Create Ad Campaigns for the World to See, Using GeoSurf

Want to connect with your foreign and non-US resident web site visitors? One of the best ways to do so, is to see how they are viewing your web site. How your web site looks in one country, may not be the same in another. This can drastically affect your conversion numbers, web site reading and even make users want to leave your web site because they can’t understand it. With a toolbar called GeoSurf, you can view web sites as if you were living in any country around the world.

How GeoSurf Works

If you can browse the internet, you can easy use GeoSurf to view web sites and advertisements seen all around the world. GeoSurf is a simple tool bar that adds on to your favorite web browser. Once the toolbar is installed, you simply click the country you would like to view from. GeoSurf has over 70 different global locations for you to choose from, and also owns all of the servers which they are bouncing their users and information off of. The goal behind GeoSurf is for internet marketers to view geo-targeted ads and content all around the world, without actually having to be in a specific country or mess with other annoying and time wasting methods.

The video below provides an example of how the GeoSurf toolbar works for the average user.

View World Wide Ad Campaigns

One of the major advantages to using GeoSurf is that you can view advertising as if you were living in Italy, Germany or anywhere else in the world. This can be extremely useful, as many affiliate marketers are only focusing their advertising efforts on USA based traffic. When you have GeoSurf enabled on your browser, you can visit any web site or social network, and you will see ad campaigns that are being served to people all around the world. Some of my best ad campaigns have been from various countries around the world. How much are you missing out on by only advertising to a handful of countries?

If I was a US affiliate and promoting “green widgets” only in the US, I would start visiting “green widgets” sites and view their sites (using GeoSurf) to see what advertising is been seen on these web sites. Instead of just concentrating on one traffic source, you can see what’s working and expand your presence and marketing to other countries. Doing this will also help you create text ad copy in different languages, as you will see what other companies are placing on their ad banners, versus using Google Translation, which sometimes doesn’t read very well.

Benefits of Using GeoSurf

I personally would use GeoSurf just for the simplicity of being able to see different ad serving from all around the world with just a few clicks. In addition to viewing ad campaigns around the world, other GeoSurf benefits include:

1. Time Saver – Think about setting up redirect urls, proxy settings and messing with your browser just to view other web sites based on different countries. No matter the setup, anything more than installing a toolbar and clicking a country, would be a big pain and time waster.

2. Privacy – GeoSurf owns all of the servers on its network. That means secure browsing and confidentiality.

3. Credibility – Who is using GeoSurf? Many large companies like, eBuddy, Miniclip, and Metacafe are using this tool to better improve their web site user activity and expand on their advertising campaigns.

4. Speed – Their Automatic Bandwidth Optimization technology gives you the fastest connection possible. The result? Browsing at the rate of your regular connection. GeoSurf is also constantly upgrading their toolbars with the latest versions to increase speed and user functionality.

View the Web in a Different Way

You can start browsing as if you were in any country in the world right now by downloading the GeoSurf toolbar. There is currently a 5 day free trial, then you would have to subscribe for continued functionality and access. Monthly plans range from $29 to $89 a month depending on your desired countries and viewing functionality.

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  1. It's a great tool for viewing your ads in different target locations. Its simple and easy.

  2. This just goes to show that's there never a one size fits all on the Internet. Why this is so valuable is because you may find markets emerging in other countries that would be perfectly suit your product or service and this will help you create the best shop window possible. Top resource Zac, super share, thank you.
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