekly.

The prizes up for grabs are:

Wacom Intuous4 Small Pen Tablet – Retail: $229.00 (1 winner)
Pixelmator Software – Retail: $59.95 (2 winners)
Flip Digital Camera – Retail: $149.95 (10 winners)
WooTheme Membership – Retail: $70.00 (10 winners)
ThemeWars Membership – Retail: $147 + $20/month (5 winners) T-Shirt – Retail: $9.95 (25 winners)

To enter, simply visit RoyalTutorial and comment, tweet or blog about the site.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of the site, what can be improved or if you’d like to provide some content.

The Art of Company Logos and Branding

There’s no doubt about it… the importance of your logo is extremely crucial to your company’s branding and success. Just having a great logo alone won’t determine your future, but branding that company image into the minds of your customers is all part of the game.

When Logo Design Goes Bad
The logo P&G (Proctor & Gamble) used when it first launched in 1851 pictured a man in the moon with 13 stars, representing the original American colonies. The logo later was criticized for having stars connected to form “666” and also that the curls on the man’s beard represented devilish sixes. P&G would later remove the bearded curls in 1991, then get rid of the logo all together two years later. To me, the old logo says nothing about the company, and the amazingly simple “P&G” is recognized by all as Proctor & Gamble. (source)

Serving Up New Logos Daily
Starbucks is one of the most well known and addictive brands in the world. Though everyone recognizes the name, Starbucks has had their fair share of logo design changes. Even when you look at the Starbucks logo… you still are confused what the heck you are looking at! In short, it’s actually a “twin-tailed siren”. Check out “How the Starbucks Siren Became Less Naughty” for a nice article on the evolution of the Starbucks logo over the past years.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It!
Pepsi is among the handful of most recognized world wide brands. So why mess around with something that has worked so well your company. Apparently Pepsi wants to go through the “new image” process, and along with a new image… comes new logo modifications. Below we have a chart of Pepsi’s previous designs, then all of their new designs below it. The new Pepsi logo varies depending on what product it’s place on (regular, diet, max). What do you think of the new logo? It’s supposed to represent a smile… but has been their most criticized logo yet. Even being compared to the Obama campaign logo.”Pepsi has a New Logo” has an in depth article on the new and past logo designs of Pepsi.

Striking Gold, with Your New Logo
Advertising is all about branding and sales. Having a cult following is just a mega plus! I doubt anyone would be placing stickers and decals on their computers and cars, if Apple was still using their logo from 1976. This design belongs at a renaissance fair or on a classic book cover. Apple also saw the light and changed over to the rainbow colored “Apple” logo in 1976. After years of seeing the rainbow Apple, the smooth and sexy chrome logo was designed, and also available in every color on earth! This logo is so good, they don’t even need to put their name on it, you just know what it is!

What are your thoughts on these design changes, Good or Bad? Leave your feedback about these logos, and any other company logo changes over the years.

To learn more about logos, their designs and hidden meanings, be sure to check out this article from DesignHill.

The “Ultimate Blogging Theme” that Makes Money

Carl “Kidblogger” Ocab recently sent me an email wanting me to take a look at his new “Ultimate Blogging Theme” for WordPress. He sent me over a limited license theme to try it out and see if I like. I love working on mini blog sites, and am always looking for the best new wordpress themes to work with. After looking everything over, I spent a couple hours working on a new blog and ended up really liking the usability and look of the site. I was actually so satisfied with the theme, I went ahead and purchased the unlimited $97 version, which also gives you access to more color schemes and options.

You can visit the Ultimate Blogging Theme web site here, or you can just read below for a quick over. I know everyone loves “long sales pages” , so I will just highlight a few of the top features available through the theme.

Limited vs. Unlimited Ultimate Blog Theme
– The limited version comes with three different colors schemes, and is only available for use on one domain. The unlimited version is an unlimited license and also has six different colors to choose from. If you purchase the unlimited version, you can also remove the copyright/”made by” tag on the bottom of your wordpress them.

Great Navigation and Ad Placement
The biggest problem I have when setting up a new blog or mini site, is having to mess with the header and side menus to try and get the ad placement I want. Carl spent a lot of time finding where the best placements are for advertisements, and how to get people to click through your blog and subscribe to your rss feed. Everything is customizable and that makes my job that much easier.

Upload & Ready to Go
– This is a very advanced them is ready to go, right out of the box. The only you need to do is upload the files, then activate a few plugins and start customizing your blog.

Walkthrough Videos & Tips
– When I first started playing around with the new theme, I was a bit confused on how to setup a couple areas of the blog. Fortunately, Carl already has that covered and he created a super easy walkthrough video that shows the whole install/customization process. In addition to the walkthrough process, as a license owner, you also have access to a 20 minute video featuring “hardcore tips and advice” from Carl.

