How to Create a Site and Make Money with IMCreator

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone you know create a web site or blog of their own, I recommend you take a look at my “Seven Days of Blogging: My Personal Guide to Blogging” series. I cover everything from the most basic steps of setting up your first web site and even getting to the point where you have an established brand and you are ready to start monetizing the site.

When it comes to web site creation you have a lot of options. When I started my very first sites, I was using Microsoft Frontpage Editor was back in 1998! This was all straight HTML and how the web used to be. Now everything is so fancy and automated!

Even with all of the automation in place, setting up a web site or blog through WordPress and getting setup with your own hosting can still scare some people off. There is actually a whole industry out there of web hosting services that have an extremely simple and WYSIWYG platforms. In short, you design how you want your page to look, at some content and then click PUBLISH. It’s as simple as that.

How to Create a Site with IMCreator is one of these easy to use site designers that I am talking about. I’ll walk through the process right now so you can see how easy it is.

The first thing you will need to do is select how you want to design your site. This means either starting with a template, a blank slate or edit one of your existing sites. In this example I went with the “Choose a template” method.

Select Your Theme

Once I chose the template I wanted to work with, I was then able to start creating my site. For anyone that doesn’t want to ever touch WordPress or deal with the complications of FTP and software to design a site, IMCreator has exactly what you are looking for. Within just a few minutes I was able to completely customize the design below with my own content and images. This was simply a matter of clicking where I wanted content posted and then typing. Once finished you can click on PUBLISH on the top right.

IMCreator Site Creator

After clicking Publish, your web site will go live and be hosted on the IMCreator site. You can see the url of my new site in the screenshot below. Of course nobody wants to have a long URL like this for their site, so that is where the upgrade plan comes into play. For $7.95 a month you can upgrade your account so you can connect it with a domain name, get a custom email address and various other benefits.

Publish Your IMCreator Site

The premium you are paying for your site is the ability to use the themes and easy to use editor to create and edit your sites.

How to Make Money with IMCreator Site Builder

Now that I showed you how easy it is to build a web site through IMCreator, I also wanted to show you that you can make money through their site as well. Like most hosting services, IMCreator also has affiliate program and they are paying out $35 for every referred new sign up that results in an premium hosting account. The $35 commission can go higher if you can provide volume and quality leads over time.

The IMCreator affiliate program is run through the HasOffers platform and currently has two payout structures:

  1. ‘Premium affiliates’ which allows you to get your own link and promote it however you wish
  2. ‘Promote templates’ that allows you to showcase our templates on your website refer users based on their favorite template.

Another feature is their “white label” version that would allow you to create your own version of the IMCreator site, but have it designed to match seamlessly with your current site design and brand.

To learn more about this affiliate program and partner with IMCreator right now, you can click here to visit their Affiliate Program sign up page.

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    1. Yea, this is one of the easiest to use site builders out there. Great job by the IMCreator team on putting together a quality product.

    1. You can target an audience and promote how to build your first blog / website with ease, or use an existing traffic source such as a blog or web site. Lots of different methods here, but a “wordpress or blog” based site would probably work best.

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