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In my last post I talked about the importance of creating landing pages and how to trigger different emotions based on the colors used. One of my most read posts on this blog is my free landing page template that I came out with years ago. A lot has changed since then… When I first created this landing page I actually made it in Microsoft Frontpage with pure HTML. As simple as the page looks, it was still a pain to make and took some time.

Bottom line… creating landing pages have changed a lot since then and you don’t need to mess around with any coding or programming any more and I’ll show you how easy it really is to create a great looking landing page in just a few minutes.

Today we are going to take a look at, which is a landing page creation service that is dead simple to use, it doesn’t cost much and it offers superior tracking for split testing and gets the job done.

If you want to jump right into a visual presentation of actually walking through the whole landing page process and using the platform to create, track and manage split testing and conversions, you can watch the 8 minute video below. I will also show you some screenshots and examples below from a landing page I was able to create in just a few minutes.

First let’s cover some of the key benefits to why ClickThroo is better than many of the other landing page creation services out there.

  • Split-test Forms – set up separate Clickthroo pages for each of your forms that only contain the forms’ HTML and are set to the same dimensions. You can then create an IFrame to include on your own pages. Let your forms compete head-to-head and optimize accordingly.
  • Create Step Landing Pages – if you require visitors to go through a number of separate steps then you can easily set your different landing page variants to link together, and then see separate reporting for each step.
  • Optimize Newsletter Opt-Ins – set up different newsletter sign-up forms to pop-up when a new visitor lands on your site and then optimize.
  • Banner Optimization – you can use Clickthroo to split-test different banners/offers on your site through a similar use of IFrames mentioned above for forms.

Below is a screenshot of the stats tracking that is possible through ClickThroo and any of the landing pages you create. This will allow you to tweak your landing pages for best results by comparison clicks, conversions, roi, ctr and more.

ClickThroo Full Stats Tracking

If you want to create great landing pages that are really working for you, then you will need to be able to tweak your designs and track the progress and changes along the way. Below is an example of an awesome landing page from, and I’ve highlighted some simple steps to improve conversions. You should be doing this same thing with your own set of landing pages, and through ClickThroo you can easily remove/add different areas and track the change in conversions by split testing your audience. (Also check top dating landing pages for more ideas)

Basic Landing Page Tips

I mentioned a few times how easy the ClickThroo system is to use, and it really is. Anyone with basic knowledge of how landing pages are supposed to look won’t even need to look at tutorials or guides on how to use the system. Once I signed up for my free 14 trial account I was able to start the landing page design process.

Things are definitely changing and progressing with time. I mentioned that I used to use Microsoft Frontpage to design my sites and landing pages. This was a software I had installed on my computer, so if I was on travel or not on own computer, I wouldn’t be able to work on my sites or pages. Fortunately the majority of landing page design services out there are now browser based, as you can see in the screenshot below.

ClickThroo Interface
Again, all very self explanatory. Click on what you want to change around and edit it as you like. There are lots of built in features such as bullets, forms, arrows, graphics, call to action areas and much more. You can see a close up view of my full landing page below. It’s pretty simple, yet effective at the same time and it took less than 5 minutes to throw together.

Don’t forget, some of the best converting landing pages and ad copy are ugly!

ClickThroo Landing Page

Once your landing pages are creating your can host them through ClickThroo’s system and

Get Your Free 14 Day Trial of ClickThroo

Another reason I like ClickThroo is because they are offering a free 14 day trial that doesn’t require you to submit a credit card. This is something we barely see online. If you are currently doing anything with a landing pages and tracking conversions and your audience, I recommend you check out.

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  1. I agree. Everything seems simpler to incorporate these days, unlike before when you still have to learn the super technical stuff to be able to know how to do it yourself. Now, it’s as easy as the steps you showed here.

    Another thing, this is a great reminder that one should look at the recency of the posts they’re reading. They might find outdated guides and implement it, only to find out that it doesn’t work anymore. Changes happen fast and one should be keep up with it.

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  2. Well, as usual, you need to produce an amazing landing page that your audiences will of course love. I saw great and simple tips in here that we can probably use. I think we should care about creating a good quality and effective page. is nice! I must say, as I can see in your info-graph. I suggest picking a template that suits you. Thanks for sharing this!

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  3. hi Zac

    I like the test template and this service sounds promising

    Maybe you could come up with a comparison between this and 2 other similar and competitive offers on the current market. What do you say?

    Also, how many templates does include?

    1. Hi John,

      Currently, we offer:

      60+ Full-width landing page templates
      30+ Mobile landing page templates

      You can see some landing page template examples here:

      In addition, we release at least one new template set per month so this will continue to grow.

      We also offer a design & build service for those who don't have the time/resource to design and set-up their own landing pages:

      I hope that helps!

      Dave Bird

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  4. Hey Zac,

    Another amazing post, I think all online marketers know the importance of landing page. So if any tool helps you to build great landing page with less investment then there is nothing bad at all. Plus there is 14 days free trial, which means even no risk. I'm certainly going to try this out right now.
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  5. Split-testing is really essential in designing and finding the best performing landing page. This tool really seems promising and there is no risk involved as you can try free of cost for 14 days.
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  6. Very cool. Really impressed by the range of tracking options this has to make sure the campaigns and landing page are effectively optmized.

    I agree that the "ugly" pages do convert really well! As well as ugly banners getting high click throughs.

    With the ugly landing page, especially when promoting "make money online" type products I reckon that people think "well, if he can make money online yet can't create a proper landing page then I can too!" and then they buy your products because it is something they can better related to than some fancy pro design.

    In anycase, Clickthroo does look well worth checking out.
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  7. landing pages are really important to manage properly i must say these snapshot helped me a lot thanks.

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