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Take a moment before reading this post and visit Be sure to glance through a couple pages and see what it’s about. Now look at the site again and take a guess at how much you think the site makes per month/year? At first you may think this is just a fun little community for just kids… but it’s really a massively huge cash cow! Think of World of Warcraft, but on a smaller scale and targeted towards a younger audience. TechCrunch reports that ClubPenguin is on it’s way to possibly being acquired from Sony for around $500 million dollars! TechCrunch also reports that ClubPenguin has “projected revenues of $65 million in 2007 with $35 million in profit. Having nearly 50% bottom line margin is exceptional. The company has around 500,000 active users.”

Where is the money you may ask? If you look at their “membership plans” you will see that you can signup for a monthly fee and have access to cool member benefits, such as dressing up your penguin or decorating your own igloo! As silly as the idea might sound, it’s making a ton of cash and user activity/signups are still going strong. There is an amazing amount of money in offering paid memberships and monthly billing. If you have had trouble with making the next big step in making big money online, you may want to think about starting up your own paid membership based site. You will need to work hard on bringing in new subscribers, but will soon have a nice recurring source of revenue each month. While there are the usual dating, gaming, greeting cards, hosting and other sites that have paid memberships, something new and original (like ClubPenguin) would heavily increase your likelihood of growth and success. After all… how many paid subscribers have you been signed up to and forgot, or were too lazy to cancel them… someone is cashing in? Why not you!

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  1. Wow! That's amazing! It reminds me of Neopets, but Club Penguin is pretty neat. That's a lot of money!

    The only word that's going through my mind right now is "Wow!"

  2. Thats insane. It reminds me of a game my sister used to play called Gunbound (a cartoon type game that is based of Worms). I used to play this game Mu as well (kind of like WoW as well).

  3. I actually had a quick go at this ages ago, I think I found it on miniclip or a similar site. Its a pretty fun little game even if it is aimed at kids.

    I'm impressed it brings in so much money, although not surprised.

  4. Since I have joined club penguin I have been getting an error message that says to clean the catche. I do this and it comes back again. Please help me fix this. I can not play my game. Thank you Mickayla


  5. i am canceling my membership! that is such a rip off and my mom is always like guys make sure u get on club penguin. i want my money worth. and they dont give refunds. i like neopets better!!!

  6. um wut is clubpenguin omg lol it the gayest game ev i like myspace and youtube and aim better but o well club penguin 4 little kids i guess prety much all .com get alot of money u all must b 10-7 or 11-12 lol y would i want 2 b a penguin y???

  7. im one of the moderators of club penguin and the game is amied for the age of 6-13 so it may seem strange to you but to kids in that age range its very cool

    waddle on-billybob

    1. Wow Billybob I play as Dj Div and one of my friends has seen one of your team of moderators but how can you become a moderator

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  9. There is a new site also based on the same concept but appeals to older kids, called Roblox. Kids interact in a world of virtual building blocks similar to legos. Think Club Penguin meets legos…meets Second Life.

    There is another BIG aspect to their success and that is both Club Penguin and Roblox are Social Networks for kids. There's an incredible market. Once my kids got on Club Penguin, they had another 20 -30 friends from church and school sign up, within weeks.

    The older ones outgrew Club Penguin and moved on to Roblox and as you can imagine, their "friends" all followed.

    Maybe we can learn something from our kids.

    Here's a couple links to see more.


    Roblox News

  10. i want to know if they are ever gonna have the feather boa in the catalogs. i didn't get a chance to get it because i lost my membership yesterday, so i just got my membership back for a year! thats amazing! some penguins are so rude! One time in Clubpenguin i was at the stage, and one penguin came up to me and said back off. i reported him though, so it was cool. BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. To get money on cp use to be easy there use to be this program called -Club Penguin Money Maker you use to type your name in and the amount of coins u want and you use to get !!!! BUT NOW IT SAYS IT DOESENT WORK ANYMORE:(

  12. Hey, every one here. Clubpenguin is not a gay game. Neopets is super lame! I know every cheat to clubpenguin. So, If u want to ask questions, pls ask me.

  13. Oh yeah, If you want to meet me, My username is Nisha 85 i am always in the server abominable. See ya!

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