CommissionSoup for the Affiliate Marketer’s Soul

When it comes to making money online with affiliate marketing, you have a lot of different choices. Of those many different opportunities that lie before you, one of the most important will be your decision on what company to work with, especially when you are going to be focusing on promoting different offers.

Affiliate networks are the middle men and life source of affiliate marketing. Without them, many advertisers and brands would never know how or want to run their own in-house partner programs. This would also make for a big mess for affiliate marketers as it would lead to hundreds of individual accounts and payments to manage.

CommissionSoup is an affiliate network that has been around since 2000 and have amassed a great selection of well branded ad campaigns for their wide range of affiliates.

CommissionSoup at a Glance

If you are currently an affiliate with the majority of other networks out there, you will notice that many of them specialize in running CPA offers that are generic and not quite branded.CommissionSoup has taken a different approach with their network, as they are very strict on quality control — on both the affiliate and advertiser side.

CommissionSoup at a Glance

With that being said, you will find a wide selection of brand names within the network that you are already familiar with.

  • Barnes & Noble MasterCard®
  • Allstate® Insurance Company
  • Priceline
  • T-Mobile

The good thing about working with affiliate networks that work with well known and trusted brands is that they are likely more stable on their incoming payments from their partners, since they are already trusted and established brands. The other benefit is that these offers already have a trust relationship with your potential audience. These means you won’t have to try and convince the visitor that an offer is right for them or if the company behind the offer is legitimate.

Plenty of Credit Card Offers to Choose From

In addition to the many name brands that are available through CommissionSoup, you will also find a lot of credit card offers as well. What stands out about these credit card offers from the majority of other ad networks is that many of these are certified VISA and MASTERCARD offers. The cards are also associated to premium brands and reward programs that people are often looking for, such as Wyndham, Barnes&Noble, Travelocity and more.

Wyndham Credit Card

Another perk of promoting credit card programs through CommissionSoup is that they have very high payouts on successful approvals of each card.

CommissionSoup would be an excellent affiliate network for anyone who already has (or would create) a credit card rewards review site. People are looking for new credit cards and especially ones with reward programs all the time. Just one credit card signup per day could being in an extra $1000-$3000 per month depending on which you decide to promote.

How to Get Started with CommissionSoup

As mentioned earlier, CommissionSoup has a very strict approval process for affiliates and advertisers they allow into their network. To signup to their network you can fill out all of your information on the Affiliate Enrollment page.

The minimum payment threshold is $100. Payments are sent out on a Net 18 basis and through checks.

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  1. I will check out commission soup. Thanks for the article Zac. I have promoted some clickbank and other products already but have been recently considering promoting some big brands. I noticed that some of the cpa offers pay very well.

  2. Thanks for article! Brief and to the point. Great tips. Could you tell me something more about affiliate marketing? I am just starting in this business. I have a site and intend to monetize it with trustworthy affiliate network. Have you worked with some affiliate program, do you have some special secrets in this sphere? I believe that to get success in affiliate marketing, I must find a right affiliate program.

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