Combining Several User Interests to Create the Perfect Facebook Ad

Facebook advertising is a lucrative advertising platform where a lot of affiliates and advertisers are making a lot of money from. The reason why some are making the boat loads of cash is because they are creating ads geared towards a users interests.

It is another reason why so many fail on Facebook. Every person that advertises on Facebook for the first time or several times are very general when it comes to their ad and audience.

It is important to think like the user and not just put an ad out there base on an interests. One strategy that I use is to combine multiple interests to create an ad they are already comfortable with. Creating an ad base on the users environment can catch their eye more than a general ad.

The power of Facebook relies with their amazing way to target users. So it is in our best interests as affiliate to take advantage of these interests. By combining interests with another interests you grow the chances of the actual user clicking on your ad.

For example a user ‘likes’ the Simpsons and Family Guy. These are listed in their interests and is publicly noticed on their profile. You can easily create and ad with a headline saying “Simpsons vs Family Guy.” Your image can be Homer Simpson facing Peter Griffin.

You can even split test images with Maggie Simpson and Stewie Griffin, Marge Simpson and Louis Griffin – can you see the idea here. We are combining their likes to create an ad made for the person it is meant for.

Already you can see how this ad can get a high CTR base on the users favorite characters of the show. Since the user likes both shows, we are creating a conflict of interests to the user in which case they are going to be curious of what to think and read through your ad and most likely click through.

Utilizing a users interests and likes can work to your benefit. The days of advertising and making an ad generalizing the public is no more with Facebook. You can dig deep into a user and utilize their favorite shows, games, celebrities, and other likes to better suite your ads.

Creating an ad made for the user gives you a higher chance of visibility, which can lead to a high CTR, which in turn can mean profit or a lead to you. That sense of their environment will work in your favor because they are already comfortable with what they like.

Loyal fans will always be protective and curious to see what others have to say about their favorite football player or celebrity. It is in our nature to stick to our favorites until we find a replacement to our own likes.

Guest Post by: Ian Fernando is an affiliate marketer and blogger. He has created a vast wealth of training on how to utilize Facebook Ads and grow a foundation within their advertising platform. To find out more strategies on Facebook visit InfiniteFB.

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  1. zac, as much as i would like this to be true…it's not. there's no way to get ads approved with random targeting and images and actually get it to sell affiliate products…facebook is way too strict…they will just disallow the ads and mark them irrelevant.

    1. You're right, the game has changed. It's now about finding a way to create these awesome targeted campaigns, without using an affiliate offer and some how creating your own content or site.

    2. what I experienced is that I just create a jump page or minisite relating to the images – I have never seen an acct rep actually click through to the offer from the jump page or mini site

  2. Great post but what about image rights? Am I the only person that worries about using somebody elses copyrighted images?

    1. I'm always interested in this too. Especially with the use of random people on dating campaigns. It's just a waiting game til someone is made an example of.

    2. well sometimes images can be a controversial thing. I have had no issues just using images I find off bing or google images

  3. I really don't understand this post. If you're advertising something for The Simpsons and Family Guy, why wouldn't you be targeting those keywords already? It sounds like you're just describing one of the most basic features.

    Maybe Ian should explain how to target females for dress up games, too.

    1. the point is to use the targets and create controversy between the users interests.

      btw… I even show you how to target golf users and promote golf tshirts and even golf clubs

  4. I tried something similar the other day with a dating campaign. This is what they sent me:

    "Per sections 4, 7 and 13 of Facebook's Advertising Guidelines, ad text must relate directly to the content of the landing page. Ads may not imply knowledge of user data or information, or in any other way suggest extraordinary knowledge of the user."

    We've all seen that one. What I believe though is that if you make a quick custom lander that is relevant to the ad text, it should get through.

    1. the ad should relate to the content of the 'landing page' I havent seen a facebook reviewer actually click from lp to offer

  5. Thanks Ian for the guest post. Facebook marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategy right now. Interacting with people can definitely help us to market our products. Facebook ranking in terms of traffic is currently at #2, beating youtube, yahoo, ebay and other big companies. I have a friend who's selling apparels, jewelries and lasies clothes, and she regularly earns around $300-$500 per week, not bad for doing it part time. It all boils down how you market it, and how large your audience is.


    Gary David

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