Yes, I’m using the Ultimate Blogging Theme!
This isn’t a paid review from Carl, but as I mentioned… he did give me a free limited version to play around with.  After seeing what it could do, I went ahead and purchased the full version for unlimited use and for more customization. I’ve already created a few new blogs with the theme and very happy with how they ended up looking.

Carl also provided me with ONLY SIX discount coupons for my blog readers. If you would like to purchase the Ultimate Blogging Theme, you can save an instant $20 off the $97 retail price. This coupon code only applies for the full unlimited license version. Use coupon code: ZACJOHNSON

– Click here for more on the Ultimate Blogging Theme

Free WordPress Themes Resources

Lately I’ve been working on a couple new blog sites and I’ve been going through a decent amount of WordPress Themes resources to find the best layouts and color scheme for my sites. While going through a ton of sites, managed to find a few that were actually pretty helpful and had a decent amount of quality designs to work with. Below are some of the sites I found most helpful and wanted to share them with you.

100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes (Great source!)
– 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes You (Probably) Haven’t Seen
Squidoo Best WordPress Themes (profiles free & paid themes)

Adsense Based WordPress Themes
If you are looking to create a blog to target a niche area or strictly to make money, there are many themes out there created just to help improve your Google Adsense earnings and click through rates. With these wordpress themes you are able to create your high quality content, while having Adsense displayed within your content or at least right in front of the viewer.

– 18 Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes to Maximize Your Ad Earnings (Great source!)
– Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about having some custom and magazine style wordpress themes created that I can pass along to my blog readers. Leave any feedback on what type of wordpress themes you would like to see (and haven’t been able to find) and I’ll see what I can do about having them created. If you have any other resources, feel free to list them in the comments section and I will add them to the lists.

Advertise on Perez Hilton’s Blog for $54,000 a Day!

If I asked you who Mario Lavandeira was, most of you probably wouldn’t know… But if I asked you who Perez Hilton was, the response would be almost immediate. Just like I did a breakdown of how Guy Kawasaki uses his name for branding power, Mario Lavandeira has done the same… but in this case, without using his “real” name.

Everywhere you look, you see Perez Hilton somewhere… in addition to his power house blog, he’s always on TV (whether it be his own show, or a guest appearance)… but now he’s moving his name into his fashion, cosmetic and music. So where did this Perez Hilton come from and how in just three years did his blog become so popular (and help make blogging popular in the process)? As reported by Wire Magazine… here’s how Mario Lavandeira went from an unemployed fame-obsessed loner, to a celebrity super blogger that can rake in over $50,000 a day!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The blogs-to-riches story of Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. is the stuff of online legend. In 2004, during what he calls “the worst year of my life,” he was a fame-obsessed loner who had just been fired from a reporting job at Star magazine. (“It poisoned my soul,” he says.) Dreaming of becoming an actor, he moved from New York to LA, unemployed and broke. Too cheap to pay for Internet access at home, he set up shop at a local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. There, enjoying the free Wi-Fi, he stumbled across a few personal blogs. He thought of writing an online diary of his own but concluded that his life was too boring.

Then he had what his idol, Ms. Winfrey, would call his a-ha moment: He realized that it was easier to be a famous blogger than a famous actor—all you needed was an oversize persona to stand out from the keystroking horde. In September 2004, he set up a free site using Blogger, chose a bland beige template, and began tapping out his musings. Over the course of a year, they evolved into what is now the hot-pink (The site’s original name,, had to be changed after the New York Post, home to the “Page Six” gossip column, filed a lawsuit.) [Source:]

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now that we have a quick breakdown of the Mario Lavandeira to Perez Hilton background, let’s take a look at some of his growth and revenue numbers. Keep in mind… four years ago ( launched in September, 2004), none of knew who Mario Lavandeira or Perez Hilton were!

Power Blogger Worth Millions
– Ads on the homepage fetch up to $54,000 a day, and his overhead is minimal—his only employee is his sister Barby, who fields emails and corrects typos. Which means he’s pulling down millions a year. The site now averages 198 million page views a month, according to the Web ratings service Quantcast. Nielsen Online estimates that while visitors to, one of his main competitors, stay only 15 minutes, those on Hilton’s site linger for 45 minutes. (Click here for ad pricing)

Making the Jump from Internet to TV
– In 2006, he pitched a reality show based on his day-to-day activities ”blogging and bitching about celebrities and VH1 snapped it up.

