eCommerce Tips for Increasing Holiday Sales

As the “most wonderful time of the year” for online shopping and spending quickly approaches, if you have an online business then you are surely at the edge of your seat and waiting for the flood gates to open.

However, just having an ecommerce site doesn’t promise riches of any kind. As much as you may be preparing for the year end sales spike, millions of other sites and etailers are doing the same thing.

With Deliotte already forecasting a 9% jump in holiday sales this year, it’s now more important than ever to make sure you have all of your planning and marketing materials in check.

To help you in this never ending journey to continually break new sales records, I’m going to list some great highlights from Prestashop’s 2014 Ecommerce Holiday Planning Guide, which will be sure to get you thinking and tweaking ad campaigns with plenty of time to spare!

Important Shopping Dates You Need to Know

If you want to succeed with bringing in more traffic, customers and sales than ever before… you simply need to prepare for the days ahead, and we aren’t just talking about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and the week before Christmas.

While October is quite a mind blowing month for any Halloween based etailers, it’s also a great time to prepare for the huge activity to come in November and December. You can see a break down of many of the important dates and events to prepare for over the last 61 days of the year.

Important Holiday Shopping Dates

It’s also important not to forget about the first week of January when you can hit your audience for “New Years Resolutions” as well! Hint: This is when weight loss, financial and self improvement campaigns do best!

It’s All About the Holiday Marketing Baby!

There’s just something warm and fuzzy about the Holidays that gets everyone so happy and cheerful — even when they are spending a ton of money that they probably can’t afford to spend in the process.

This all comes into play when you look at the different types of marketing and ad campaigns that take place throughout the year. Happy commercials with holiday music playing, kids opening gifts and of course Christmas trees and winter snow… all wrapped nicely around your best selling products and specials.

Take a look at how popular brands like Old Navy and PetSmart bring that special holiday feeling to their site design every year.

Holiday Ad Creatives

But don’t forget… it’s not just web site designs and themes you need to be paying attention to — also think about email designs, landing pages, flyers, customer segmentation (gifts for girls/guys) and so much more. Each of these tweaks and methods can bring a nice boost to your holiday conversions and sales.

SEO, AdWords and Blogging

Many of us focus our efforts on important SEO and keywords throughout the year, but we also forget the importance of how SEO plays a part in holiday shopping as well.

You might be ranking on the first page of Google for your best selling products, but what happens when people start throwing words like “christmas gifts”,  “holiday shopping” and “free shipping” into the mix? Are you still even ranking?

Holiday Shoppers Spending Money

These are just some of the key points you should be thinking about when preparing for end of the year shopping.

The same applies for your Google Adwords campaigns. Throw out the slow performing default ad copies you are using and spruce them up with holiday keywords and promotions.

As for your blog… there’s never been a better time for you to come up with some quality content that really gets your audience engaging with and sharing your product pages. Everyone loves to share content about their favorite holidays… especially any useful lists and articles on how to save money during the holidays and best gift recommendations for friends and family.

Get creative and see what happens!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year for Ad Testing

There’s no doubt about it… running an online or offline business during the 4th quarter is extremely exciting and as a great time to really get creative with your ad campaigns. Millions of people are more willing to pull out there credit card and spend money than at any other point during the year.

I’ve only scratched the surface of the many different ways you can prepare your business for the holidays, but the free report from Prestashop goes into way more detail. At the end of the book you will also receive a holiday checklist to get your business in organized and on the right path for the massive online spending that is about to take place.

7 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

What shows up in the search results when someone searches for your personal or business name?

If it’s not your own web sites, social profiles and blogs, then your online reputation is potentially up for grabs!

Not ranking on the first page of Google for your personal or business name is not the only thing you need to look out for. Just look at the recent celebrity photos that were leaked and all the drama around Google and how they blocking content in the search results. Online reputation management isn’t just about what can be said or done, but also about what’s already out there. It’s much easier to plan ahead and secure your reputation now, then to try and remove something from the internet later on.

Who Needs Online Reputation Management?

When you think of the phrase “online reputation management“, you probably only think about big corporate businesses with high end customers and contracts that are always in the news. However, ORM has become so much more now that everything is accessible to anyone on the internet.

