Congratulation to Me! I won a New Sony Playstation 3!

Sony Playstation 3 I awoke to a nice surprise this morning. I was lucky enough to be awarded with a Sony Playstation 3 system from I had just recently found out about this forum earlier last week when Jeremy Schoemoney had made a post about the site on his blog. is a forum dedicated to MySpace users and site owners that make and distribute free images and tools. These images and tools are then used for all MySpace users to decorate their pages with. I’m glad I decided to join the forum and see what it was all about. Not only have I made some great new friends and contacts, but I now also have a new Playstation 3 system to fool around with!

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    1. They had a promotion on the site. For every software purchase made from the site, you would receive an entry into the contest. I was lucky enough to win.

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