The Power of Your Voice
– When he announced on his site, incorrectly, that Fidel Castro was dead (Hilton’s family fled Cuba for Florida in the ’60s), the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report picked up the item (albeit with skepticism). When Bloomberg invited him to be its guest at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner in Washington, he was seated next to Tracey Ullman, who gushed, “I read your site every day!” For his LA-based novel, Bright Shiny Morning, author James Frey interviewed Hilton and modeled the character of a flamboyant gossip monger on him.

New Content Keeps them Coming Back for More
– Perez Hilton makes on average 24 posts per day day, but can post as many as 40 on a day depending on the craziness of the celebrity gossip world, and who might have flipped a switch that day.

To Mario Lacandeira, the past few years have been nothing short of a “rags to riches” dream come true… not only by the power of the internet, but by the power of motivation and doing what you do best. Mario took Perez Hilton to what it is today, despite all of his set backs and criticism by others. Not only does he now has the fame, the money and the life style… but he’s doing what he enjoys and does best… being the Queen of all Media!

The Rise and Fall of Public Internet Advertising Companies

With the excitement, disappointment and frustration surrounding the news of Yahoo teaming up with Google, and telling Microsoft to pound salt. A couple months ago, Yahoo was sitting in the dumps around $18 a share, then jumping to nearly $30 per share with the news of a possible Microsoft merger. Off the news of the merger going away, Yahoo stock has taken yet another beating, and back down to $22 a share. On the topic of the future of advertising and the BIG 3, I thought it would only be fitting to do a quick spotlight on two other internet companies and their rapidly declining stock prices, which also base their businesses around internet advertising.

HandHeld Entertainment
I’ve talked about Handheld Entertainment (ZVUE) several times in the past, mainly because I have worked in the humor and entertainment niche area for years… and this company came along and purchased a ton of high traffic entertainment sites, for what many saw as “inflated premium prices“. Handheld Entertainment went on to buy the extremely popular and controversial site, At the time of the purchase, ZVUE stock was hovering around $1.78 per share. The terms of the deal were that Handheld Entertainment (ZVUE) will pay $17.5 million, including $15.0 million in cash and $5.0 million in common stock for the site. Today ZVUE is sitting at a low 27 per share.

The Business Model of Acquire, Acquire, Acquire… Isn’t Working for ZVUE
HandHeld Entertainment Stock – 52 Wk. Range: 0.20-3.73

ThinkPartnership, Inc (KowaBunga!)
The next stock I’d like to point out is, ThinkPartnership, Inc (THK). Like Handheld Entertainment, ThinkPartnership (now known as Kowabunga!), went on a bit of a buying spree of their own… picking up affiliate network PrimaryAds, creating ValidClick and now the core of their business KowaBunga! To make a long story short, before there were a million affiliate networks out there, the two main platforms were to go with DirectTrack or KowaBunga. In many cases, Kowabunga was the cheaper and better solution for smaller companies to run their own affiliate programs, and later through ther MyAP network… but ThinkPartnership would later increase Kowabunga prices through the roof… leaving many current users to shy away from using the network. So in short, that brings us to where we are today… the one year chart below shows the story, THK stock is now sitting at a low of .55 a share.

Where would KowaBunga be today if ThinkPartnership didn’t get in the way?
ThinkPartnership, Inc Stock – 52 Wk. Range: 0.45-3.43

So what is the end story and why are these companies failing? With both of the examples above, the core strategy of the parent company was to acquire other properties. Even when trying to look at a success story like InterActiveCorp (IAC) and their formerly popular &… Barry Diller now plans to break apart the company intro five separate companies. Once again, we are seeing the same potential fall of Yahoo’s main business model (advertising) falling into the hands of Google.

How much further can these company’s stocks fall and what’s the future of advertising online?

Publisher Spot Ad Network Reviews

With so many affiliate programs and networks out there, how are you supposed to know which are best for you. Tyler Cruz has created a great looking affiliate network directory, called PublisherSpot. Not only does the site have a great setup for his reviews on networks, but the overall navigation and setup of the directory is easy enough as well. There are currently 39 affiliate network reviews on the site, with more to come. Here are a few highlights of PublisherSpot and why it’s worth your time to check out.

Reviews posted on PublisherSpot are in great detail. Tyler writes a decent amount on the following fields for each of his network reviews: Features, Control Panel (Main, Reports, Profile, Campaigns, Merchants, Mail), Registration, Publisher Support, Payment, Referral System and an ending Summary. Instead of having to browse through an actual affiliate network to find answers to your questions, you should be able to find everything and more in each network review.

