Top Investment Trends and Investing Methods for 2021

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we’re always paying attention to the many different and exciting ways to make our money work for us at all times.

With savings accounts and bank interest near all time lows, the thought of putting your money in an interest savings account or even a CD, isn’t just ‘old school’… it’s as a method that won’t really make you that much money at all.

According to the FDIC, the national average interest rate on savings accounts currently stands at around a horrible low 0.04% APY. With this applying to both average and jumbo deposits, it just makes the concept of putting money away in a bank account even worse.

If you had $100,000 sitting in the bank, it would only be earning you around $400 per year off interest! And while I’d never consider myself a financial expert or want to tell you where to put your money, there are simply much better options out there for growth and higher earnings.

With all of this in mind, there are now more ways to put your money to good use, while also growing your investments and retirement money as well.

Here are some of the top investment trends and methods that are getting a lot of attention in 2021.

Personal Investing in the Stock Market

Year after year, the stock market is making people rich. Whether it’s through personal investments, retirement accounts or even playing your chances in the world of OTC stocks, money is there to be made.

And with the stock market continually increasing in value year after year, this is always a good strategy for long-term investing as well. As referenced in the chart below, the S&P 500 has been providing double-digit percentage gains in 3 out of the past 4 years!

And the great thing about investing in the market, is that it can be done through a retirement account, ETFs for bulk stock investing, or even on your own through the use of mobile and web based stock broker services.

In addition to earning money through good investments, you can also make some easy money right at the time of signing up for a new broker account. There are also plenty of sites out there like, that feature different discounts, coupon codes and promotions for many of the top investment applications and services online.

With many so many different brokers offering cash bonuses after deposit, this is a simple way to immediately get a return on your investment over what a traditional interest savings account could offer. And if you have a lot of money to invest, try joining different platforms to take advantage of any new sign up bonuses they might have to offer.

Mobile Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Etherium… you name it, crypto is everywhere and it’s quickly getting more people in on personal finance and investing than ever before.

With so many different crypto applications and services out there, it’s extremely easy to open an account and get started with your first crypto purchases in no time.

And it’s not even a matter of knowing which application or service to use, it’s also about which crypto you want to invest in. Just take a look at the recent numbers of how quickly and fast some of the most popular cryptocurrencies are rising over the past several days and months — as provided by Cryptorank.

However, for as many success stories as you hear from the world of crypto and investing, there are a ton more of failure that you rarely ever hear about.

No matter what your thoughts and expertise is when it comes to crypto, it’s a super fast-paced world of financial trading that’s always worth getting better informed on.

Art Investments and NTFs

If you think the world of crypto is fast-paced and loaded with cash, wait until you see what’s going on in the new world of art and digital ownership!

NFT stands for non-fungible token,  and they are all the buzz lately, and some items are selling in the $40-$60+ million range… and that’s just for a digital file!

With so much attention on NTFs, it can quickly be overwhelming within just a few minutes time of research and figuring out how to get started. And if you’ve been an avid collector of comics or sports cards, you may enjoy investing in the world of NTFs even more than you might think!

To help with this process, we recommend you read through this article from The Verge, and through the short explainer video below.

Starting a New Business of Your Own

Want to make a great investment with your own money and in yourself? If so, there is no better way to put your money to good use, than investing in your own business.

With the internet now making it easier than ever before to get started with a business, website or blog of your own, you can spend a minimal amount of money to get up and running — while also potentially changing your personal and financial life for the better!

With so many different ways to start and run a business on the internet, this is one of the most obvious and best ways to put your money to good use.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Money and Investments

As with all things, the best ways to make money often come with a lot of time, work and patience. And if everyone knew what was going to make them the most money, it’s would exactly be investing… would it?

So with all of that in mind, when it comes to investing your hard earned money and attempting to build a better future for yourself and your family, it’s important to put a lot of time and effort into whatever decision you make.

Remember, nothing comes easy… and the majority of rags to riches stories you see and hear about, are often just a feel good story to get more attention and readers — and not normal scenarios.

Invest wise, and always invest in yourself!

A Better Understanding of the Cryptocurrency Market

With the ongoing craze in cryptocurrency trading, you might have been thinking about investing in it. However, the lack of knowledge about how this type of trade works and all the unfamiliar jargon just makes it a daunting industry to risk your money. Don’t worry; you are not alone. Everyone goes through that newbie phase and has to give themselves time to advance in the learning curve.

We’ll demystify cryptocurrency trading to give you a better picture of what you will be dealing with once you’re in the playing field.

What is Cryptocurrency?

First, let’s define the subject at hand to be on the same page. Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that’s being safeguarded from unscrupulous individuals through cryptography – an encryption technique used to hide and protect valuable data. This digital money is used to buy and sell goods and services but cannot be utilized for purchasing any commodity, like gold.

How do you buy and sell cryptocurrencies?

Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies are done online and does not require any identity disclosures. They are sold and being bought in virtual marketplaces called cryptocurrency exchanges. These entities act as the middlemen for crypto traders who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. There are many crypto exchanges out there. Some of them include Coinbase, CashApp, Binance, among many others. 

Getting started in cryptocurrency needs you to sign up to your preferred exchange, go through the two-way verification process and select your payment method. However, be careful in choosing your crypto exchange since there are bad apples among them. After signing up, you can now trade cryptocurrencies to your heart’s content.

How do you trade cryptocurrencies?

Before we dig into trading cryptocurrencies, you must first need to have a wallet to protect your cryptos. The wallet is kind of safe that stores your data, including your private key and public address to sell, buy, and hold cryptocurrencies.