Here are some new ways to look at ORM and who is using it:

  • Doctors, Lawyers & Professionals – Bad user reviews, slander, false complaints
  • Local Businesses – Restaurants and local businesses in your area rely heavily on reviews
  • Celebrities & Personalities – Everything a celebrity or well known person is on the web
  • Politicians – When it comes time for the next election, everything is put out there
  • The Average Person – If your employer searches for your name online, what will they see?

As you can see, reputation management and monitoring how you look online really applies to everyone — especially with all of the personal and financial data being stolen lately! In 2012 alone, there were over 12 million victims of identity fraud! offers a wide range of monitoring services include finding new mentions of names and addresses, negative listings in search results, removal of data from top sharing sites and reducing the risk of private information spreading online — all of which are very important.

To improve upon their list of recommended services, I’ve also compiled seven ways for any individual or brand to better monitor and manage their online reputation vs. leaving it all wide open for anyone to jeopardize.

7 Ways to Improve Your Online Reputation

Secure Your Exact Match Domain Name

One of the most simple and cost effective ways to protect your online brand and name, is simply by registering your domain name. When possible, try to secure all variation of your name such as, and It would be in your best interest to not only register your personal name, but also any business related names as well. Another good rule of thumb is to register any domain names that could be used against your brand as well, such as

Choosing Your Domain Name

Create a Blog on Your Site

Improving how your site, brand and company looks in the search results has a lot to do with the type of content you release through your site. In most cases, the most detailed and often you post quality content, the better chances you have for ranking higher and more often in the search rankings. Be sure to create content that people find value in, but also target your content and keywords to phrases people might be looking for when researching your name (ie: name customer reviews, name complaints)

Use a Blog to Protect Your Reputation

Register Your Name on All Social Networks

With over 2 billion users spread across all of the major social networks, it’s a no brainer for you to keep your name and business active on there as well. Each social network allows you to setup a unique URL and username for your accounts. Register accounts for both your personal and business name. If the username you want is already taken, try to secure a closure alternate or possibly try contacting the person who already owns it. Social profiles are very easy to rank on the main page of the search results for personal and business names, so this simple and effective process is a must for every business and brand.

Social Networks

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Establish Yourself as an ExpertIt’s easy for anyone to create a web site, blog and a few social profiles online, but establishing yourself as a credible authority takes a lot of time and works. Some of the best ways to do is by creating high quality and valuable content on your site that other people would want to reference and share. One of the best ways to establish yourself as a trusted authority is to get quotes on news sites and also do guest blogging on top blogs within your niche. This process takes time, but it’s well worth the exposure and credibility associated with it.

Don’t Make Google Angry – Bad SEO Practices

The Google Panda UpdateA great way to lose control of your online reputation is make Google angry and have them penalize your site. Not only would this lead to your site being penalized by Google, but it would push your own site rankings down and make it easier for your competition to rank above you. To stay in good standards with Google, always be sure to look at their most recent algorithm updates and staying in line with Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird best practices.

Build Your Online and Offline Presence

Shopping at the MallEven if you are an online based business, you probably still have a local based operation or headquarters somewhere. This means you can take advantage of local advertising and site directories. If you are a local based business, this should be at the top of your list as local advertising is not only very effective, it’s also quite easy to rank for and control since your range competition is much smaller.

Monitor Online Reviews and Customer Feedback

Customer ReviewsThe final and most important way to monitor your online reputation is to always keep an eye on what people are saying about your business. This can be quite easy to setup through the use of Google Alerts and plugging in the name of your company or brand. If you are a local business or restaurant, your main focus should also be towards sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, SuperPages, UrbanSpoon and others.

Check Your Reputation Score

Internet Reputation MonitoringIf you aren’t currently trained in how to properly monitor and manage your online reputation, then looking to an outside agency may be your best option. Many solutions such as have created easy to use backend tracking platforms for anyone to plug in their keywords of choice, set up alerts and track the progress of their data and name mentions.

You can request a free reputation analysis report through their site to see where you could better improve your rankings, reputation and security.

