Celebrating Six Awesome Years of ZacJohnson.com!

Here we are again celebrating yet another successful year of internet marketing mastery, blogging and networking through ZacJohnson.com! In terms of internet years, 6 years is definitely a long time. Just think about how many successful web sites and blogs you can name that have been around for six plus years. Now make another list of blogs, web sites and ad networks that have died offer in just a few years or even a few months time! I’m sure you will come up with quite a list.

While six successful years of ZacJohnson.com seems like a while, the 17 years that I have been making money online seems like an eternity… and it’s more than half of my whole life!

One of my favorite posts I’ve written from the 1,000+ that are live on this blog, is my “How Blogging has Changed My Life” post… which is a constant reminder of just how far the blog has come, and how powerful blogging and building your brand really is.

For the past six years I always write a type of recap for the annual anniversary of the blog on St. Patrick’s Day, but this time I wanted to write up something different.

So with another successful year for my blog and in the world of online marketing in the books, it can only stress the importance of GROWING YOUR OWN BRAND!

Going back to my point earlier… not many companies or brands survive in the world of online marketing, and I’ve worked with hundreds of them over the years.

If you’ve spent several months or even years promoting an offer for a web site or ad network, only to have them go out of business or no longer want to run business with your, where does that leave you? In some cases you might be all the way back to square one.

Let’s look at another scenario… if you are running traffic through Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, then your account gets terminated and you are no longer able to run the massive amount of traffic you were pushing and have to start from scratched again… then what?

The underlining question here is… how long are you going to focus on building other people’s brands and companies and not focusing on your own?

YOU are your BRAND and you need to make it start working for you.

Zac Johnson BrandingThe search engines can go away…

The social networks can vanish…

Ad networks can run out of money…

But at the end of the day, you will still have your brand!

Focus on making 2013 the year of your brand, and I look forward to seeing you back here next year for my 7th blog anniversary!

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  1. You and your blog has been an idol to me. Though I am not reading your blog since last six years, but in these 6 months your tips and guides have changed my blogging and marketing strategy.

    Wish you all the best for long success.
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  2. Congrats on your success over the years and Happy Site Birthday!! lol
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  3. Congrats Zac for 6th anniversary of your blog,

    You right mentioned that it's your brand that going to stay forever so it's important to concentrate on building your blog. Once you build up your brand, you'll automatically start getting your relevant traffic and see good conversion ratio as well.
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  4. It is really good to see that Zacjohnson has completed Six years successfully. And that makes it a wonderful and useful blog.

  5. Happy Birthday and St Patricks day to ZacJohnson.com. Hope you six successful years and even more to come!

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