How to Easily Create Professional Graphic Videos with RendrFX

I don’t need to tell you that video has become the name of the Internet game. It’s not enough anymore to write up long form sales letters or post static pictures, because users want to engage with video, whether that’s on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or anywhere else. The challenge is figuring out how to produce professional looking videos with limited resources.

We’ve all seen examples of how online videos are being used to increase engagement and conversions on landing pages, while also seeing how brands and businesses are using whiteboard video to explain and walk users through a blog. This is something I recently did with one of my own sites, where I walked users through the process of how to start a blog with a custom whiteboard video. Videos work extremely well because they gain the attention of your audience, and make it easier for them to consume your content versus reading straight text.

As affective as whiteboard and professional videos might be, they can also be quite costly in the process. An affordable and accessible solution for social media marketers is RendrFX. You don’t need a massive budget, an expensive camera, or a high-end video rendering PC in order to produce top notch video for all your marketing and other business purposes. You can do it all in the cloud.

Video Creation Made Simple

The primary objective of RendrFX is to provide a platform where businesses of all sizes can “easily and affordably create high definition videos.” They accomplish this by removing several of the hurdles that may otherwise stand in your way.


You don’t need an especially fast computer for video editing and rendering, because RendrFX takes care of that for you. You don’t to invest in individual stock images and background music, because they’ve got that too. And you don’t need advanced software expertise, because the whole video creation process happens from right within your web browser using their intuitive interface.

Best of you, you get access to a huge variety of motion graphics templates with hassle-free licensing that will really elevate your videos to a whole new level. It couldn’t be easier. Over 40,000 users have registered with RendrFX since May and an additional 400 are joining practically every day.

Also, if you are still on the fence about just how important and effective video can be for your business, be sure to check out these video marketing case studies. It’s not a question of “if you should” be using video within your business and outreach, it’s a matter how if you can afford not to!

100s of Templates, 1000s of Stock Assets

One of the first things that will strike you about RendrFX is just how comprehensive of a solution this is. You don’t need to invest extra money in additional stock photos, stock music, and stock video libraries because that’s all included in your monthly subscription.


Based on my count, you currently have access to literally hundreds of motion graphics templates that are easily adapted to suit your particular brand, product or service. What’s more, you can tap into the huge library of over 100,000 stock HD videos, over 300,000 stock photos, and over 100,000 stock audio clips. Naturally, you can also add your own media too, including direct importing from Facebook. New templates are being added every month as well.

With all of these resources at your fingertips, you can see how useful such a tool can be. Use RendrFX to create your social media videos for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the tool to render video ads. Do you need a professional-looking intro or outro splitter for your videos? RendrFX is great for that too. From real estate to photography to just about anything else, this versatile tool can prove invaluable in any industry.

Just stop to think about how much you would end up paying if you wanted to license all of these stock media assets individually or through a subscription with another service. Having access to such a massive library of templates, videos, images, music and more really makes your job that much easier, because you don’t have to hunt around or worry about any additional cost. It’s all included.

It’s All in the Browser

At first, I almost thought that RendrFX was really just about this massive library of templates and stock content that I could use in my own videos, but there’s a much bigger piece of the puzzle here. What’s great is that you don’t need to invest in expensive video editing hardware and software, because you can make your videos right from within the RendrFX website.


When you log into your account, you can simply choose from the hundreds of templates available, upload your own content (like a company logo or video you shot yourself), and apply the template to that content automatically. Add in the text that you’d like and watch a live preview of what your resulting video will look like. It’s all really easy to follow and literally only takes a few clicks.

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you can send it off for rendering in the cloud. You can exit your browser or start working on another project. When your video is ready, you’ll receive an email and then you can proceed to download the MP4 file or share it directly on Facebook. This video walks you though the process.

The example here was for what appears to be a company intro video, but the same fundamental process can apply no matter what kind of video you want to create. This is perfect for stylish photo slideshows or snazzy sales videos, for instance.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s great to see that there are no hidden costs or any real restrictions when it comes to the pricing plans with RendrFX. Whether you opt for the standard plan or the premium plan, you can create and render unlimited videos each and every month. You don’t have to worry about going over a monthly allotment.


The standard plan and the premium plan will likely account for the majority of RendrFX customers, but more advanced users who need API access or custom private templates will find value in a custom enterprise solution instead.

The main differences between the standard plan ($49/month or $497/year) and the premium plan ($99/month or $797/year) are the number of users (1 vs. 3), the number of queue boosts (10 vs. 25), and the fact that premium plan members can have a customizable watermark placed on their videos.

Remember that every video you make with RendrFX (and you can make as many as you want) come with a full commercial and reseller license, so you can use the resulting videos in any fashion that you’d like without worrying about any licensing issues. What’s more, even if you don’t download the MP4 immediately, the video files are saved to the RendrFX cloud for access at any time. You can also upload directly to your Google Drive, Dropbox and/or Box for added backup.

If you’re looking to elevate your social videos, video ads, PowerPoint presentations, and any other online videos to the next level, RendrFX offers a lot of power at a tremendous value. You too can have professional-looking motion graphics.

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