Could Your Brand Use a New Logo Design from 48HoursLogo?

In the world of business and customers, branding means everything. Think about all of the things you buy on a daily basis and the brand names associated with them. Sure, you could buy alternative brands for much cheaper, yet we still want to buy Nike, Starbucks, Sony, Apple and so on… so what does this mean?

It’s means that branding is extremely important. Not only to the brand and company itself, but also to the customers and what they are buying. People want to show off their well branded and high end clothing, glasses, cars, electronics and everything else you can think of.

Some companies can do this through the use of a name and logo, or sometimes even with just a symbol. Take Nike, Pepsi and Apple for example. You don’t need to see their name, their logo is so well branded that people just know it.

Other brands like Walmart, Sony and have used their names as a way to brand themselves and become a logo, each looking unique and brandable in their own way.

The bottom line is, you really need to have a logo for your business and online services. It doesn’t need to be amazing, but it needs to start working for you.

The great thing about having a logo design is that it works for you every second of every day. The more people see your logo, the more they associate with your identity and help you become an established brand.

How to Create Your New Identity or Logo

One of the best ways to create your own logo is through the use of online design contests. Back in the day many of us were limited to high end graphic designers that would cost a lot of money and only supply us with one or two design drafts. Now you can create a design contest of your own and get hundreds of design ideas and drafts for the same price.

Let’s walk through the process and how you can create your own logo design using a design contest site like

The great thing about using a design contest to create a logo for your site is that you will get to walk through a process of how you would like to have your logo to look, what it should portray and also receive a ton of difference concepts from different designers.

Step 1: The Logo Creation Process

There is a three step process to starting your own logo design contest, which starts with the basic information around your campaign. You are going to need to check off the design you would like to have created, being a Logo Design, Web Design or Print Design.

You can then move into the basic description information which covers everything on the logo design such as the logo design name, descriptions, what you would like to portray from your logo and other concept designs that might be similar.

Step 2: Review Your Logo Design Submissions

Once you complete your logo design submission you will start to receive logo designs from everyone participating in your contest. You can view the logo gallery on 48HoursLogo to get an idea of the type of work you might expect to receive.

Step 3: Accept Logo & Award Winning Designer

The last step in the process is to select a winning logo from the designs you have received. Once you select a winner, you will then receive all of the finalized files and the designer of the winning logo will receive credit for their work and also your prize amount. All of this is done through the 48HoursLogo web site and system.

The Cost of Creating Your Own Logo Design Contest

As with all web sites and services, there are plenty of plans and sizes of contests for you to choose from. There is a 10% fee that 48HoursLogo takes for each job, then the rest of the prize amount is awarded to the designer. You can also choose from plenty of upgrades as well to make your listing stand out more and bring in more designers.

The minimum cost for a logo design contest is $89, but you can pay more if you would like to get more design submissions. You also have the option to pay everything up front, or just a small payment of $29 to get started.

I’m always in need of new logo designs and I’ve stopped going with high end design companies, as the price and business model just doesn’t make sense. If you are in the market for a new logo design or any other type of design work, I highly recommend you try out the results with your own design contest.

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