  • Private key – is your access to use and send your cryptocurrencies.
  • Public address – the address where others can send you cryptos

Now, let’s get to business. Trading cryptocurrencies is not an exact science, and it needs patience and willingness to learn. 

You can start trading through the Atomic swap by which you trade your cryptos directly to another trader, also called peer to peer. When using the Atomic swap, you will have to decide together with the other trader a shared secret which will be validated upon an attempt to swap cryptos. If the secret matches, then you’re good to go. This is also to ensure that even if a third party wants to intervene, they will not get any of the coins because they are not in on the secret.

You can also trade cryptocurrencies via day trading. This is where people sell and buy cryptos several times in a day. Day trading takes skill but it’ll be worth it once you get the hang of it. Although you have to remember that cryptocurrencies are a highly volatile investment and it will take you down on a roller coaster ride once you start playing on it.

Understanding the World of Digital Cryptocurrency

Now that cryptocurrencies have been demystified and you understand a little bit about how it works, you can start the hard work. Research more on how to play the game. If you can, use demo accounts to dig deeper on how it really works.

Effective Tips to Reduce Your Financial Stress

Financial stress can lead to poor physical health, as well as delayed healthcare. It can also lead to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. These are all because of the challenges that you are constantly trying to overcome when it comes to your finances. In this case, the tips below may prove to be beneficial in helping you reduce your financial stress.

Evaluate Your Spending Habits

One of the primary things that you can do to reduce your financial stress is to evaluate your spending habits. This means that you need to have a good idea of where your money goes by tracking your expenses. In this case, it will help if you list down the amount that you spend and the item that you bought each time you make a purchase. Alongside this, also keep track of the other things that you spend money on such as your utilities, as well as your debt payments.

Set Realistic Financial Goals

Once you have a good insight into where your money goes, the next thing that you can do to reduce your financial stress is to set realistic financial goals. For instance, if you have several debts that you need to pay off, then you need to set a specific timeline on when you intend to complete your repayment, depending on the amount of money that you can set aside for payments each month. This also means that you need to allocate a specific amount that you can save and stick to constantly.

Create a Budget

One of the best tools that you can use to be on top of your financial situation is a budget or a financial plan. In doing so, make sure that you prioritize your immediate needs as you are working towards your savings. This means that if you acquired an instant online title loan, then make sure that its repayment is part of your budget. This is also true for the other debts that you have such as your mortgage payments. Once you come up with a budget, make sure that you exert the extra effort to stick to it to minimize or potentially eliminate overspending.

Seek Extra Sources of Income

If you feel like there is too much load when it comes to dealing with your finances, perhaps what you need is another income stream. In this case, look for avenues where you will be able to create a passive income, such as investing in the stock market. Numerous online sources can help you generate a decent sum such as online selling or taking part in paid surveys. Otherwise, turn your hobbies into something profitable, such as selling the pastries that you love to bake. But remember that the extra income you generate should be directed to paying off your debts or going into your savings rather than on unnecessary expenses.

Start an Emergency Fund

As soon as you have a budget, as well as an additional income source, then make sure that you start an emergency fund. This will help you eliminate the need to resort to borrowing money in case of emergencies or immediate needs. Ideally, your emergency fund should be able to cover you for at least three months in case your main income stream is cut.

Get Support

Always remember that you are not alone in any of your troubles, including financial stress. There are always people that you can turn to for help and support. This means that if you are in a tight financial situation, make sure to involve all your family members so that each one will be able to help out in making ends meet. There is also the option for you to reach out to your relatives and friends who are willing to lend you the money that you need to pay for your debts without putting any interest on the amount that you have borrowed. In this case, make sure to pay them back responsibly.

Monitor Your Progress

Finally, make sure to monitor your progress when it comes to your financial situation. You will not be able to appreciate how far along you have come or which areas you can still improve without keeping track of your progress.

The tips above are only some of the things that you can do to relieve yourself from financial stress. Although you are not going to realize the effects of your efforts instantly, with consistent practice, you will soon attain financial freedom that will also steer you clear of the stress that financial trouble brings. Just bear in mind that you can do this.

15 Inspiring Side Hustle Stats to Get You Motivated

A side hustle. It could be freelancing, walking dogs, or house-sitting for wealthy individuals who’ve left the country on vacation. Many people now officially have a side hustle, and that’s often to subsidize their primary income. 

Some people do it because they know it can add extra to their household and ease the pressure. Other’s are seeking financial freedom and an additional income stream for themselves. 

Whatever the reasons, every individual created that side hustle using simple platforms on and offline that were not there 10-15 years ago. Yet, it’s all good and well to know why people started a side hustle but what’s more important is understanding the numbers surrounding side hustles. 

By that, we mean the main side hustles, the income generation, and even yes, the overall sentiment in the new gig economy. With that said, it’s time to get into the 15 most inspiring side hustle stats to get you motivated. Let’s get started. 

45% of working Americans have a side hustle

Looking at the fact that 45% of working Americans have side hustles means that around 70 million of the American working population are working more after their standard or regular jobs making money for various reasons. 

This poses a few questions as to why such a large number of people give away their early mornings and weekends in favor of additional work. You might find that these individuals end up working over the standard allowable working time, and it is by their choosing too.

Food for thought remains that the American economy is benefiting from this as well, where more income tax is paid via the side hustle. You’ll see later on in this post that there is a split in the number of Millenials versus Gen Z who opt to have a side hustle. We also found that celebrities like Selena Gomez and Beyonce have their side hustles like media companies and entertainment companies, respectively.

1% of the workforce use app-based platforms to do their side hustle

Right, you’ve heard that many people started to jump onto the Uber train and might have assumed that more people use app-based platforms to earn their income. It’s not the case, according to the Bureau of statistics. They show that 1 percent of the workforce relies on app-based platforms to create an income for themselves. 

