How to Brainstorm Content Marketing Ideas

Written by Zac Johnson
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It might be difficult to consistently generate innovative content marketing ideas. You must meet deadlines and performance objectives. The urge to create something original immediately adds more pressure than you need.

However, you do want a reliable method for coming up with brilliant ideas quickly. With a little organization and structure, it is easy to make sure that the ideas you develop make a contribution to your marketing objectives. Here are six techniques that can help you generate content marketing ideas for your marketing campaigns.

Assemble a Qualified Team

When it comes to brainstorming, consider including the important parties at each stage of the content creation process. You can consider incorporating the CopyPress team to help you out in case you’re finding it difficult to get a qualified team.

Set Clear Objectives

Specify the goals of the meeting in detail. A “general ideas” brainstorm may not result in ideas that are useful and in line with your more important aims. Anyone taking the lead should issue a brainstorming brief outlining the content objectives at least one day beforehand and urge everyone to bring a certain number of concepts/ideas to the meeting.

Record Each Idea

Nothing is more annoying than having a brilliant idea during a session, and then learning that no one has recorded it. It is vital to designate specific individuals to lead each meeting in order to ensure that no idea is wasted. Pick someone who can manage the agenda, keep track of time, and take notes. 

Incorporate Keywords

It is crucial to include the highly optimized targeted keywords your staff has discovered while brainstorming fresh ideas. Choose a few key phrases to emphasize in your campaign. We advise including them in your brainstorming research if you’d like your content to rank well on search engines.

Brainstorm Ideas That Interest Your Audience

Being at the top of search results pages is not the sole indicator of success. Not all information should be optimized for search engines. It depends on how well the content interacts with your audience. Do you believe that after reading or seeing the piece, your audience feels better connected? Do you think it sparks conversation, sentiment, or emotion? The content notion is successful if the response is in the affirmative.

As a result, you must invest a lot of effort in researching and understanding your target audience. Look into their preferred platforms, reading lists, and dietary habits. Follow the patterns, identify recurring themes, and develop content concepts based on them.

Vet Your Ideas Through Personas

Content marketing ideas that are effective provide significance to people’s lives. Even if your idea is inspiring, instructive, or both, you should be able to explain why and how your intended audience should find it intriguing and pertinent. You shouldn’t move forward with the concept if you are unable to respond to that question. 


Coming up with compelling concepts is among the most difficult aspects of content marketing. However, your ideas don’t have to be terrible. Every meeting can be made as fruitful as possible with a little preparation and organization, and the ideas you generate can really help you achieve your marketing objectives.

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