How to Create Explainer Videos in Minutes with mysimpleshow

When it comes to online marketing, few things work better than video. This can clearly be seen every time you log into a social network like Facebook and see hundreds of advertisements from different brands and guru’s, all trying to get you to watch their sponsored posts and videos. The same can be said for leading affiliate landing pages and selling big ticket items with whiteboard explainer videos. Heck, I’ve even used them when creating videos for my own sites.

The bottom line is, more people are choosing video over traditional text and image content. Throw the whiteboard and explainer video concept into the mix and you then have the ability to combat against the quickly diminishing lack of attention that so many of us today.

With all of that being said, today I wanted to highlight a fun and exciting new tool for creating whiteboard explainer videos in a matter of minutes, while also just at a fraction of the cost an original concept would cost you. The service is called mysimpleshow, and below we will walk through the process of how you can start creating your own videos without the need to be an artist, designer or even a video professional.


As mentioned earlier, you’ve likely already seen explainer videos being used on landing pages and other sites through your daily browsing. The reason why so many people and brands are using these videos is because they work extremely well. Once that hand starts drawing and the voice over is in full effect, it’s quite hard to pull your attention away from the video and seeing what they draw and explain next. Now the question is… how can you start using this type of content creation and marketing for your own brand or business?

The good news is that you can pretty much create these types of videos for any type of product, service or marketing you can think of. Thanks to mysimpleshow, the process is also quite easy and straight forward — to the tune of simply selecting the best images and clip art for your videos, then adding the necessary text, music, and audio. There are also many built-in features that allow you to customize all videos to match the look and feel of your own brand or message.

In addition to everything else mentioned, mysimpleshow makes the concept of video creation and editing easy because there is no software to download, and it’s 100% run through your browser… which means there is literally no technical experience required. You can see a preview of the easy 4-step video creation process below.


Creating Your First Explainer Video with mysimpleshow

To get started with creating your own explainer videos, the first thing you will need to do is create a free account at mysimpleshow. After this is set up, you can then log into your account and walk through the easy to follow wizard creation process for your first video. And as previously mentioned… it is actually free to create, download and use any videos that you create (even for commercial use), as long as you don’t alter the 1080p MP4 video file after you download it. From within your account, you can also upload all videos directly to video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Now let’s walk through the actual video creation process.

The first thing you will need to do is choose what type of explainer video you would like to create and how. You have two options for this, which are to upload a PowerPoint presentation, or simply write up a script of your own. If you don’t have a PowerPoint slide to work off of, then the script writing is your best option.

From there, you will then want to select a storyline for your video. This will help with the actual set up, content and flow of your video. Professional, Educational and Personal are the three storyline categories you can choose from. The option is also there to start with a blank template and let your imagination go to work.

mysimpleshow storyline

After selecting your storyline, you will then need to start creating your slide pages. These would be your “title pages”, “introductions” and various other processes and call to actions you might want to add in your video. Depending on the storyline you select, there will be draft content for you to start working with, that you can edit to fit your needs and marketing message. The actual text that is written up within this section would be your “voice over” audio, to go along with any images and action going on within your explainer video.

mysimpleshow text pages

Once you get passed the basics of your explainer video, then you get to start having some fun with your content, images, and animation — this is where the magic of mysimpleshow really comes into play. Going back to the text write that you provided in the previous step, mysimpleshow will then show images related to those keywords. You can go with the images provided, or scan through their library to see what better images might be available.

mysimpleshow text to images

After completing this process, you can also play with your audio options — which includes the ability to use Text2Speech (which will automatically convert your storyline text into audio), adding/removing subtitles and also playing around with the speed of your video. It will likely take some time to play around with the video settings to make it perfect, but the process is quite exciting and once you get started with your first video, you will likely become a master in no time. Once perfected, you can click the “finalize video” button and watch the finished product from right within your browser.

To see a complete visual of this process, be sure to check out the video below.

Now that you’ve seen a video of the actual video creation process, you should have a better understanding of how it all works. While the average explainer video might be around 30-60 seconds, it will likely take you several minutes to actually create the real content and meat of your video. The good news is that after watching your video, you can easily go back and make any improvements that you see fit, then save it and watch it again.

Taking a Look at the Final Video Product

All in all, mysimpleshow is a pretty impressive tool for creating explainer videos. While there is still room for improvement in different areas of the site (such as text to voice options, image selection, color and background customization), it’s definitely more than enough for most bloggers, brands or business working with a small budget and can’t create a 100% custom explainer video of their own. Either way, I’m sure these improvements will be made soon enough as more users voice their thoughts on the platform.

Taking everything into account from the information above, the following video was created to explain the process of writing a blog post. The video took around 30 minutes to create, which was mostly spent on the script writing, and the remainder was on the actual processing of the video to go live. The final two-minute video is rendered in full HD 1080p and was only about 8.75 MB in size.

The video above is a quick and dirty example of what can be done with mysimpleshow. However, if you were to spend more time on the customization of the script and images being used, you can pretty much create an explainer video for anything you wanted. To provide an example of how mysimpleshow matches up text to images, we left the video as is (based on their recommendation). I recommend you try making a video of your own and seeing how easy the process is, while also comparing your own results on the finished product.

The real magic of explainer videos is when custom or unique audio is used with the finished project. I highly recommend you take a look at the sample videos on mysimpleshow’s website to see what really is possible through their video creation tool — and again, crazy enough… it’s still 100% free to use!

Create your free account on mysimpleshow today and see how whiteboard explainer videos can help improve your online marketing and branding efforts.

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