Charlie Bit My Finger… Earned $500k in YouTube Money!

When it comes to adding funny and home videos to YouTube… who really knows what the next world famous viral video is going to be? The Charlie By My Finger video is now one of the top viewed videos of all time on YouTube with over 437,661,419 views.  The video will be sure to gain even more attention as of lately, since the family is now in the news after cashing in on over $500,000 since the video first went live.

You can see the full “Charlie Bit My Finger” video here… along with reading the official earnings stories at Mashable and ABCNews, or you can watch the short video below (ignore 30 sec commercial) that covers the whole story from it’s first upload, to cashing in on the over a half a million dollars so far to date from YouTube ads and television commercials.

Are you looking for some viral video success and fortune? While it’s hard to tell what videos will become viral and take on a life of their own… history shows BABIES and ANIMALS are key!

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  1. The last time I heard, was that youtube video made 100k in profits. Now it has raised 500%? that's fascinating…
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