Creating Epic Marketing Campaigns with Wishpond

When trying to build a marketing campaign for your business, one of the biggest frustrations is trying to target each of your audience and platforms. The main problem with this is that you usually will have to use different services and solutions to cater to different audiences and tasks.

Here’s what a typical online campaign might consist of these days.

  • landing pages
  • email / data collection
  • contests and promotions
  • facebook fan pages
  • ecommerce coupons

All of these are excellent ways to target your audience, but it would be much easier if it could all be done through one web site or solution.

Wishpond – One Site to Rule Them All

No matter what type of online business or web site you are running, you are going to want to take advantage of as many social media and marketing outlets as possible, while also keeping your costs as low as possible.

Unfortunately, if you want to have access to tools that will allow you to create landing pages, social media contests, coupons, lead gen forms and much more, you may already be paying to much if you have a separate provider for each of these. is an all in one solution for online marketers and sites of all sizes that caters to every one of the needs mentioned above… and more!

Right when you log into your account you will see options for Campaigns, Ads, Email and Leads Database — allowing you to create new campaigns, track stats and manage any existing creative you already have. Many of which we will be highlighting in this post.

Wishpond Options

Easy A/B Landing Page Creation & Testing

Everyone talks about the importance of landing pages and how crucial it is to perform split testing on campaign. However, not everyone knows how to create amazing landing pages with Photoshop or has the money to spend on a designer.

Fortunately there are solutions like Wishpond for not only creating high quality landing pages, but also for split testing their performance as well.

In the example below you will see a landing page that I was creating in just a few minutes. Right now we are looking at the view from the backend editor where it’s extremely easy to point, click and type/upload images. It’s a visual editor, so it’s extremely fast and easy to use.

Creating a Landing Page

In addition to the visual editor and custom landing pages they have in place, you will also have the following benefits as well.

  • 100% mobile-friendly templates
  • Fully-featured, customizable form fields
  • SEO-friendly templates
  • Lightning-fast page load speed
  • 100% Facebook Page compatible

Creating Online Contests Was Never So Easy

As mentioned earlier, WishPond allows you to access so many different tools and features under one site and a flat monthly membership. If you ever wanted to start a promotion or contest for your site for use on social media, you may have signed up to a service that offers this feature… but that’s pretty much all they offer.

Through Wishpond you can run unlimited contests and promotions on Faceook, Twitter and your web site. What’s ever better is that their contests and promotions are all customized to the type of contest and audience you are trying to setup.

WishPond Promotions

Once you decide on the type of contest you want to run, all you need to do is walk through the simple creation process, choose a contest landing page you like, fill in your details and you will have a live promotion running like the one below.

Wishpond Contest Example

Once you setup your first campaign, you can do the same for each social network and see which one delivers the best results — while also tracking each of their performance through the Wishpond backend.

How much does Wishpond cost?

As you can see, Wishpond has a lot to offer. If you were to sign up to a different service provider for each of these solutions and tools, you would be spending well over $200 a month easy.

Fortunately Wishpond has been able to pull together an amazing solution while also being able to offer an amazingly competitive price in the process. The starting price for Wishpond is $19 a month (billed annually) for the Basic Plan, and if you would like to pay on a monthly basis you are looking at a $29/month rate.

Plans go up to $97 a month if you are looking to completely white label their solution while also having access to every feature and tool on their site. The Pro Plan at $44/month is probably the best package for most sites and online marketers.

If you would like to try out there site, you can do so with their free 14 day trial — which also doesn’t require a credit card.

Wishpond Pricing

For anyone who might already have a mailing list or audience that could use the services provided by Wishpond, they also have an affiliate program that pays out 30% commission on all referred signups. Since Wishpond is offering a superior service at very competitive rates, it should be a no brainer for any legitimate business or brand to sign up with.

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