Creating a Media Kit for Your Web Site or Blog

Do you have a media kit for your blog? Media kits can be anything from promotional packages, to press releases, but in this article we will be focusing on creating a media kit for advertising purposes. I personally never had a media kit and always casually worked on a one on one basis with parties interested in advertising on this blog. As the blog continues to grow and there is more of a demand for advertising, it is important to create a media kit.

Why Create a Media Kit and How it Will Save You Time?
Almost everyone has an “Advertise Here” link or page on their site, but it doesn’t always have as much information as it should. Advertisers are spending their precious money, and before committing to an ad campaign, they would like as much information as they can get. An advertising media kit include information about your web site and company, advertising locations and rates, testimonials, web site traffic/demographics and any press related or news about your site. Also be sure to include pictures and charts to make your numbers stand out and not have a boring media kit.

A media kit will not only make your web site look a lot more professional, but it can also save you a lot of time. If you don’t have a lot of information on your site about advertising, or a media kit, you may find yourself continually writing the same thing to people every time you get a new request about advertising on your site. With a media kit, you can simply reply to each email with a nice response and include your media kit pdf.

How to Create a Media Kit.
The easiest way to create a media kit is to simply open a Word document and just start putting everything together. Media kits are heavily available online. Searching for a competitor or related web site in your niche and finding their media kit is a great way to get an idea on how to setup your media kit.

eLance and other freelance web sites always have requests for media kit creations. If you are to choose this route, you just need to compile your information and send it over to a designer to put everything together and set you up with a nice PDF file.

Here are some excellent resources for help creating a media kit.
– Create a media kit with Microsoft Publisher
– How BusinessWeeks Creates their Media Kits

Whether you have a PDF media kit, or simply an “Advertise” section of your site, make sure that you are providing as much information as possible for advertisers. The benefit of using a PDF media kit, is that your site and advertising information is on your site for everyone to see.

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  1. Well I will see how that goes. The idea of a media kit for a blog is totally new to me. Will implement.

  2. Great info Zac. I think a media kit would be helpful especially when you want to take your advertising campaigns to the next level. Showing your potential prospects information like this will make you look more professional.

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