Other app-based platforms include Lyft. Keep in mind that the list looks at people who use these applications as their primary income or decide to find alternatives through other channels.

30% of people with side hustles do it to make ends meet

Bankrate recently showed that almost 30% of side hustles get started due to financial challenges faced. They are doing it out of necessity to pay their bills and support their families. As inflation rises, and people have tightened their belts, it’s no wonder that financial needs steer them down the side hustle route. 

The list can further be broken down into household expenses like living expenses that their paycheck cannot carry. Others also save their side hustle funds and use them for activities they would not ordinarily have. 

Average income made from side hustles equals $1122 monthly

The average American income in the US is $3714 per month, and extra side income from side hustles can average $1122 per month. That’s almost 1/3rd of the average income. 

This shows a high potential for income using a side hustle, but of course, it depends on your skillset, how you market yourself, and their market requirements. Many individuals may earn 6 figure incomes from their side hustle, too, but it does need a more considerable time investment per week. 

Average time spent weekly on a side hustle is 11-16 hours

Since more and more people seek alternative ways to make an income for themselves, they find new pathways that they can use their hobbies on. That’s why the average hours spent per week on a side hustle is between 11 to 16 hours

Most of that time is spent learning the new skillset as it could require high upfront effort, especially if you are using freelancing or driving for Uber as your side hustle. Once you understand the processes, your time investment goes down while you can also maintain a similar income amount. If you’re curious, the average earning works out to $16-23 / hour—that’s above minimum wage by quite a large margin.

47% of people with postgraduate degrees have a second income source

This is directly represented by Bankrate, who has indicated that many advanced educated individuals have opted to have a side hustle. 

Generally, these are people who have chosen to attend university at the postgraduate level and already have high incomes of $80,000 or more. It’s becoming more prevalent that highly educated people are becoming more disengaged with their vocation and now seek ways to use their hobbies to make money. 

They hope to use their side hustle to eventually move into a full-time mode that doesn’t rely on a job or boss.

66% of highly skilled workers use referrals to find side hustles

Since only 20-30% of highly skilled people are finding part time work via apps, it seems that word of mouth and referrals are still king when it comes to side hustles. 

This tends to make sense since most of the top end of the side hustle market have high levels of skills and experience. They already earn a good salary in their standard job, often they are certified too. They could also be established in their market, so they have a good network that they can leverage for work. This is according to the software company iCIMS.

63% increase on average income year on year for part-time work

Side hustle earnings are increasing all the time; if you compare average salaries for 2019 versus 2018, we see a 63% increase according to Bankrate. One of the reasons is that more skilled workers are coming on board and demanding higher pay. 

There are also more businesses seeking out work involving gig economy workers. They’ve seen that it helps to outsource work rather than bring on permanent employees in their business. Overall, you can see an increase from the $686 average side income in 2018. right up to $1,122 in 2019

48% of Millenials have a side hustle

Millennials have been quick to share their views on corporate culture, but they also do it through their actions, such as seeking alternative means to create an income. 

Since they want more flexibility and work from home, they find a side hustle that can cater to their needs. More than that, you can also see that Gen X and baby boomers are catching up with 39% and 29%, each with a side hustle.

Previously baby boomers did not have avenues to explore if their retirement was insufficient to carry them. Nowadays, many baby boomers have opted to drive for Lyft or Uber to supplement their retirement income or lack thereof. 

The most popular side hustle would be for providing services.

32% of side hustles are related to selling a service that includes either photography, cleaning, or fitness. This is popular at the moment as many people need these services for weddings or other events. People are more prone to request professional photography for their brands. As for cleaning and fitness, it’s an extra service that makes people’s lives that much easier. Gig workers or side hustlers also offer crafting, childcare, bartending, social media specialist, or freelancing.

Interestingly enough, Uber and Lyft did not make it to the top of the list. Yet apps are seeing a slow but steady rise as more people start to realize its potential to be a side hustle with high-income potential. Technology is slowly but sure improving the market for side hustles, and that’s a good thing. 

27% of side hustlers prefer a part-time gig to a full-time job?

Generally, you will find that people start with a side hustle out of necessity but soon discover that they enjoy the side hustle. You may even go as far as saying they want it more than their full-time jobs. That’s the reason 27% of side hustlers have said they would rather have a side hustle job than their actual job. 

Since most people with a side hustle love to see that increase in income, they often keep both jobs for that benefit. Eventually, though their side gig can start outearning their primary job, they have to choose to go full time on their side hustle ultimately. It’s been done countless times by graphic designers, programmers, and even boardroom execs. 

55% of people want to turn their hobby into a business

A common question is whether side hustles can come from hobbies. The answer would, of course, be a resounding yes. Hobbies are what allow you to start your side hustle in the first place. Perhaps you’re a decent video editor; then, you can make use of that hobby to earn extra side income. 

This can eventually be turned into a business. So much so that 27% of full-time workers have already done this by turning their hobby into a side gig. It bears considering as you must also understand that when your hobby becomes a business, it may take away the joy you experience from that activity.

14% of people earning $500 and above from side gigs

That isn’t exactly great news; however generally, this can take a few hours a week using a skill you are already good at. It’s great to see that 1 in 6 individuals show an excellent earning potential that is consistent. 

This can also grow as more and more people use the gig economy to build their businesses. The 14% of people earning additional income can use that to reduce debt, increase other income streams, or travel if that’s what they hope to do. 

30% of side hustlers are selling handmade items or reselling stuff

Many side hustlers have new ways to bring in income using their creativity or marketing skills. As an individual who crafts items, this is heavily in demand as personalization grows globally. 

