How Much Do Celebrities Get Paid for Sponsored Tweets?

How much would you pay to have a celebrity go on TV and wear your company brand or drink your product? In most cases you can’t put a price on it, but you know it will have an effect on the viewing audience and especially the loyal fans of whoever is using it.

However, does the same hold true for Twitter?

We all know that celebrities make up the bulk of the most followed accounts on Twitter, and many of us also know that many celebrities are getting paid to push products and services to their Twitter fans. The question isn’t how much are they getting paid, the question is, is it really worth the cost?

HuffingtonPost recently came out with an infographic to show which celebrities are using sponsored tweets to make money through their Twitter accounts, along with how many followers each has and their demanding price to send out a sponsored tweet.

In comparison to other celebrities on the list, Farrah Abraham is actually a decent price. For the cost of $390 you can have your message sent out to 810,336 of her followers.

When you get into the more well known celebrities you will see a higher premium on their rates.

Melissa Joan Hart demands a staggering $9,100 for only 300k+ followers… while for a few thousand dollars more you could have Khloe Kardashian send out a tweet to over 8 million followers for $13,000.

You could play the game of trying to see which celebrity will get you the most exposure for your money, but in the end it comes down to their follow and how relatable they are to your product.

The FTC Doesn’t Like the Concept of Sponsored Tweets

Hey everyone, big news… the FTC is going after someone outside of the affiliate marketing industry! Yay!

In all honesty, the FTC is on the prowl once again and this time they are going after celebrities for sharing pictures and tweets on Twitter without saying whether they are sponsored or not.

Imagine how much business @1800flowers and their web site did after Justin Bieber sent this message out to over 40 million of his Twitter fans! This is a perfect example of Twitter advertising with immediate results.

Justin Bieber Twitter Message

This article does a great job in showing social tweets from Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus that weren’t noted as “sponsored”… but were they?

Celebrity Twitter Sponsored Tweets

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  1. Wow that's some good money for sending just a little 140 character Tweet to your twitter followers. I guess it really does pay big to be a celebrity must be nice:)

    I wonder how much Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning would get for a tweet? I didn't see any professional athletes mentioned.

    I sure hope it is more than Khloe Kardashian would get lol:)
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  2. You came up with a totally unique and great post. These celebrities are very lucky, i think. I think same goes for Fan Page's Status updates.
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