How does your current ad network compare to the competition?
These Networks are ranked PublisherSpot’s “
Editor’s Choice

Instead of just a search box like many other directories, PublisherSpot has some very detailed search fields. Search capabilities include Rating, Category, Minimum Payment, Payment Frequency, Payment Methods and Ad Creative. I think it would be out of the ordinary for many people using the site, to specifically search out programs based on their minimum payments, or frequency… but they are cool features to have. Better yet, at the bottom of each review, there is a full run down of the program and their pay out structure. Whether you are searching programs based on the specific fields above or just browsing through each review, you will see the key information you need about each network.

An Easy to Read Breakdown is Available on each Network Review.

With an affiliate directory, you are never sure if the reviews or listing are biased or not. PublisherSpot has gone beyond a flat text review, and implemented a voting system that takes an average from all votes for that specific network. Instead of just seeing the feedback from one person, you are given an overall review rating from others currently using the network. Should PublisherSpot become a player in the affiliate directory space, these rankings could give a nice scale on the best performing networks.

How was your network experience? VOTE for your network on a scale of 1 to 10.

In addition to the network reviews, PublisherSpot also has a forum. The current topics of the forum focus on affiliate marketing, network reviews and general discussion. The forum was just launched on May 22nd, so the activity is pretty minimal. No matter the site, the goal of running a successful forum is one of the hardest. I would recommend that Tyler tries to get some affiliate managers on board to possible answer any questions or give advice to active affiliates.

Network, Communicate and Share Ideas on the PublisherSpot Forum

So what will it take for PublisherSpot to become a major player in the affiliate market space? Tyler is already working on getting extra exposure to the site by ordering several reviews from popular blogs, which already focus on affiliate marketing. I would also recommend listing some active or current offers available through the networks. It nice to get a review on networks, but what’s inside also matters. One of the toughest factors will be focusing on growth efforts and participation for the PublisherSpot forum. Everyone wants to have their own active community, but how many do you actually want to join and be active in. Instead of putting full efforts into a forum, the option for user comments and feedback for each review might be a better choice. Feel free to list your comments, advice and opinions for the site as well.

When I first saw PublisherSpot several months ago, I thought it was a nice idea. With the recent updates in place, it could become a nice resource for anyone looking to get into affiliate marketing. With the establishment of PublisherSpot, Tyler is also lining himself up the possibility of a big sale in the future, should someone come along and want to purchase the site. The great thing about a site like this, is that once you build up the database and content, it continues to work for you and make money. I’m looking forward to seeing more improvements and growth down the road from PublisherSpot.

Google Holiday Gift: USB Flash Drive & Gift Card to

I just got my gift from Google for the Holidays, and I’m a little disappointed, but not so much surprised. I had read from another site that they were sending out some type of USB flash drive this year. Last year I received a sweet LCD Digital Frame that said “GOOGLE” across it. The package I received this year was a bit different. It’s contents were a 2.0 Gig USB Flash Drive that size of a Credit Card, and a $100 Gift Card to donate to any education program of my choice, through The $100 gift card to donate is a cool idea, but the USB flash drive seems kind of crappy to me. It’s awesome if you need to carry around a cool USB plug in your wallet and show off to your friends, but who doesn’t already have a USB, and I pretty much never use one. It’s also disappointing because a 2.0 Gig Flash Drive only runs $14.95 through! The digital picture frame last year was definitely much cooler.

With a last glimmer of hope, I plugged my Google USB flash drive into my computer to see if anything was enclosed in it. Unfortunately it was blank. How cool would it have been if there was a $100 Google Adwords coupon code or something. Why not entice your advertisers and affiliates to spend more, by offering something a little extra?

As for the $100 gift card, I applaud Google for making the change for people to “have to” give donations to charity, (as I’m sure anyone working with Google is doing pretty well for themselves anyway). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for donating and I personally make sure to do my part, but I really don’t like that this would seem to help Google so much in the end. Everyone who works with Google is always looking forward to what they will send out at the end of the year. Just search on last years LCD Digital Frames and you’ll see what I mean. Instead of sending something new and revolutionary out, many will probably be disappointed to see their gift, if a gift from Google to another charity… which will lead Google to a hefty tax deduction at the end of the year.

Anyway, it’s always cool to see what Google, Yahoo and other companies send out each year. I’m not sure if I received this gift as a Google Adwords advertiser or as a Google Adsense affiliate. As an advertiser, I only spent $11,724.24 this year on Google Adwords… and through promoting Google Adsense, I’ve earned $23,453.49 this year. If you haven’t received a gift from Google yet and are spending/earning anywhere near these numbers, hopefully something will arrive over the next few days! Nonetheless, thank you Google for sending out gifts again this year, as it seems more and more companies slack off each year and just send nothing!

Have you received your Google gift or any other packages so far this year? Also, what are some of the best gift’s you’ve received in the past from online companies?