Therefore 30% of people with a side gig make goods by hand to sell to potential buyers. The profit margin on handmade goods is vast, and there is very little overhead once you’ve made your first investment. It takes time and required skill sets, but it can be a good source of consistent income. 

Similarly, reselling items that you’ve found while checking out garage sales and auctions can bring in some massive profits if you learn how to flip these items on places like eBay. 

54% of side hustlers are female

Women make up 54% of side hustlers while men are close behind. Generally, this bodes well, seeing as there is almost an even split. 

Many women who also have kids leverage this opportunity to work from home and try to manage their family, work, and home life. 

One example is a mom who started daycare and created additional monthly income from a task she would be doing anyway. 

The Exciting Industry of Side Hustles

As you’ve gone through this list of stats, we hope that it inspired you to get started on your side hustle. Perhaps you’ve seen an industry that you can add value to, and it will certainly make your financial situation better.

Our recommendation is to look at a few side hustles and find ways to get started, avoid analysis paralysis and take the first steps needed to take action and start creating an income for you and your family. 

You may agree that the side hustles states have indicated that not all side hustles are work from home jobs. Some may need more time invested upfront and will later pay it back exponentially. Others need minimal time input but cannot be scaled. Use a variety of approaches to find the best side hustle that also makes it viable for you.

More than that, you can also use the free education available that helps you come to grips with the side hustles and improve your income. 

If you enjoyed reading this post on 15 Inspiring Side-Hustle Stats to Get You, be sure to also check out our list of  popular side hustles in 2020.

Making Profits Online With These Simple Tips

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for people to have the capability to make a living by leveraging the internet. Not only are more people working from home and connecting with others, they are also learning how to make money and completely micro-jobs in the process.

In this modern-day and age, people can now earn a decent sum in the comforts of their own home, or anywhere they want to be, as long as they have a stable and reliable connection. Some even do this as a side hustle while keeping their day job.

If you are keen on how you can generate revenue online, then the tips below will surely be of help.

Explore on the capability of the different types of website

One of the first ways for you to make money online is by coming up with your website. If you are a great writer, you can start your blog and generate interesting content that can capture the attention of your target audience. Choose from a broad topic but always aim to create high-quality content for the topic that you have selected. Research and explore search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and how you will be able to incorporate these in your blog. Once you begin to gain several blog followers, opportunities to monetize your blog will soon follow.

Aside from creating your blog, you can also earn a decent profit by starting an affiliate website wherein you get to recommend products and services to your network. When people buy the products that you have recommended, the brand will give you a certain percentage of their sales, or what is commonly referred to as a commission. In addition to an affiliate website, you can also conquer the world of online retail and come up with your eCommerce site to sell your products.

Invest in the right software

When venturing out into online platforms to make money, make sure that you invest in the right software. In doing so, you are maximizing your profits rather than otherwise. In this case, if you have an eCommerce store, consider investing in a product information management (PIM) system to continuously share your products to your target market, while ensuring that your interface is easy to use and navigate for them. You also need to think about automating your processes using software and tools that are available because this will be advantageous as your business grows to scale. Thus, exert an extra effort to research beforehand or even test the waters before you fully commit to a particular software solution.

Leverage on membership benefits

Another avenue that you can look into to make a profit online is the privileges of various memberships. More often than not, membership programs provide certain benefits such as free use of service. If you have a Costco membership, then you may be surprised to know that the use of the Costco Photo Center is free for members. In this case, you only need to upload your photos on their site to have them printed on merchandise such as calendars, mugs, as well as photo cards. You can use this printed merchandise as retail products on your online store, generating a greater margin of profit since the price you have to pay for printing is technically free.

Sell your skills and talents

There is also the option for you to sell your skills and talents online to generate some extra bucks. For instance, you can explore on various freelancing sites that can connect you to different clients looking for persons with the skills and talents that you possess, be it as a virtual assistant or a graphic designer. Some channels look for tutors for various subjects and arts. If you are good at a certain language, then you can share your expertise with the people who are keen on learning that language too. For sure, you will have the capability to earn from teaching what you know.

How to Improve Profits Online by Implementing Our Simple Tips

To wrap things up, you may be surprised to find several avenues where you can make a decent profit online. For one, you can explore the capability of different websites such as having your site, investing on an affiliate website, or developing an eCommerce page. Whichever you go for, make sure that you invest in the right software because this will pave the way for you to maximize your earnings rather than expand your losses. Leverage on membership benefits, as well as bonuses or promotions and use this to your advantage. There is also the option for you to sell your skills and talents. With the internet, you will never really run out of options to make money.

Need Cash? Here are Ways to Borrow Money Fast

There are many reasons why people borrow money. Some people would like to invest in properties, cars, or gadgets and appliances. Others would like to circulate their money and earn through loan dividends. For site owners  and affiliate marketers, it might be about investing money into their business or to expand their marketing efforts.

Whatever the reason may be, there will come a point in your life where you would need to borrow money, and it would be good to recognize situations whether or not it would be to your advantage to borrow money or not. With more opportunities than ever before to explore when trying to get access to fast money or increase financials, there are plenty of solutions we all need to be aware of.

Let’s take a look at several other reasons why people borrow money:

To Purchase

Individuals often borrow money for major purchases like buying properties, cars, or even to buy smaller items such as gadgets and appliances. The efficiency of a fixed loan can help in spreading out the cost of the property or item to make the payment terms more convenient for borrowers.

For Experiences

Experiential buying or purchasing experiences such as traveling the world, or watching a Broadway play can have more satisfaction than material things, according to psychologists. This is also the reason why people would often borrow money so they can afford a cruise ship or a broadway ticket. 

