Create a Killer ClickBank Landing Page in Minutes

Written by Zac Johnson
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The backbone of any successful ad campaign is your landing page. You can target any audience or demographic you like, but if you are using a poor landing page, then you are just begging to lose money.

Landing Pages Target the Right AudienceWhy do landing pages work so well? Easy…

  • Effective Headlines and Ad Copy
  • Call to Actions Right in Your Face
  • Long Sales Letter that Pulls Users In
  • Presells the User Before the Sales Page
  • Ability to Recreate for Any Audience

For any and all of these reasons you must be creating landing pages for your ad campaigns, especially if you are promoting products on ClickBank or even running your own products on their network.

ClickBank has paid out BILLIONS of dollars to their network affiliates, all thanks to the driving force behind these killer landing pages their vendors and affiliates are using.

The problem with using landing pages is that they can be confusing, hard to make or even costly for anyone who doesn’t know how to create their own sites or sales pages.

Fortunately there are services like PitchMagic that have made the creation process as easy as “Drag and Drop”. Instead of having to mess with code and learning WordPress or even HTML, you can simply log into their site and create an effective landing page using one of their templates or by creating your own.

I recently was playing around with their site and was able to create a fake landing page using their system. I was extremely happy with how easy their site was to use and learn. There is nothing worse than joining a site and getting to the members area only to be frustrated with the learning process and never actually getting anything done.

Obviously the landing page below is fake and simple enough, but more than anything else it’s to show you the different features and formatting that you can create with their system. Note the headlines, ad copy, call to action areas, image use and testimonials area.

Pitch Magic Create Killer Landing Pages

The magic at Pitch Magic happens behind the scenes one you are logged into your account. Since the system is setup with a drag and drop system, all you need to do is select the type of content you want to add to your landing page, then drag it to the area of the page you would like it to be seen. Once it’s on your page you can add/remove and move it to any other area of the page as well.

Pitch Magic Drag and Drop Process

As great as screenshots are, video is even better. Head over to the PitchMagic site and you can watch a quick video that shows the actual creation process of a landing page and how the backend looks.

PitchMagic Video

Lastly, let me mention that there is nothing to install and this is not a WordPress application. Pitch Magic has taken the time to build an all in one system that allows you to create landing pages from within their site, which includes over 300 different templates, designs and images to choose from. Vendors are also given access to thank you pages and download protection to increase security of their products from unauthorized downloads.

Pitch Magic currently offers two different member plans. The affiliate plan is $12.95 a month and offers 1 landing page with 5 secondary pages. The vendor plan is $24.95 a month offers the same page amounts but with the added thank you and download pages and product/storage delivery. Both packages include access to all templates, unlimited visitors, hosting and email support. To try either or these plans you can sign up for a 7 day trial for just $1.

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  1. Pitch magic looks like a very valuable service if you have a landing page that converts well just think of all that extra money that you can make.

    Well worth the investment to have a professional set of tools help guide you through the process of creating a valuable landing page if it will increase your online profits then why not.

    Good service I am going to check it out myself.
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