Convert Any File to PDF

Written by Zac Johnson
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Today’s post is a bit short, but still a goodie. This blog, will be featured in the next issue of Revenue Magazine (which will be given out at Affiliate Summit East as well). I had to send over an image in pdf format for Revenue to print the copy for me. Unfortunately I only had Acrobat Reader… which won’t convert files for you.

I did a quick search online and came across PDF Online. A great web site that will automatically convert your files into a pdf format, without having to download anything. After going through their quick three step process, I had my pdf file sent to my email. I then sent it off to Revenue and all is well. Just wanted to let you know about this great new site I came across today!

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4 Replies to “Convert Any File to PDF”

  1. Great stuff. Albeit, I enjoy use Open Office to convert text files into pdf. Works pretty O.K

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