Consolidating Loans

Individuals may borrow money to pay off other accounts or loans they may have. They consolidate other smaller debts into one larger loan, which gives them just one monthly payment. This can be considered a red flag and a sign of a larger issue, such as being overextended financially and borrowing too much.

Living Beyond Means

Some people borrow money to live beyond their means. It can anything from taking out a loan to make a lavish purchase of something they really do not need, to using credit and credit cards to make up a shortfall in their income for each month. Again, this is considered a red flag for financial instability. 

As borrowers, it is salient to understand the situations where you would need to borrow money, or try to cut down your expenses in order to make ends meet. One of the fastest ways to borrow money would be through online cash loans. Experts from explain how cash loans from Nimble operate and describes the usual process of online cash loans, which includes a fast approval process and fewer documents needed for approval. But before we take a deeper look at online cash loans, let us explore some other ways to borrow money in a timely manner.

Here are some ways to borrow money in a fast and efficient manner:

Borrow from family and friends

Family and friends are great sources when you need financial aid in a quick manner. Though it might be difficult to ask, set aside your pride especially in dire financial situations. Just make sure that you pay them in a timely manner and thank them for the aid they have provided in your time of need.

Employer Cash Advance

Some corporations offer the option of payday cash advance especially, in unique financial situations. Here, employers can give you your whole pay (or a partial amount of your pay) in advance. You repay your employer through a deduction in your next paycheck. However, it is important to note that terms vary from company to company. Some employers charge a fee, have a maximum loanable amount based on income, or have a limit on the frequency on how many times you can loan. It is best to connect with your Finance Office to understand the guidelines of your company, before taking this option.

Credit Card Cash Advance

Depending on the type of credit card you have, some credit cards have the feature of allowing you to withdraw cash in banks and ATMs provided that you have available credit to tap. However, note that this option comes with a price. Credit card companies usually charge you with a transaction fee plus a higher-than-average interest rate. 

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans or payday loans are quick, usually small-amount loans (usually less than USD1000) that can be paid on the next payday. Lenders would usually charge you a fixed fee based on the amount you borrowed, and the total amount (amount loaned plus the fee) needs to be paid on your next payday. 

Online Loan 

Online loans are the fastest, most efficient and hassle-free ways of borrowing money. The amount of money that can be borrowed would usually range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Cash loans are simple, easy, and secure as they offer short term financing without the hassle of long term problems. The application process is also fast as you only have to apply online. Lastly, you can also get the money borrowed after a day or two. 

Pawn Loan

Another alternative to getting cash fast is pawning either your car, pieces of jewelry, and for some pawn shops, even gadgets, and appliances! Here, you pawn your items for cash and you only get your valuable items back once you pay back the cash from the pawn company. If you do not pay it back, chances are you might lose your item.

Alternative Sources

If you are a member of a religious sector or a non-profit organization, they can also be great resources for your financial trouble. The community is a rich source (literally) for individuals who might need financial aid. Go to your nearest community center and ask for financial options that might help you.

Retirement Account

If you have a retirement account, this also can be an option for you. The catch is, you have to repay the money within five (5) years, else, you will owe a 10% withdrawal penalty as well as income tax on the money. These loans do charge interest, but it goes back into your retirement account. The point of it is to make up for the money you lost while your funds weren’t invested.

While there are quick alternatives to getting money easily, the ideal scenario would be to save and invest while you can so you do not have to go through the motions of applying for a loan. Even if you set aside USD 20 per day, it can amount to your savings or emergency fund which you can tap on, in situations where you are short on cash.

Understanding LTL Shipping Rates for Your Retail and eCommerce Business

With more people diving into the world of ecommerce, dropshipping and selling on Amazon, the business of truck deliveries has been growing at a rapid pace as well.

In 2017, trucking revenues totaled $700 billion for medium and short distances. The transportation and logistics industry in the US has continued to thrive over the years. One of the shipping options that’s becoming prevalent is the Less-Than-Truckload shipping method, commonly referred to as LTL.

LTL is highly flexible and convenient. What’s more, the approach is cost-effective for medium and small-sized businesses. LTL allows you to ship in a trailer’s smaller space instead of using the entire container.

You ought to have insights on LTL rates and tariffs. When you need to partner up with an affordable and reliable LTL shipping company for your business needs, understand how rates are calculated.

Weight in Freight Calculation

The heavier your shipment is, the more affordable it gets. In shipping, this aspect is referred to as the hundredweight pricing. There’s a chart listing the prices as per the weight.

Freight carriers refer to this chart to determine the cost of shipping your items. Heavier freight is often subject to discounts, commonly known as weight breaks. Understanding the base rates is essential in cost-saving.

You can increase the size of your goods slightly and enjoy almost a 50% price reduction. Illustratively, a company might be charging $79.05 for freight weighing between 0-499 lbs. You might need to increase the weight of cargo if the price reduces to $39.53 for 500 to 999lbs.

Freight Class

In LTL shipping, freight is in a different classification. The density and value of products determine the shipping rates. The National Motor Freight Classification has grouped freight into eighteen groups. The groups are from 50 to 500, with 50 being the cheapest and 500 the most expensive.

These classes focus on stowability, density, liability, and handling. Products such as food snacks can have a higher rate regardless of the low weight. Such orders are prone to damage, which necessitates extra caution when transporting.

Besides, some items are not stackable. That means that such orders would require more space than other cargos with the same weight. Consequently, shippers will expect you to compensate for such variations.

Ensure that you provide adequate details about your shipments. You will get accurate pricing and avoid unanticipated billings. Undervaluing your products for cheaper rates might have more costly impacts at the end.


