Exploring The Best Resources for Mastering the Art of SEO

In all likelihood, you’ve heard that search engine optimization can lead to a massive return on investment. This is undeniably true, but SEO is not something that can be mastered overnight. In fact, gaining a full understanding of SEO can be tedious and very time-consuming. If you want to get into SEO, you must set your sights on the future. You’ll need to work diligently for a lengthy period of time, while also experimenting on your own. Within this guide, you will find tips for mastering SEO and expanding your horizons.

Winging It

When it comes down to it, reading about SEO and actually engaging in SEO is entirely different. Even after you’ve watched numerous tutorials and have read through hundreds of books, you’ll need to put your knowledge to work. It is absolutely essential to wing it. Start a website and begin optimizing your site for the search engines. There is no doubt that you’ll likely fail in the beginning. However, you can use your failure as a learning experience.

A little bit of experimentation and dedication will go a long way towards making you a success. If you are going to take the time to invest and learn the process of SEO yourself, make sure that you document your progress along the way. There are many different on-site and off-site factors that result in ranking changes. When measuring and tracking the success of your SEO efforts, be sure you aren’t testing too many different elements at any given time.

While there is always going to be a great benefit in ‘doing it yourself’ SEO, there are also plenty of resources and guides out there for you to learn from as well. A perfect example of this can be seen in this SEO Audit guide. Many site owners and bloggers know the concept of a good SEO audit, but actually walking through the process step by step isn’t something most will accomplish. By following a simple guide like this one, it will allow you to work are your own pace, while also making sure the job is done right.

Training Courses

Today, it is possible to obtain a wealth of knowledge online. In fact, there are many virtual academies that can help you learn about a new subject or two. Websites, such as Gotch SEO Academy, will put you through a comprehensive course, so you can gain more insight into the latest SEO practices and techniques. If you want to gain more knowledge and increase your likelihood of success, you’ll definitely want to complete as many courses as possible.Just be aware that some of these classes are free, but others can be costly. Regardless, they’ll all be well worth it.

Just be aware that some of these classes are free, but others can be costly. Regardless, they’ll all be well worth it. In addition to individual training courses from well-known SEO experts and marketers, there is also a wide range of courses available online through learning marketplaces like Udemy. If you are going to pick up any of the video courses offered through such sites, be sure to look for Udemy coupons before making a purchase. In most cases, customers can save anywhere from 50-95% off if they look in the right places.


Joining with likeminded individuals and brainstorming can prove to be enormously beneficial. This is where forums enter the picture. By utilizing forums, you’ll be able to discuss search engine optimization with people that are skilled and experienced in SEO. You can use their advice and guidance to strengthen your own portfolio. Utilize forums to gain more knowledge and to help guide you to success. Just make sure that you are also willing to share your own personal experiences. The other forum members may benefit from your experiences.

When it comes to finding the most accurate information and latest updates in the world of SEO, you are going to want to choose your forums wisely. This topic recently came up on Quora, where they recommended the following forums for SEO: SEO Chat, Warrior Forum SEO, The MOZ Q&A Forum from Rand Fishkin and MOZ, Link Assistant SEO Forum, Search Engine Optimization by SEO Forum, SEOBook Community Forums, BlackHatWorld and much more. Be sure to check out the full list on Quora to take advantage of each forum and Facebook group.

Take Advantage Of Books

Throughout the years, SEO has grown greatly in terms of popularity. Not only are large businesses taking advantage of SEO techniques and methods, but even single owned and operated businesses are taking advantage of SEO to soar their websites in the search engine rankings. How is everyone learning all these methods and techniques? Due to the increased popularity of SEO, many experts have been prompted to share their knowledge and advice by writing books. Just do a simple search and you will find that there is a variety of different books that have been written and composed by different authors that will explain everything the beginner should know about SEO.

One of the best books for learning pretty much everything there is to possibly know about SEO, is “The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization” 3rd Edition by Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie Stricchiola. This isn’t your traditional online marketing or industry book, this is a huge resource guide with nearly 1,000 of written content.

Tutorial Videos

With the growing popularity of social media, more and more people are posting videos and pictures of their life experiences. Well, the same can be said about tutorial videos. There are a wide variety of SEO experts out there that are more than willing to share their knowledge of all things SEO through tutorial videos. Videos are great because they actually will show you what needs to be done, which is much easier for visual learners.

Another great thing about tutorial videos is that there are literally thousands of them for viewing on YouTube. The only downside is that with so much free content out there on SEO, it might be tough for you to find the latest and most trustworthy resources out there. This is ultimately why many people will go with a premium course or online training from a trusted expert.

How to Master the Art of SEO in 2017

At the end of the day, everyone is going to have their own thoughts and working methods for SEO. Google will give you guidelines on what it takes to rank a website or blog in their search results. The common factor and influence that is agreed upon by nearly all SEO experts, is that you need quality content and quality backlinks to your site. This is ultimately the best, fastest and most effective way to rank higher in the search results.

ContentKing Puts You in Control of Your SEO

Search engine optimization can feel like such a daunting task, juggling an overwhelming number of moving parts that are in a constant state of flux. It’s not just about knowing what type of content your audience wants, it’s also about being able to improve and track performance after such changes are made. And let’s not forget about how the guidelines and best practices can change regularly too. All key components to making sure your site and it’s content is always ranking at the highest position possible.

