Cooper Tires is Doing Social Media and Promotions Right!

Written by Zac Johnson
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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tire for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of my favorite things to do is watch how other web sites, companies and brands are getting creative when they run their latest promotions and social media campaigns. The truth is that many companies are very bad at this and they spend a ton of money focusing on their promotions and not focusing on the actual value, or vice versa. Every once in a while you will come across companies and ad campaigns that are actually doing it right.

Today we are going to take a look at Cooper Tires, which are currently running their “Take the Money & Ride” promotion. The campaign is targeted towards pretty much anyone with a car, as we all will eventually need to replace our tires at some point.

Cooper Tires Promotion

The end goal of the promotion is to promote their $80 Visa Prepaid Cards that are given to any new qualified customers in need of new tires. In addition to the gift card promotion Cooper Tires are also growing through social reach and providing awareness of how to be a safe driver and get the maximum lifespan out of your tires.

Cooper Tires “Take the Money & Ride” Promotion

As much as people like to think giveaways and contests are the best way to get attention and leads for a business, that simply isn’t always the case. You need to know who you are targeting to and actual provide some type of value in the process. For Cooper Tires it’s obvious who their demographic audience… anyone with a car (more focused towards adult audience).

For anyone that is already a customer or fan of Cooper Tires, they can take advantage of this promotion to request a $80 Visa Prepaid Card while also making a purchase from the company as well. This works out well since we all need new tires at some point! Promotions always work well when you can target your existing base of customers and social followers.

While the $80 gift card is a nice incentive, Cooper Tires is also interested in spreading awareness on safe driving and how you can make your tires last even longer.

The most important factors in tire care are:

  • Proper tire size, type and load capacity (or load range)
  • Proper inflation pressure
  • Proper vehicle loading
  • Regular tire rotation
  • Regular inspection
  • Proper tire repair
  • Vehicle condition, alignment and maintenance
  • Good driving habits

The Cooper Tires web site is loaded with great articles, Money saving and safety tips and frequently asked questions about tire care and safe driving tips. To learn more about Cooper Tires and their “Take the Money & Ride” promotion, be sure to check out the quick video below.

Cooper Tires Knows Social Media

Anyone can throw a contest and hope for the best, but when you are already a successful brand and have a great social following then you are already ahead of the game. This is another area where Cooper Tires has excelled.

In the screenshot below you will see that Cooper Tires already has over 130,000 like and they also have an easy to use section of their Fan Page that allows their fans to download the reward form, find local Cooper dealers and also check their reward statuses. Overall Cooper has really covered every aspect to make sure this is a successful campaign!

CooperTires Facebook Page

On top of the 100k fans on their Facebook Page, Cooper Tires also has another 11,000 followers on Twitter and their own YouTube channel full of videos.

Whether you want to save money on your next purchase of tires, get safe driving tips or learn how to do social media the correct way, then you should be keeping an eye on Cooper Tires and see what they come out with next!

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