Density is another factor affecting LTL shipping rates. Density refers to the space occupied by the shipment, which is in relation to the shipment’s weight. You get the density by dividing the item’s weight by the volume, which is in cubic feet.

The density of your shipment determines your freight class. Just like weight, the higher the density, the cheaper the freight charges. Products with lower density mostly fall in the 125 to 500 categories, which is more costly.

If your items are in pallets, calculate the density using the pallet’s dimensions, height, and weight of freight. Ensure that you consider any protrusions or overhangs when getting the dimensions. Once you determine the density of your shipment, get the LTL shipping quote and have your order delivered.


Distance has significant effects on shipping rates. If the distance is long, the price will go high. A longer distance translates to more fuel, equipment, and labor.

You’ll need to know the regions with specific carrier services. Some of these shipping companies don’t go beyond some geographic areas. Such information will save you from incurring more costs to have your shipment within your zip code.

Most companies result in interlining, which is the transfer of shipment to an LTL carrier servicing your area. The process ensures that your luggage will get to the specified address. However, you might need to dig deeper into your pockets to cover any extra costs resulting from the high minimum charges and low discounts.

Freight All Kinds

The freight all kinds, mostly referred to as FAK, refers to an arrangement where the carrier allows clients to ship different categories of items, with the billing being of one freight class. Multiple products can attract higher costs. But with this kind of arrangement, you can save some bucks.

If your commodities range between 100 and 200, you can negotiate with your career to rate your shipment as 150. This approach helps you to save, especially on high-ranking shipments.

A client should have substantial information on shipment classes to have the upper hand in negotiations. Know your shipment class before seeking for the shipping service. You will be able to negotiate for better terms based on the type of commodities.

Base Rates

The net profit of freight trucking companies grew by 6% by 2017. Despite the different base rates, LTL carriers have been growing steadily. You need to establish a carrier with a lower base rate for friendly LTL shipping rates.

The base rates are per hundredweight. Shipping companies determine the base rates based on gross costs, demands, and volume. With the notable variations between shippers, you need to get comprehensive quotes for companies you’ve identified.

Gross costs can increase if the lanes provide a stable balance between freight and trucks. Shipping Carriers can change their base rate to accommodate more volume. You need to understand some of these factors affecting the base rate.


LTL shipping goes beyond the typical services provided. A carrier can provide extra services, making you liable for freight accessorial charges. You need to incorporate these rates when calculating your shipping costs.

Accessorial services include residential delivery or pickup, liftgate service, and delivery to limited access areas, among other extras. Negotiate on these accessorials to reduce the overall shipping cost. Better still, provide all necessary information upfront to avoid getting invoices for services you hadn’t anticipated.

Information on LTL Shipping Can Enable You to Calculate Shipping Rates before Engaging Any Carrier

Get to understand all the factors affecting LTL shipping. With such insights, you’ll know how to save on shipping while still enjoying optimal services. Your carrier should provide all the information upfront for better negotiations.

Explore our site further to read more articles on business, SEO, and other informative content.

Can’t Stand Retirement? Try these 7 Best Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

Retirement is now seen as more of a fluid concept than a permanent state.

More than 50% of retirees aged 50 and over said they would return to work for the right opportunity. And, 39% of workers over the age of 65 said they had retired at some point in the past.

Income is one reason why seniors return to work after retirement.

But, being able to do more meaningful work is considered a key reason for delaying retirement. In fact, more than two-thirds of older workers report greater satisfaction in the workplace as a result of doing useful work.

If you’re considering “unretiring” too, here are four great jobs for seniors and retirees.

1. Online Marketer


2. College Instructor

Roles in education make great retirement jobs. These positions give you a chance to share your knowledge and skills. And, they also offer a great way to connect with younger generations.

With an advanced degree and years of work experience in your field, you might like to work as a college instructor at a university, community college, or trade school.

And, with a predicted 15% increase in post-secondary teaching positions by 2026, there’s a good chance that your skills will be in high demand.

3. Financial Services

Through excellent retirement planning, financial motivation might not be a factor in wanting to continue working in finance after retirement. But, you might find it fulfilling to take on a new position as an accountant or auditor to “keep your hand in.”

If you have sufficient qualifications, you could even work as a financial consultant on a freelance basis. This is a great way to use your financial experience and skills while enjoying the flexibility of part-time jobs for seniors.

If you’re interested in financial work but aren’t qualified, you could do a course to become a tax preparer. This is one of the best jobs for older people who prefer to work seasonally on an annual basis.

4. Blogging


5. Freelance Writer

Why not follow Jessica Fletcher’s lead and become a writer after retirement?

In all seriousness, whether it’s exploring your creative side or sharing your work experience through technical writing, there are many writing jobs for retirees.

Full-time jobs often require a bachelor’s degree. But, there are many opportunities to work on a freelance basis or contribute to single projects.

You might consider working on a book, completing assignments for print or online publications, or even starting your own blog.

6. House Sitter

The freedom of retirement means that jobs for 60-year-olds can also be great opportunities to fulfill lifelong dreams.

If you’ve always wanted to see the world, caretaker and house sitter roles offer you the possibility to travel without all the expenses. There are short-term and long-term options in this area.

And, if you’re part of a couple and are both flexible about when and where you go, you may both be able to get hired as a way to travel the world together.

7. Sell Stuff Online


The Best Jobs for Seniors

As these jobs for seniors show, there are a variety of different employment sectors and roles that offer opportunities after retirement.

Whether you want to enter a new field or explore a different position within your area of expertise, many jobs for retirees can help you combine fulfillment and flexibility.

