How to Create a Killer Landing Page with Wishpond

Landing pages are the best way to convert a user from any source of traffic into a legitimate lead. Everyone is using landing pages, and if you aren’t… you are simply leaving money on the table.

In this post I’m going to tell you work landing pages are so important, but also show you how easy they are to setup.

Why are Landing Pages so Important?

Landing pages work because they act as a pre-sell. Think about it… we see landing pages for affiliate offers all the time, and dating landing pages are a perfect example of this — in fact, most dating landing pages are very generic. Just look at the one below for

I’m sure we’ve all seen this landing page a million times… so why would anyone want to sign up for such a generic looking page?

The secret is in the pre-sell and the landing pages that people use to get their traffic to this page. If you’ve ever done any advertising on Facebook Ads (when they accepted dating offers) or currently running ad campaigns on Plenty of Fish, you will know exactly what I mean.

How to Create Landing Pages?

When it comes to landing pages, you have a lot of options. You can create your own in a graphics program, hire a design to create and cut up a nice design for you or you can use any of the many services out there to make it easier for you.

Heck, I even created my own landing page template years ago and gave it away for free on this blog. It’s still one of the most visited pages today.

Of course this is a dead simple HTML template, but it still works extremely well. The only problem is that you are going to need download the template, edit it with HTML or your favorite software, then upload the file to your server to use.

Thanks to services like Wishpond, the process is now a lot easier and there is no need to touch coding or upload anything to your servers.

In fact, just to show you how easy it is to create a landing page using their system, I threw this webinar mock up landing page together in just a few minutes.

Wishpond Landing Page Creation

In this example I used a webinar concept and while it’s somewhat simple… that’s what most people are aiming for when it comes to landing pages. You want to deliver the message fast and get the person to either click the button to move on to the final landing page or get them to submit their information and take action.

Now let’s walk through the process of how easy and fast this was to setup.

Creating a Landing Page in Minutes with Wishpond

Right when you login to your Wishpond account you will see a menu of options to choose from. Click on the orange “Create a Landing Page” button.

Wishpond Create a Landing Page

Next you will have a wide range of landing page templates to choose from. You can sort them by category on the left side or simply browse them them all on the right side. When you find the one you like, simply click “Use Template”.

Choose a Landing Page Template

Now it’s time for you to start changing the template to match the look and feel of your site or set it up however you like to engage with your audience. Again, I went with the simple webinar landing page design and would send visitors to this page so they could submit their email and join my webinar when it goes live.

Landing Page Editor

The great thing about Wishpond is that it’s not just a landing page creator, but also an all in one marketing solution. Once you’ve designed your landing page, click NEXT and you will see the options below.

From here you can put in all the landing page data such as name, where you would like to host the page and also how to setup your lead gen form and if you would like to data to be sent to Aweber or your currently mailing list provider.

Landing Page Settings

Once finished, you can go live with your landing page and start sending traffic to see how it converts. Of course Wishpond also takes care of all the stats and lead gen tracking as well! Remember how annoying it would be to setup separate landing pages, pixels and site tracking? Now it’s all done within one platform.

Landing Page Stats

As you can see, it’s extremely easy to setup high quality and effective landing pages in just minutes… so why don’t you sign up for your free trial now and see what you can make!

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