Monetize Your Site with Clickadu Pop-Under Advertising

Advertising on the internet is constantly changing. The main reason for this is banner blindness and how audiences quickly adapt to the advertisements within their environment. For this reason, we continually see new methods of advertising make their way through the industry every few years. Banners are still popular today, but they definitely don’t get the same click-through rates they used to. Native advertising seems to be on every site possible today, but how long will that last?

There are plenty of other forms of advertising as well, such as those that demand to get your attention. These types of advertising include roll-over ads, welcome mats, and click-under advertising. The difference between these types of advertising and on-site display advertising is that the end user actually needs to take an action to view, click or close out the advertisement.

Clickadu Ad Network is an advertising network that focuses exclusively with pop-under and click-under ads. Throughout this network review, we are going to take a look at how Clickadu is helping not only site partners make money, but also bring new business to advertisers as well.

Clickadu Click-Under Ad Network

With over 70 million impressions being served and over 120,000 conversions taking place on a daily basis, Clickadu has established themselves as a premium ad network in the world of online advertising. To go along with their display and delivery numbers, the platform also has over 3,800 active campaigns running across its network of over 2,300 active publishers.


There are plenty of networks to choose from when it comes to the monetization of your site and traffic, so let’s take a look at why Clickadu might be a great option for your site.

When serving pop-under and click-under advertising to your audience, it’s important that you make money with all of your traffic and not just desktop or mobile users. Clickadu is currently serving ad campaigns that display and pay out for all desktop and mobile sessions. This is great to see as mobile is quickly taking over as the method of choice for internet access and site viewing.

On the publisher side, another big consideration when choosing an ad network is their fill-rate. Clickadu also has you covered in this areas as well. With a promised 100% fill-rate and a high eCPM, site owners can relax knowing that each visitor to their site is earning them revenue at all times.

Another important note to make is that Clickadu pays their affiliates once a minimum threshold of $100 has been met. When you break this down, it’s really only around $3 a day in earnings, which shouldn’t be a problem for most sites. Payments are sent out through PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Payonneer, wire transfer and even Bitcoin if requested.

Clickadu also has a referral program in place, which pays out a 5% commission on all successful partner referrals. This is also a recurring income for life.

Getting Started with Clickadu

Know that we’ve covered some of the key points of why Clickadu should be in your marketing and monetization arsenal, let’s take a look at their platform and reporting features. To get started with an account of your own, simply click here to join Clickadu.


Once you are setup with a Clickadu account, you will have full access to your dashboard and members area. From here you can view all aspects of your campaigns, such earnings, impressions, clicks and CPM for today and for this month thus far. A fun stat included in the dashboard area is the “forecast” feature, which gives an estimate on where your earnings might be at the end of the most. It’s simple, but a nice way to see where you might end up at the end of the month and a fun way to see if you can beat your forecasted earnings.

The left side navigation sidebar is where you will navigate through the site, and where you can access your statistics, sites and zones, payments, news, support and other features. Before running ads on your network of sites, you will need to place them into the system for manual approval. To do this, click on the “Sites and zones” section in the sidebar and add your site. After this is complete, you will be given a code that must then be pasted into your site’s main HTML file.

One of the main reasons why Clickadu has found so much success in the online advertising space is because of their strict approval process. By only accepting high-quality sites, they can keep their advertising rates high, which leads to higher payouts for site partners and affiliates. Clickadu is also serving the best advertisements for your site, versus a traditional network where you choose the offers you want to run. This allows for site owners to focus on their traffic and content creation, while Clickadu focused on the optimization of ads.

Clickadu Reports and Analysis

With advertisements being served and managed through Clickadu, it’s very important for them to have a detailed tracking platform in place. Through the screenshot below you can see a breakdown of daily earnings, impressions served and average CPM rates.


As mentioned earlier, with Clickadu serving the advertising and selecting the best campaigns for your site, it’s extremely important for them to provide you with the highest eCPM possible. For the publisher, all it takes is a simple placement of a JS code to start serving ads on your site. All of the technical analysis and campaign optimization is done on the Clickadu backend.

The type of offers being selected from Clickadu and served on your site are a mixture of CPM and CPA placements. CPM campaigns pay on a per view basis, while CPA are higher paying offers that pay out every time an offer is clicked, then acted on. By split testing which offers are performing best with your traffic, the network is essentially getting you (and them) the highest eCPM possible.

You can see a breakdown of how the CPM rates are tracked by country and platform through the screenshot below.


Depending on the type of traffic, demographic audience and where their location is, your earnings and eCPM will vary. The best way to see how Clickado monetization might perform with your site, is to give them a test run and review your numbers after a few days. Obviously, the better the traffic and higher-quality of your content, the more likely you are to see higher numbers — however, as mentioned earlier, Clickadu is also a great option for any sites that have foreign or low-quality traffic, as they offer 100% fill-rates.

Clickadu Summary

To find long-term success with your websites or online business, it’s all about testing and being aware of your options. Not only is Clickadu a great way to monetize traffic on your site, they might also be a great option for running ad campaigns as well.

Add to the list of marketing tools and resources you already have in place, and sign up with Clickadu today.

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