10 Awesome Plastic Business Card Designs

I love business cards. Instead of just being a little piece of paper that you hand to someone, it’s also your first and last impression. It’s what someone receives when they first meet you, and then what they see after they’ve met with you at a conference or event. Your business card is definitely more than just your email and contact info… and if you aren’t going to make it outstanding enough to be a conversation piece, you might as well not even have one at all!

Thanks to the power of the internet it’s now easier than ever to make your business card stand out from the crowd. Gone are the days when you have to spend a lot of money to go to a local printer in your area and wait weeks for them to print something amazing. You can also throw the high production costs out the window too.

Now you can simply pick and choose the type of design you want, or even higher a designer to create something completely custom. Next it’s time for you to choose the type of card you want… whether it be paper, cotton, plastic or even metal!

So now the question is, how can you bring that boring business card in your wallet to “Super” status? Time for an upgrade! (photo credit)

Super Mario Brother Card

Today I’m going to focus on plastic business cards and the many different ways you can come up with a unique design for your business or brand. The cool thing about plastic cards is that they not only make you look professional and serious, but they are much better looking and will always stand out among a stack of other flimsy cards you may have accumulated.

Awesome Plastic Business Card Designs

One of the major benefits to having plastic business cards is that they are clear from the start, which means you can come up with some pretty creative designs. This “The LAB Brewing Co.” card not only stands out with their killer logo and orange colors popping off the card but they also cover all the basic data that every business card is expected to have.


Just like a plastic business card can be completely clear, it can also be completely printed around the design and colors of your company as well. The front of this card is solely focused on the logo name and design, while still highlighting the persons name in the top left corner while providing their contact info on the bottom right.


Plastic business cards can also be very clean and simple as well. In this example you will see a clear card design with a simple white font. The back of the card is nothing more than a reflection of the front side. Unique and direct at the same time.


One of my favorite things about plastic cards is how well the color pops! The card below is a perfect example of a unique design that uses color to it’s advantage. The back of the card is also cool because it uses the same cloud design that is featured on the front of the card to provide more information on the company.


Speaking of color… plastic cards are also great for real life photography as well. How many times have you been handed a card from someone and it had their picture on it, only to have the picture discolored or even in poor print quality. Not a very good first impression.


Now it’s time to get creative! Sticking with the same concept of a business card with a real person on it, let’s bring it to the next level with a custom die-cut design. In the world of real estate, first impressions are everything and getting someone to keep your card is also important. There is no doubt this card will get all the attention.


Need another example of an industry where you definitely don’t want someone to toss your business card into the garbage? That would the car dealership industry. Hand these business cards out to your customers and they might even just keep this one around simply for their love of their favorite car model and the uniqueness of your card!


Real pictures, die-cut designs and custom creations are a great way to grab attention, but getting clean and creative is a great way to impression as well. The card below is gives an exact impression of what every financial manager wants… increased results and earnings. This card speaks for itself.


We’ve covered a lot of different plastic card designs… from super simple to very complex. What if you already have a business card that you love and just want to make it more professional through the use of a plastic base? The design below is a perfect example of how this would be done. Also keep in mind how much better the color and printing will look in a plastic base design.


The last plastic card design in this series is a combination of creativity and plastic design at it’s best. When you are paying the premium for a plastic card design, you might as well make the most out of it. This video production and photography company is using their card as a gateway into their world and letting their customers have a little fun in the process.


How to Design Your Own Plastic Business Cards

When it comes time to design and print your business cards you have a lot of options and places to choose from. In this post I highlighted many of the different cards which have been printed through Be sure to take a look through their business card gallery and see what type of card design and type best fits your needs. When you find one you like, you can fill out their price quote form to see what costs are involved in printing your design (based on complexities, design and quantity).

Business cards are an upfront investment. If you attend a lot of conferences and trade shows and are worried about wasting money by handing out your high quality cards to individuals who might not convert into leads, or maybe you like to throw them into the contest boxes to win a prize? If this is the case, it’s always a good idea to bring two variations of business cards with you — your best cards for high value contacts and lower end cards that you can give out to anyone who might ask.

Here’s to making a great first and lasting impression!

Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2013

Affiliate marketing blogs are what make the world of affiliate marketing go round. Not only do they share original stories and content with their audience, but they also teach new comers how to make money online while also bringing new opportunities to light for those who are already working in the industry.

This can clearly be seen through my blog in itself, as it’s been able to generate over $5 million in new business for my advertisers. This means that I’ve had a great deal of people visit my site and discover something new and helped them make money online.

Like anything on the internet, some affiliate marketing blogs are better than others. Many will die off and only a few will last for years to come. I’ve seen a lot of friends get started with their own affiliate marketing blogs and then they lose interest and the blog eventually dies out. This is something I’ve always made sure didn’t happen with my blog. Not only has it been a valuable resource for the many people who visit the site, but it’s something I enjoy doing.

My Favorite Affiliate Blogs

I have quite a few blogs that I will read on a weekly basis, but as I just mentioned, many of them are inconsistent with how often they update their content or the direction that they are going. For this reason, my favorite way to view the top blogs and news on the internet is through sites like AffPosts, AffBuzz and checking out the Brand 150 list.

  • AffPosts – It would take a lot of time if you wanted to view a bunch of different blogs and see if any new content was on their site. To save a ton of time and take a glance at what’s new for the day, I highly recommend using Affposts.

affposts - new and relevant affiliate marketing blog posts - 2013-11-18_21.31.22

  • AffBuzz – The affiliate industry is more than just affiliate marketing blogs. AffBuzz has taken the liberty of not only becoming a well known affiliate blog syndication site, but they also include social profiles, industry events and more.

AffBuzz Top Affiliate Blogs

Be sure to check out all of the top syndication sites above and list your favorite blogs in the comments below!

Top PPC Marketing Experts on Twitter

Pay per click marketing is one of the most direct and easy to understand ways to start making money online. The process is simple. You bid on keywords to target your audience, send them to your landing page and try to convert your visitors into leads. It sounds easy enough but the competition and high advertising rates make it quite the task to master.

Fortunately we are working in the world of internet marketing and there are so many resources out there for you to learn from, you won’t have to go it alone. From basic tutorials, landing pages tips and ppc campaign optimization there is a whole world of free content and paid learning courses out there for you to learn from.

It would also be wise for you to start following some of the best names in ppc marketing through Twitter. PPCHero released their list of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts and each of them provide value and expertise in their own special way.

This year the list was selected by the visitors of PPC Hero and over 130 names were submitted and received votes, but only 25 could make the top list. The list below features the name and their and twitter handle, which will make it easy for you to learn more about each person and easily follow them through their social outlets as well.

Top PPC Marketing Experts on Twitter

  1. Larry Kim – @larrykim
  2. Marty Weintrab – @aimclear
  3. Bryan Eisenberg – @thegrok
  4. Avinash Kaushik – @avinash
  5. Kevin Lee – @kevin_lee_qed
  6. Matt Van Wagner – @mvanwagner
  7. Brad Geddes – @bgtheory
  8. Jeff Ferguson – @countxero
  9. John Rampton – @johnrampton
  10. Perry Marshall – @perrymarshall
  11. Justin Seibert – @domjbs
  12. David Szetela – @szetela
  13. Joanna Lord – @joannalord
  14. Gregg Finn – @gregfinn
  15. Martin Rottgerding – @bloomarty
  16. James Svoboda – @realcity
  17. Pamela Lunda – @pamela_lund
  18. Marc Poirier – @marcpoirier
  19. David Rodnitzky – @rodnitzky
  20. Joe Kerschbaum – @joekerschbaum
  21. Heather Cooan – @heathercooan
  22. Manny Rivas – @mannyrivas
  23. Aaron Levy – @bigalittlea
  24. Kent Lewis – @kentlewis
  25. Lisa Raehsler – @lisarockssem

Top PPC Marketing Experts

Create a Mobile App for Your Web Site, Business or Brand

Everyone knows that more and more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet and stay connected 24 hours a day. Even Facebook is struggling with the transition to mobile and how they can continue to monetize their traffic of almost a billion users that are on their network. Even though Facebook isn’t serving ads to the millions of users that have the Facebook App installed on their phones, the sheer volume of people using their app is still quite powerful.

