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Written by Zac Johnson
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In a previous post, I was talking about As Seen on TV products and how they are rapidly spreading across the affiliate networks. I thought it would make for a fun case study to throw together a blog and a few landing pages to promote a few of these offers. In addition to any revenue that may come through the new site, I also want to stir up some ideas for you to possibly make some money with these offers as well. In this setup, I was targeting towards the concepts of creating individual landing pages for ppc, along with a blog for free search traffic as the site ages.

First off, I was playing around with my free landing page template, and created a custom landing page for the Shamwow offer. I think it came out pretty decent, and in a short amount of time as well.
(UPDATE: Just to make clear to everyone, the Shamwow offer is available on networks as marketable through email/banners only. The landing page setup below is shown as an example only, and will not be used for ppc marketing. Refer to MarketLeverage for various AsSeenOnTV offers which can be promoted through Email/Search/Web.)

Next, I wanted to create a blog around the offer, not only to create more content and relevant links… but to further help with it’s indexing in the search engines so I can pull in targeted free traffic down the road. Since UniqueBlogDesigns just came out with their new Citrus Design, I decided to throw something together. I chose the domain name Nothing that special, but it’s targeted and get the job done. The blog was quickly thrown up and not heavily monetized. I have also written a few posts for the blog to update with over the next few weeks.

After creating the Shamwow landing page and writing up some content for the new blog, everything is now live. It’s not the prettiest setup, but it works… and the goal is to continually add new content over time, targeting towards different “As Seen on TV” products. In addition to the many networks carrying these “As Seen on TV” campaigns, (mainly seen on MarketLeverage, HydraNetwork and CX Digital), you can also promote a TON more of their offers directly through the affiliate program.

As more offers become available on the networks, I may keep adding a few of them to the site. In a few weeks I will write a follow up post to see what type of traffic the blog is pulling in from the search engines. In a test like this, it’s important to remember that you are already going to pull in targeted traffic, so it isn’t so much of a issue of quantity but quality. If you can spend a day and a few hours a month putting together a decent content site, it can make you money all year round.

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36 Replies to “Content Based Blogs and Offer Landing Pages”

  1. I like how the ASO TV products all have the video. I tried to add video to another landing page like yours a while ago, but the product didn't have it and there was nothing available online. I think that will really make a difference on the landing page. Is there a way for you to track that? Will you maybe split test a page with and without video?

  2. Hi Zac, I like the look of the As Seen On TV site, but would/did you really pay for that template?

    It really doesn't look anything special or worth the money UBD are charging for it.

    It does seem to be the cleanest version to me, all the other coloured versions just don't look complete…odd coloured links/backgrounds, missing curved corners and so on…

    Other than that, can't wait to see how you get on with the site.

    1. Citrus theme is just another theme .. but UBD have everyone talking like JC and Shoemoney .. and if those two big dawgs say it then it is the best. .. I personally don't like it … I like Revolution theme better as a premium theme.

      1. Agreed. Actually Citrus looks pretty nice on the UBD website, but seeing it with a different color scheme and without the nice fruit images, it seems rather plain. Zac probably got it for free though, so it's all good.

        1. Yeah, I said this on another blog, but I would never buy a wp theme unless it was custom coded for me. Too many great free ones like

          1. Ah good call, I hadn't checked out the themes there before you mentioned it – there are some pretty great ones.

      2. I have both Citrus and Revolution. I helped UBD with promotion of their contest and new theme, so I got passed a copy of it. Some color schemes aren't that great,but the white/orange and white/blue don't look too bad.

        1. Zac & others,

          Another great wordpress theme that I just found and used for one of my sites can be found at

          (I used a Revolution theme for my own personal site, but decided to try out the template for one of my affiliate sites. So far, I've been very impressed with how easily it can be customized.)

  3. I've sort of been tinkering around with an idea similar to this for a long time but have never got to the stage of going live. I suppose that is the difference between a thinker and a doer.

  4. I love those kinds of sites. A couple days to set up, and money comes in all the time.

    Now you just need to build some relevant backlinks, and keep adding backlinks every month or so, and you should be all set.

  5. "I was targeting towards the concepts of creating individual landing pages for ppc"

    I don't see anywhere that this offer is available for PPC. Looks like email/banner only at most places.

          1. The Shamwow landing page was created as an example for this post. Any promotion and leads would be generated through the blog idea.

            Though Shamwow is limited to banners/email marketing, MarketLeverage has a bunch of "As Seen on TV" offers that are available for web/search/email… which would work with landing pages.

            I'm not sure on the marketing terms with the affiliate program directly, but if they allow for all marketing methods, you can promote almost any As Seen on TV offer through them as well.

          2. You are giving people bad advice. You can't PPC this offer and if you do and get caught you will be out all the money you spent in PPC advertising and NOT GET PAID by the network. Very bad advice, read the terms of any offer FIRST before promoting it. And if you think sending the ppc to your blog and trying to sneak the people over the offer will work, like I said good luck getting paid if they catch you. They will consider that PPC at the end of the day.

          3. There was no intention to mislead. I have made a note and correction in the post to make it clear to everyone the differences between creating landing pages and running ppc campaigns for email/banner campaigns.

  6. I would never have thought to try the ASOTV products. They always seem kind of cheesy, especially the Pocket Fisherman.

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