Cutting through much of that frustration is a handy online tool called ContentKing. It takes the task of search engine optimization and breaks it down in much more manageable and easier-to-understand way, offering actionable steps that can improve your search engine rankings today. In addition to providing all the tools and tracking features of their competitors, ContentKing also provides an up-to-date overview of your websites at all times — meaning you’ll never have to wait for the next crawl to finish before seeing your actual movements in the rankings.

The Real-Time SEO Solution

One of the key distinctions that you’ll find with ContentKing is that unlike many of the other SEO tools you may have encountered in the past, ContentKing offers real-time SEO auditing and content tracking. Other tools may be relying on data that was retrieved up to several weeks ago. With ContentKing, you get up to the minute information about your websites that you can act upon right now.

A web-based utility that requires no installation on their your computer or on your web server, ContentKing offers a wealth of features that are geared specifically toward improving your SEO performance. This address on-site elements, like whether you have the proper meta descriptions in place, as well as the “shareability” of your content on social media, among many other factors.

Remember that Google is placing increasingly greater weight on what it calls “social signals,” so it is of paramount importance that every page on your website is optimized for ease of sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You can manage multiple websites through a single interface, drilling down to the specific content you would like to optimize. The platform can also support up to 500,000 pages out of the box, which is a massive amount of data and more than enough for even some of the largest sites on the internet. Should you need even more tracking features or limits in place, this option is also available at request.

Your Website at a Glance

When you first log into the dashboard and add your website, you are provided with an overview of the SEO health of your website. By default, it will show changes from the past seven days, but you also go into weeks or dig further back in history too if you prefer.

At any given time you can log right into your account and see it’s latest health report, along with a historical chart of how your site is performing over time.

What I found very useful is that ContentKing effectively quantifies your SEO performance, giving your website an actual number for its website health. In this example, you can see the health is being rated at 2811/4000. Not bad, but certainly a lot of potential for improvement. You can also see the number of pages on the site and how this changes over time.

Scrolling a little further down the main page, you see an overview of the SEO issues you should be addressing on your website. These are also indicated by a line graph depicting the changes in the last seven days. You’ll also notice that your website is broken down into essential pages and regular pages; of course, you’ll want to improve on your essential pages first.

The types of issues are further subdivided into six main categories: content, social, conversions, indexability, relations and media. But what does this all mean? For that, you need to dig down into the actual pages and issues themselves.

Digging Through Your Pages

When you click on the “Pages” link in the left navigation menu, you are presented with a full list of every page on your website. Remember that you didn’t have to install anything on your own server; this is all handled through the ContentKing web interface.

For every page, you get the URL, the type, health, whether or not it is a secure page (HTTPS), its indexability, whether it is linked (relations), and the title (content). The option is also there to fully customize how you can view reports, which also includes adding and removing columns of your choice. If you have thousands of pages, this can feel awfully overwhelming, but you can filter, sort and search through your content accordingly if you want to check on the SEO health of any specific page.

The real-time monitoring ensures that all the information you are seeing here is completely live and up to date, so any changes you make will be immediately reflected in these reports.

Addressing the SEO Issues

Clicking through on any of the pages will then reveal a specific report for that particular page. This shows not only the current version but also the ability to review tracked changes over time, including exactly what happened and when. The report describes specific criteria that should be addressed for SEO purposes, like whether you have a meta description and headers (H1, H2) in the content, as well as the number of incoming and outgoing links, both internally and externally.

Along the far right is a column listing all the issues with the current page. These are communicated to you in the form of several actionable “to do” items, each of which is associated with a particular page health score improvement. In addition to the overall site health score, each page gets its own health score too. For instance, adding the meta description can increase your page health by 350 points (out of 4000 total).

For more of a global view of the SEO issues affecting your website, click on the “Issues” link in the navigation area. This will list all of the issues, which you can then filter based on status, page importance, and category.

In this example, the Twitter Cards mark-up is missing on all the pages. The lack of Twitter Cards mark-up negatively impacts how these pages look when they are shared on Twitter. If this is addressed, the website health will be boosted by 300 points. With the meta descriptions, we can see that the meta description is missing on 47% of pages and 7% of pages have an incorrect length of the page title.

If you click on the percentage, you will then be shown the full list of pages on your website that are affected by this particular issue. Once you have suitably addressed the problem, you can return to ContentKing and see the corresponding improvement in your page and site health. Remember this all happens in real time!

More Features on the Way!

To help you make better use of your time, ContentKing also automatically prioritizes your SEO tasks so you can maximize the performance benefit of your hard work. The actionable insights are clear with no ambiguity as to what needs to be done.

And just as SEO continues to change and evolve, so does ContentKing. Moving forward, they’ll keep adding new features, the ability to track changes across the entire website (and not just individual pages), including weekly email reports, page segmentation, and the availability of the API for further customization.

The regular pricing structure for ContentKing is based on the number of websites you have and the number of pages that each site has. In this hypothetical example, if you have one website with 1,000 pages and another with 500 pages, your total monthly cost when paid annually would be just over $45.

For agencies which have a lot of websites and a lot of pages, ContentKing offers agency pricing. As an agency, you buy an amount of pages, which you can then distribute across your websites at will. Won a big contract, and need 50.000 extra pages? No problem, you can upgrade your account yourself right away. This flexibility is essential in a market such as ours.

Whether you have a regular account or an agency account, you get a 15% discount if you are billed quarterly and a 25% discount if you are billed annually.
Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be confusing, frustrating and difficult. Just remember that good content will always be king.