Mobile apps and marketing are quickly becoming one of the top methods for increasing traffic to web sites and businesses. With that in mind, if you don’t currently have an app of your own, you need to be asking yourself why? It’s not just web sites and blogs that should have a mobile app of their own, but also local businesses, sports teams, events, organizations, brands and really anything else you can think of.

One of the biggest reasons why so many people and businesses still don’t have an app of their own, is simply because they don’t know how or don’t have the money to hire a programmer and designer to put an app together. Fortunately there are online sites like which makes the design process much easier and cheaper than finding your own design team. specializes in making the process of creating mobile apps easy. Once you sign up to their web site you can walk through the creation process, design applications to match the look and feel of your current web sites and brands, and all add any additional content, rss feeds or other features you may want to add to your app. This sure beats the process of having to find a programmer and designer on oDesk or eLance and continually working with them to create something you like, then dealing with the higher freelance costs.

How Shoutem Works & It’s Many Features

Visual examples are always the best way to learn about a service or product before getting your hands on it. Check out the short video below to watch the design and creation process for creating your own app for Apple or Android mobile devices. Once you complete the video, you can visit the Shoutem web site, create a free account and start playing around with their creation tools and see what you can make for your blog.

Creating an Application to Match Your Site and Brand

No matter what type of business, organization or even you have, a mobile application can open up a word of opportunities. From delivering your web site content to mobile users, keeping local customers updated with your latest promotions and coupons, or even keeping your fans updated with pictures, release and tour dates… it’s all possible through the creation of your own mobile app.

Using the advanced customization modules available through Shoutem, you can create a mobile app that matches the look and feel for your business or web site, while also sending your latest updates right to your mobile device.

In addition to matching the look and feel of your site, you will also be able to setup the following:

  • Pull all existing news feeds from your website into your mobile app
  • Sync your posted events into your mobile app automatically
  • Link your web blog posts to locations in your app
  • Embed your mobile app’s updates, top places and top users widgets in your website and promote your app.

Create Your Mobile Application Now!

As more people continue to ditch their own cell phones and upgrade to Apple and Android phones, we will continue to see a massive push of companies, brands and local businesses trying to take advantage of the mobile app market. If you haven’t thought about creating an app for your business, it still isn’t too late… but your competition may already be establishing their mobile presence while you are falling behind.

Visit the Shoutem web site and start creating a mobile app for yourself or your business. There is no credit card required to get started, and depending on the features you would like included in your app there are a few different membership levels to choose from, starting at just $29.90 per month.

Visit and Create Your Mobile App Today!

5 Ways You Can Leverage Pinterest For Your Marketing Efforts

When you examine Pinterest looks only like a place for visitors to discuss photographs regarding wedding ceremonies, cookies, recipes as well as crafting suggestions. This is correct essentially (in large part to their mainly feminine market), and the great looking Pinboards are really easy to use, there is however a lot more under the skin than originally meets the eye. This begs to ask how can I the lowly internet marketer control Pinterest to get more traffic and prospects for my business.

1.  Showcase Your Own Brand’s Individuality and Flavor

Pinterest is a great destination to showcase your own brand names picture and function, if you’d like . . . nevertheless it would be much smarter to demonstrate an infinitely more entertaining and light-weight facet of the enterprise. Reaching like-minded pinners and discussing related pins that allude to more about your organization as compared to strictly clients are a powerful way to help improve your boards while at the same time staying strongly related your own interests. You’ll find nothing incorrect with having a few boards which can be associated with the company’s graphics or tangible products. The most effective businesses boards I’ve noticed doesn’t just provide their particular company products, and can additionally show off their staff’s picks regarding movies and guides as well as anything else that tickles their particular taste. Producing your own brand to stand out through exposing several personalities is a great method of getting seen and will aid to increase your Pinterest user profile.

2.  Make Sure Your Posts Are Marked

As a website design company I am aware far to often of the perils associated with ripped off articles as well as possible copyright infringements, they take place on a regular basis. So when it comes down time to start revealing my own use the concept of Pinterest, My partner and I felt like it will be sound practice to incorporate a watermark and a footer certification to be able to use my own images. This provides me with exclusivity on them and when they may be shared and also repinned, the users that discover their whereabouts are fully aware that they may be my articles. This might apply nicely to your photography enthusiasts, designers, musicians, and also graphic designers especially. Giving a  a way to find their way back to your website is vital and you’ll notice the results in your site visitors increases when you implement this particular tiny yet essential step.

