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Written by Zac Johnson
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No matter what industry or market you are targeting, the basic goals and foundation is always going to be the same. Create quality content that provides people with what they are looking for. It’s a model that works time after time.

Once you start taking short cuts and lacking in one area, you may quickly find yourself falling behind as the competition swiftly moves ahead.

At the same time it’s also extremely important for search engines to be able to find your content and get you placed in front of the right people. Guest blogging and advertising on other relevant sites is also important.

It doesn’t matter which path you focus on, as long as you keep the quality and content in mind.

Cruz Command is a platform that was created to help you get the necessary exposure for your content and get it in front of the right people, while also having it indexed on quality sites, directories and communities.

What Is Cruz Command?

I’ve already talked about the importance of article marketing and guest blogging several times on this blog, so keeping with those same concepts in mind we can explore what Cruz Command is all about. When creating original content and trying to find a place to submit it, you may end up spending a lot of time on the process and this is where Cruz Command’s niche directories come into play.

There are thousands of web sites and directories that are looking to accept content from people all over the internet, however many of them are not monitoring the content being placed… which means they are likely low in quality or even replicated content.

Cruz Command only accepts original articles and manually approves each article through their editor team. This is good for anyone who created quality content, as their submissions won’t be jumbled in with trash content that is spun or has low quality. In the end, it’s not just Cruz Command’s web site directories and content that they are worried about maintaining, but also for the quality of all of their users as well.

Sticking with the importance of relevancy and content ownership, Cruz Command has done a good job at creating specific niche directories for all of their content so it isn’t bunched together. They also provide each user with an author box at the end of each article piece, which can lead to more traffic back to your site and social profiles.

Article Directories and Niche Sites

Like most content networks, Cruz Command has two options for their members, which is a free account or premium, which will open up the full features of the site and what they have to offer.

Creating a premium account with Cruz Command will give you full access to the admin area where you can manage all of your projects and track where all of your content is being placed. You can choose from different plan levels to lower or increase the amount of content articles you would like to distribute through the network. The smallest plan starts at 750 articles, which is still a ton of content for even a decent sized writer, blogger or marketers.

You can see a screenshot of the dashboard above, which is made of up five main subheadings in the navigation bar. You can view your projects based on domain, keyword and other sorting options. Other options include looking through your articles, writers, orders and contacting support.

If you feel like you don’t have the time to write articles on your own, but you have a large budget to work with, you may want to look into Cruz Command’s writing service which starts at $15 per article with at least 400 words.

Free Article Placements

Everyone loves free stuff and Cruz Command made sure they had a free package for anyone who couldn’t take advantage of their premium service.

As mentioned earlier, Cruz Command has a wide selection of niche article directories to choose from. You can see one of these examples below, on the Money Learning Center site, which is an article directory focused on finance. The site is a PR4 and is a perfect example of what many of the sites in the Cruz Command network represent.

Finance isn’t the only area that Cruz Command has focused their efforts on. You can also choose to promote your content through the following subjects and industries:

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Consumer Products
  • Small and Local Businesses
  • Internet Marketing

Any of the sites listed in the categories above are free for you to submit original content to. The different between being a free and a premium member is that you will have access to a larger selection of sites and will also gain priority submission over free article placements.

It’s also important to note that the eight categories above aren’t the only directories Cruz Command has to offer. Their list of directories and categories is actually well into the hundreds.

The best way to see what their network and submissions have to offer, is to simply click on any of the directories above, create a free account and start submitting content of your own.

Premium Accounts and Affiliate Program

Of course having a premium account will always be more beneficial than a free account. As a premium user you will have access to a selection of powerful tools to create and publish your articles directly to the mentioned niche directories. It would be a big pain to have to visit each of these sites individually, so Cruz Command made sure you can easy pick and choose which sites/directories you would like to submit your content to without spending too much time on the process. You will also have full reporting to show when and where your articles are being published.

For anyone that already has a web site, blog or mailing list, you may also want to consider promoting the Cruz Command affiliate program, where you can earn a $39.40 commission on every sale, which is a commission you will continue to receive month after month. There is also a mega plan which costs $2997 a month, which would result in a massive $599.40 recurring commission.

At the end of the day, the quality of the content and service you put out there is what’s going to keep people coming back to your site. Cruz Command can help you reach the right audience while growing more focused and quality content based links back to your sites.

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  2. Why is it that on their homepage, it says it is only available via invitation? Does it mean you can only avail their services via affiliate links? I haven't tried signing up.
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