Or, if you’re ready to take on a whole new challenge after retirement, check out these articles on entrepreneurship for more inspiration.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Forex Profits and Investments in 2019

As we all know, there are many different ways to make money online — whether that be through starting a new business, focusing on affiliate marketing and blogging, or even putting your existing finances to work for you through good investments or stock/forex trading. With so much focus on each of these methods, today we are going to take a look at what the world of forex holds for those willing to put in the time and effort.

Forex is one of those activities that is very easy to learn, but hard to master. Even though it is not a good idea to get into forex with the preconception that profits are guaranteed, it is no secret that money is a key motivating factor for many traders. Whether it is to create a steady, additional source of income or build a primary source of money, the financial aspect always takes precedence over others.

However, traders are as diverse as the combinations of currencies, and the money-making process varies from one person to another. Therefore, we have decided to make a list of actionable tips that will help you make a profit out of your trading efforts. Here are five ways to maximize your forex profits.

Prepare Before You Begin Trading

Because the Forex market is based mainly on leverage – with some brokers offering leverages as high as 50 to 1, 100 to 1 or even 200 to 1 -, some traders might fall into the temptation of taking them for granted. Admittedly, even professional forex traders might experience this cognitive dissonance from time to time, because the willingness of the brokers to offer high leverages will make some traders believe that the risk is manageable, triggering what most experts call ‘’the gambler’s fallacy’’.

So, the best approach before entering the forex market is to create a detailed and comprehensive plan. Beginning with a practice account is recommended here, because it offers the freedom to experiment with lots of strategies without assuming any risks.

Another thing that forex traders should consider doing while practicing is reading a few forex trading books. Some of the best Forex books are the following:

  • Forex Strategies: Best Forex Strategies for High Profits and Reduced Risks. Written by Matthew Maybury, this book is an excellent reading material both for beginners who want to step into the forex market with the right foot, or veterans who want to refresh their knowledge.
  • The Little Book of Currency Trading: How to Make Big Profits In The World of Forex. Written by Kathy Lien, this book can act as an excellent auxiliary material for the previous title.
  • Currency Forecasting: A Guide To Fundamental And Technical Models of Exchange Rate Determination, Michael R. Rosenberg. This book is great for people who want a short, concise introduction into the art of making forex profits and do not have the time to read longer titles.

These books are a good starting point if you want to learn how to maximize your profits. However, do keep in mind that they are pricey – but the price of the books are totally worth it on the long term.

Do Not Set Excessive Goals

If you hope to have any chances at profiting from forex in the near future, one of the best approaches is setting your expectations as low as possible. Unfortunately, most traders become nearly obsessed achieving a ‘’professional’’ level right from the get-go, as soon as they advance from demo accounts to handling real money.

As good as being ambitious is, the main problem is that having a big goal with no realistic plan to achieve it is essentially worthless to long-term growth. Instead, a wiser (and more recommended) approach for beginners who just got their feet wet in the forest market is building a realistic short-term goal and sticking to it for a while, preferably a month or two. As soon as you achieve that short-term goal, you can steadily advance to more and more ambitious goals until you reach the high tier of forex trading.

To conclude, if you are serious about achieving long-term goals, you should start with the little stuff first, and devise a comprehensive plan that will help you achieve those smaller milestones.

Practice Patience

Many forex traders, particularly rookies, are more likely to get impatient or panic if a trade does not go their way as soon as they launch it. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if a trade goes better than expected, they get cocky and either rush to pull the plug right away on a trade that could have rendered a significant profit, or get greedy and spread their finances too thin in order to grow their revenue.

However, patience is a quality that requires a lot of persistence and effort to build. Using specialized tools, such as the Forex and CFD trading calculator, a pattern spotting and confirmation tool and so on can help you achieve a more methodical approach when it comes to trading.

The one thing you have to remember is that you are going to win some trades, or lose others. Do not stress too much about winning or losing – you will lose money at some point, and there is no way around that. Take satisfaction in the small things and on the accumulation of experience, as this attitude will pay on the long-term.

Understand the Tax Implications and Treatment

When it comes to forex, it is important to understand the tax implications and the legislation regarding the forex activity in order to be prepared when the dreaded tax day comes. Forex can already be a full-time occupation, so the best approach here is to consult a qualified accountant or tax specialist that knows the ins and outs of tax law.

A qualified professional can help you avoid any surprises and take advantage of various tax laws – the market-to-market accounting law, for example, which involves recording the value of an asset to reflect its real market traction. Another reason which makes hiring a qualified accountant the wise idea is that tax laws have a tendency of changing regularly, and keeping up with all the legal matters is quite hard for someone who has not had an education in this sense.

Diversify and Limit Your Risks

Another good approach to maximize your profits is diversifying, and at the same time limiting your risks. Here is what these two strategies involve:

  • Diversification is key in maximizing your profits as much as possible. Traders who extend their portfolios across multiple markets have a better chance of making a profit. By applying this strategy and investing small to medium amounts in multiple currencies, you minimize your chances of suffering terrible losses – because, essentially, one loss is mitigated by a win on another. Even if you are absolutely sure that a particular trade has a chance of paying off, it is still a bad idea to put all of your money in a single basket.
  • Familiarize yourself with ways to guarantee a profit on an already profitable order. Good tactics in this sense involve trailing stops, or limiting losses using limit orders or stop. As important as it might be to concentrate on winning, limit losses is more vital to your long term success as a trader.


The forex market is an attractive proposition for many ambitious entrepreneurs thanks to its decentralized nature, round the clock schedule and high leverage – which can be both an advantage and disadvantage, depending on how one approaches the issue, and very low requirements. Maximizing profits comes down to keeping up with tax laws, doing as much research as possible, setting realistic goals and, last but not least, practicing patience. Make sure to follow the advice listed in this article, and you will learn how to maximize profits in no time flat.