3. Assist – Courses – How-to’s & Infographics

Pinterest not merely allows for you to only pin a number photos, you can also contain videos which is when the actual energy is needed. Simply by featuring simple how-to’s or perhaps training video clips over a wide array of topics linked to your business, you are able to make use of consumers looking to find out more about a specific niche subject matter and as a result they’ll share and also repin you meaning more traffic for your company.

Infographics tend to be an excellent way of “lending any hand” and oftentimes infographics will provide a ton of insightful info about your small business or even specific factors you’re seeking to market.

4. Make Use of Pinterest’s Present Area

Pinterest not just permits you share pins and Pinboards, you might be running a good e-commerce system this will let you concrete service or product you desire to provide, you may use the actual devoted gift area on Pinterest that permits you to draw images through cost whenever uploaded. This process gets all of them instantly listed in the Gift’s section that can assist bring customers and probably sales for the merchandise or providers.

5. Help Additional Pinners Locate Your Content

Inside comparable fashion to be able to Tweets, Pinterest allows you to make posts that consist of #hashtags within your information which along with labeling the hooks as well as panels will make all of them quicker to discover if people are searching for the brand name or perhaps product. Users can easily search simply by entering keywords, planks the ones which means you ought to do your prefer and be sure you use key phrases which can be very easily familiar and allow you to ultimately easily be identified.

Pinterest is a superb local community much like some other social networks on the web nowadays as well as the same rules utilize. Offer top quality content, don’t unsolicited mail your product or service incessantly and also communicate as well as engage folks of the local community to aid develop have confidence in and brand name awareness. Pinterest provides verified it is not going anywhere soon, therefore hop on the pinboard and see what type of good success you are able to push for your business.

This guest post was written by Lorne Fade, an Internet search marketer for 9th sphere a Toronto SEO, web design & marketing firm.

The Pros and Cons of CPM Banner Advertising

Depending on how well you manage your online advertising, cpm advertising may be a great option for you and your web site. I’m not talking about selling you ad space on a per 1,000 views basis, but having it managed by an outside company like ValueClick Media or CasaleMedia.

When I had over 100,000+ uniques per day going through my myspace resource web site, I was able to generate over $100,000 within a few months using cpm networks to manage my ad space.

However, a lot has changed since then and if you have a website with a lot of traffic in place, you need to have better ad management in place as well.

A perfect example of this can be seen through the use of a solution like — which is an advanced webmaster analytics, to assists in project development, but also offers advert zone and payment management options.

No matter what type of website or blog you have, it’s extremely important to make sure you have the necessary stats, analytics reporting and ad campaign management in place. Without these, your site will never meet it’s full earnings potential.

And if you are trying to figure out the possible earnings for your own site with banner based advertising, be sure to consider using a CPM calculator.

Here are a few pros and cons on why CPM advertising might be good or bad addition for your web business.


Instant Advertisers
The continuing mission of having to find advertisers and continually bill or manage ad space sucks. Instead, you can simply place a line of code on your site and ValueClick Media or CasaleMedia will continually serve advertisers on your site as long as you generate traffic. No more “Advertise Here” spots or unpaid advertising.

One Big Monthly Check
Instead of having to deal with multiple advertisers and making sure payments are always on time, you will be sent a check at the end of the month from each of your CPM ad serving networks. I highly recommend joining more then one CPM network, so you can leverage your default ad impressions when they may not be buying 100% of your traffic.

Stress Free and No Ad Testing
It is likely you may be able to sell your advertising for a higher price if you sell directly, but it will also require more work and time. If you have a lot of traffic going through your web site and you have no idea what offers will convert, instead of throwing a bunch of banners on the site for testing, you can just let the CPM advertising networks display advertising for you. As much as you want to make money, so does the ad network, and they will pull out the non-performing ads and replace them with ones that are making money.


