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I was recently at a forum and saw a post on and how it recently sold for $50,000. If you visit the site now, you will see that the DOMAIN is EXPIRED!

Even though there isn’t a site on the domain anymore, I’m sure it’s still getting a ton of traffic and making a few bucks from the ads… after all, it is #1 on Google still for "Check Page Rank". Imagine paying $50,000 for a web site and domain… then forgetting to RENEW! I’ve had problems before with losing domains, but GoDaddy’s automated renewal process makes everything so easy. I can’t imagine what happened!

If you would still like to check your page rank anyway, try some of these:

Live Page Ranke (Recommended – Multiple Server Check)

Google Page Rank Checker

iWebTool Page Rank Checker (checks across multiple datacenters)

Google Page Rank Prediction

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  1. I tried to buy the domain from the guy for $52k and I never got a response. The $50k sale never went through. I watched the domain expire and I kept trying to backorder it but Godaddy pretty much sucks for filing backorders. Anyways, it has been re-registered again.

    I REALLY wanted that domain…..

    1. yeah paul, i think its been registered back and it should have been known to the owner i guess..

    1. it maybe worth that 50k, looking at the traffic on alexa…its defintely going to make you big bucks if you dont lose that domain to others… =)

  2. Why would someone spend 50k on a site that offers the same features as countless others?!?

    Maybe I'll start a 'Make money online blog' and flog it on SitePoint for 50k!

    Am I missing something?

    – Martin Reed

    1. Am I missing something?

      All the traffic that it gets?

      The good organic SE rank?

      The type of traffic and the ease to make money with that kind of traffic?

      I could go on and on and on…

  3. 50k thats a lot of money , I have a good domain for sale

    www. UCLA any takers ?

  4. Hey Zac,

    I think most of the references you've pointed at are for toolbar PR. (based on the previous update).

    To check at the Google datacenters for your current PR (ie Live PR), a good site is:

    I've found the iWebTool PR predictor to be pretty useless cos they mostly count link quantity and don't seem to factor in their PR value.

    It could give you high hopes and leave you feeling disappointed after a PR update.

    1. Yeah, it's the one to use when a new "PR Update" is one the way. Love seeing those stupid discussions on every webmaster board before the tool bar PR is updated.

  5. That is a good amount of money though, if the traffic is good – they can get it back with adsense itself.

    – Shiva

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