Top 20 Most Expensive Domain Name Sales Ever

Imagine buying a brand new domain name for $10, then holding onto it for a few years and selling it for millions! The scenario is extremely unlikely, but it does happen. More often than not, the domain is sold for thousands, but the individual ROI on that initial $10 can be huge! Welcome to the world of domain name buying and selling.

Having been making money online since the mid-90s, I’m always kicking myself at the thought of being able to get my hands on some of the best generic domains back before they were registered. Oh, well 🙂 I think it all ended up for the best so far anyway.

With the discussion of domain names and high-valued tech companies always in the news, the dream of selling a domain name for a ton of money isn’t that far off — especially if you know what to look for, or are currently sitting on a nice portfolio of domains. To help with this process, we’ve created an excellent reference guide that covers everything you need to know domain names, values, and registering some great ones of your own.

Most expensive domain names publicly reported

When it comes to looking up the most expensive domain names ever purchased, it’s an ongoing process. With more than 100,000+ new domains being registered daily, it’s a full-time job to keep the list of most active and highest-priced domain names updated. Thanks to GoDaddy, we don’t have to compile this type of information ourselves, as they are one of the largest domain registrars in the world today, and publicly post this data on their site.

At the same time, there are many different ways to list and sell domain names — both publicly, privately, and through domain brokers. GoDaddy also reports that most domain names sell for thousands of dollars when being purchased from someone else.

With all of that in mind, let’s take a look at the top 20 highest selling domains names to date — courtesy of GoDaddy.

  1. — $35.6 million
  2. — $35 million
  3. — $30.18 million
  4. — $18 million
  5. — $17 million
  6. — $16 million
  7. — £9.99 million
  8. — $13 million
  9. — $11 million
  10. — $9.5 million
  11. — $8,888,888
  12. — $8.5 million
  13. — $7.5 million
  14. — $7.5 million
  15. — $7 million
  16. — $6 million
  17. — $5.88 million
  18. — $5.5 million
  19. — $5.5 million
  20. — $5.1 million

The common theme across nearly all of these multi-million dollar domain sales is that they are super generic one-word domain names, that are also .com. The only two exceptions are and, which both sold for more than $30 million each! The fifth highest selling domain isn’t even a word at all — it’s a number (!

How to Pick a Great Domain Name

Obviously, the most expensive and valuable domain names are going to be one-word generics that are .com names. What’s also obvious, is that these type of names are no longer around and if you ever wanted to buy and sell domains for profit, you either need to get your hands on a great name, have an existing portfolio, or be really good at coming up with new names that people might want (which happens all the time).

Some simple tips to keep in mind when trying to pick a good domain name.

  • Stick with the main TLDs of .com, .net, and .org
  • Stay away from using dashes and numbers in domains
  • The more generic the better, two words are better than three
  • Make sure the domain is easy to remember and spell
  • Don’t use numbers in place of letters/words (ie: “8” instead of “ate”)
  • Always register your personal name if it’s available

By following these tips, you will have a much better chance at not only registering a great domain name for personal use, business, or for selling — but also making sure it’s the highest value possible.

Using Name Generators to Find New Names

There are two ways to register/buy a domain name. The first is to go through a broker or online site where a domain is already registered and up for sale. The other is going to a domain registrar and simply registering it for the first time. Heading to a site like NameCheap or GoDaddy and getting a new domain name for around $10 is ideal, but also very tough since nearly all the good names are already taken.

If this is the case, you might need to get a bit creative with your domain name, or coming up with a new name for your brand or business. For times like these, I recommend you take a look at these domain name generators. If you are looking for a unique name for blog, business, or products, check out these useful name generators as well.

Something else to keep in mind when registering a new domain name, is that if it’s available, it might not be that great after all. Always consider the domain name you are registering, and also follow the recommended tips that were pointed out above.

Why You Must Register Your Personal Name as a Domain

Your name is unique, and there is no one else in the world like you! However, there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of other people that share the same name as you. With this in mind, there is a very good chance that someone has already registered your name as a domain if you haven’t secured it already.

Here are two steps everyone needs to follow right now:

  1. See if your personal name as a domain is available
    (get a free domain name with a new hosting account)
  2. If it is, register it! If not, register it as a .net or .org.

If you currently share the name with a famous celebrity, senator, or online marketer, it’s likely your name is already taken as a domain name and there is little chance you will be able to acquire it. This has happened to some of the world’s biggest celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, and politicians — Justin Beiber (domain name site shown below), Bill Clinton, Johnny Depp, and many others. 

Don’t miss out on registering your personal name as your domain name, as once it’s gone — it’s likely gone forever! If you currently have close friends and family, you might want to check for their names as well.

If your domain name is already taken, it’s not a complete dead end. Here are a few options you have:

  1. Use a domain name expiration service like NameJet or Pool
  2. Hire a domain broker to try and get the domain for you
  3. If there is a website, contact the domain owner

Want to get even more creative? Start registering the names of anyone else you know, or who might be an up and coming star, and keep them safe until they are famous and world renown!

Get a Free Domain Name with All Hosting Accounts

Now that you’ve seen some of the most expensive domain names in the world today, and why it’s so important to register your name as a domain, it’s time for you to take action.

We are currently partnered with Bluehost — one of the world’s most trusted and well-known hosting companies — and they are giving away a free domain name to all hosting sign-ups made through our blog. At the same time, users will also save 60% off their hosting plans, while getting a free SSL certificate, WordPress Install, and 24/7 support.

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After setting up your new domain name and hosting account through the link above, be sure to shoot me an email. I’d love to provide you with full access to some of my best online training courses and video guides, valued at over $1997. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.