Lower Payouts
As expected, since you are not selling your advertising space directly, you are going to get a smaller cut. CPM advertising companies usually have a 60/40 or 70/30 revenue split with their partner web sites, but also a much larger advertiser network and budget.

Advertiser Selections
Since advertising is being served by another company, you may not be aware of the advertisers being displayed on your site. While they may always be non-adult and safe for work, you may occasionally come across a competing ad banner or an extremely annoying flashy ad appearing on your sites. (For the advertiser, it’s all about getting the click!)

I’ve Been Using Casale Media and ValueClick Media for Years!

These are just a few of the key points on why you should or should not be using CPM advertising on your web site. I have had great success with both ValueClick Media and CasaleMedia and have been using them for both for many years now. In addition to ValueClick and CasaleMedia, there are a few other CPM advertising networks available like Gorilla Nation, Tribal Fusion and CPX Interactive… but they usually pay much less or only accept premier high traffic niche sites.

For best results, if you are going to use CPM advertising, try setting up a section on your site for CPA offers as well, using text links. Not only will you be getting paid for traffic views, but also any conversions you can pull from your CPA links.

The Emotions of Color in Marketing and Company Logo Designs

As marketers, we see it all the time… BIG RED LETTERS on landing pages to grab our attention. Different colors make people act differently. RED is usually seen as a “danger” or “warning” color… while BLUE or GREEN is more “soothing” and “trusted“. An excellent example of this was how in Star Wars, Darth Maul is RED and BLACK (representing his evil), and Yoda was GREEN… showing his “stability” and “safety”.

In today’s post I wanted to focus on all of the main colors and how they should be represented in your advertising efforts. Believe it or not, the colors you place on your landing pages or web sites can drastically change your overall conversions and the user’s thinking process. Below is a break down from HP, on the main colors we use for marketing and how they are often looked at by others.

Primary Colors:


Red is a very emotionally charged color. It tends to increase the respiration rate and can even raise your blood pressure. It creates excitement and can be associated with danger, war, power, strength passion, desire and love. It can even increase your appetite.


Yellow is the happy color… it is the color of sunshine. It creates a sense of cheerfulness and helps to stimulate mental activity. When yellow is very bright, it can attract attention. It can also provide a very sharp contrast to dark colors. Yellow can have the appearance of being brighter than white if over used and can be disturbing if used too much.


Blue is a trusted color. It can provide a sense of tranquility and security. It tends to symbolize loyalty, wisdom, trust, faith, confidence, and intelligence. While red can help to increase the appetite, blue tends to have the opposite affect and can actually suppress the appetite.

Secondary Colors:


Orange is the combination of the happiness of yellow and the energy and strength of red. It symbolizes creativity, determination, enthusiasm and success. In addition orange indicates affordability. Because of its similarity to red, it is great to promote food.


Green tends to suggest endurance and stability. It represents harmony, growth and freshness. Green indicates safety. Obviously, it is associated with money and wealth. With the interest in “green” products, it is the only color that can promote organic foods and products effectively.


Violet or purple combines the energy and strength of red with the stability of blue. It represents nobility, ambition, power and luxury. It symbolizes extravagance and wealth and is often associated with dignity, independence, wisdom and magic.



White is purity, goodness, light and innocence. It is considered perfection. White is generally positive and simple. Often it is the color of charitable organizations, low-fat foods and dairy products.


Black is elegant, powerful and formal, but can also be associated with death. In marketing, it is dignified. In certain contexts, black is very negative (blacklist, black humor, etc). It can also denote prestige.

Psychology of Colors in Logo Design and Branding

As you can imagine, this all plays a massive role in how advertisement and brands use different images. Be sure to look through the Color Emotion Guide infographic below to see how many of your favorite brands and logos you can find, while also checking out how their color might play a role with the emotions they are supposed to emit. A perfect example of this would be “Green Companies” and how they are using the color to show off their “Peaceful, Growth and Health” emotions to target their audience and better relate with them. Such examples of “green brands” include Whole Foods, Tropicana, Animal Planet and Hess.

Next time you are working on your landing page or new web site, step back and look at your color scheme and see how your colors are targeting your audience.