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I was recently introduced to a new affiliate network that has the potential to stand out from the rest. Instead of directly competing with the other numerous amount of affiliates networks, and running all of the same offers, ClearLink has taken a higher path. ClearLink is focused on running their network with only high end brand names, that almost everyone already knows and use.

What Big Names are ClearLink Working with?
You won’t find one field zips, surveys or even weight loss offers on ClearLink. Instead you will find brand names you know and trust. The ClearLink network is made up of six different advertisers, which are DirectTV, Dish Network, ADT, HughesNet, GE Security and Qwest.

What’s great about advertising these types of companies, is that the branding and sales pitch is already done for you. The majority of these companies already have commercials running on TV and radio. Everyone already knows what these companies offer and represent, you just need to get the signup page in front of new consumers.

How Much Can You Make with ClearLink?
When you are working with such quality brand names, they are willing to pay a decent commission for new customers. Commission payouts range from $6, all the way up to $300 per signup. Depending on the offer and your volume, your commission rate will vary.

Payment Methods
ClearLink is very flexible on working with affiliate partners, and are willing to go the extra mile. Instead of just a traditional SALE or COST PER ACTION process, ClearLink can reward commissions on a CPA, CPL, and Cost Per Call basis. Once signed up, you can discuss what lead program works best for you.

As for payment methods, ClearLink pays out by check or direct deposit. Checks are mailed out on the 15th of each month for all sales that have been installed and confirmed for the month previous. Higher volume affiliate partners can be paid weekly.

How ClearLink Tracking Works
One of the most exciting features about ClearLink, is that they are more advanced than your average affiliate network. Instead of being limited to just online advertising and lead generation, ClearLink has their own Pay Per Call program. Each affiliate offer/landing page is setup with their own dedicated toll free number for ordering, which is credited towards your affiliate account. You can also access all phone calling data through your affiliate login area.

In addition to having your own toll free number to increase sales, affiliates also receive indefinite cookies, which means they don’t expire. You are also given an unlimited supply of promotion codes, allowing you to track campaigns separately.

Ad Creative that Works
Once logged in as an affiliate, you can view and grab your ad creative for all campaigns. The different ad creatives available are Banner Ads, Email, Print Collateral (for offline advertising), Logos and Landing Pages. The great thing about all of the ad copy, is that the ad quality and landing pages are tested for max conversions. Remember, these are huge multi-million dollar company that constantly work on their ad copy and creative to make sure it works.

ClearLink is an Inc 500 Company!
It’s always great to come across a new affiliate network, but how are they really performing? ClearLink was recently listed as “Leading Performance-Based Marketing Company Ranks #51 on the 2008 Inc. 500 List” in the notable Inc. Magazine. Getting listed on the Inc 500 is no easy task. I’m looking forward to seeing the growth of ClearLink and what other big brands they can bring in over the coming months.

Final Thoughts on ClearLink
I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity to come across the ClearLink network. Not only was it exciting to see a new network thinking outside the box, and allowing for new marketing methods… but also limiting the network to only high quality brands.

As for revenue generation, I think a lot of money can be made with these name brand offers. Whether you have access to a lot of general audience traffic, or looking to start up a new dedicated blog for each offer, you know these are well known brands that always have a buying audience.

It’s very clear that the team at ClearLink are looking for new affiliate partners that can bring in growth and long term partnerships. Feel free to join ClearLink or contact them with any questions or comments you play have.

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  1. Why is there no disclaimer on this ad, it reads like a paid for post… did you receive _any_ incentive to make this post?

  2. Thanks for the heads up.

    Hopefully they will do international affiliates as I'm from the UK.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-101104" rel="nofollow">@Nicholas Chase:

    I would think a separate domain and blog for each product would work best.

  4. Ok Zac,

    You scored a home run with me these guys were the perfect affiliate for my small Wireless Internet directory site. They have already turned in the possibility of more revenue in 2 weeks then 2 full years of Adsense and more than any other affiliates I've ever used.

    Clearlink is the perfect partner for my site.

    Thanks for the heads up on these guys!


  5. Sounds like a great program. I will be signing up soon. Some of their brands would be perfect on my blog since I already have satellite TV.
    My recent post Comcast-Top 5 Reasons America Hates Them

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