Creating Niche Sites with WP All Import and WooCommerce

When it comes to making money online you have a lot options, but one of the most logical and sought after ways is through the use of creating an affiliate or ecommerce web site. Throw in the concept of buying stuff online and affiliate marketing and you may just have a winner on your hands.

The only problems you have ahead of you are that you will need to figure out how to set it all up, find products to sell and build content and traffic to your sites. Fortunately WordPress and blogging has solved a great majority of these problems. Through the use of plugins and custom themes anyone can create an awesome store front online in a short period of time.

This is exactly what WP All Import has been focusing their efforts on and their plugin is now even better with it’s full integration of WooCommerce. In 15 minutes you can build affiliate stores, 10,000 page content sites, local directories and more.

Let’s take a look at what the latest version of WP All Import can do for you.

The 15-Minute Affiliate Store

One of the big pushes that WP All Import has on their site is that you can create an online store within just 15 minutes. While this sounds amazing and is possible, it’s going to take you some time to figure out how to use the software and create the perfect store to your liking. Once you get the hang of the plugin and how it works with datafeeds, you can quickly churn out as many sites as you like.

The 3 minute video below will walk you through the whole process of start a site from scratch, importing your datafeeds, customizing the layout of your store and showing the finished design.

I’ve always wanted to create niche sites using datafeeds and listing hundreds or even thousands of products, but I never wanted to get my hands dirty with coding and deal with all the headaches of datafeeds. WP All Import has made the process much easier and automated so anyone can create their own site without going nuts in the process.


WP All Import Now with WooCommerce

I wrote about how you can create niche sites with WP All Import in the past and since then there have been some nice features and improvements added to the software. The big one is the addition of WooCommerce Add-On in WP All Import 3.1.

Through the use of WooCommerce you can customize nearly every facet of how people see and order products through your site. You can see a preview of the WooCommerce Add-On in action below, providing a visual, drag & drop interface for importing to WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Addon

Creating Your Site with WP All Import

The main purpose of WP All Import is to make it easy for you to create online stores and sites without the need to generate original content of your own. Instead you will be using XML datafeeds to pull content from other web sites, online stores and affiliate programs for the content on your site. When it comes to what datafeeds and themes you can use on the site, it’s virtually limitless.

WP All Import and WooCommerce work with the great majority of well known affiliate networks that are using datafeeds. This includes Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, Google Affiliate Network, Clickbank, PepperJam Network, AvantLink and Shopping Warehouse.

Top Datafeed Networks

After you have installed WP All Import on your site and decided on your content and datafeed preferences, you should have a barebones affiliate site like the live demo below.

WooCommerce Affiliate Store

With Halloween and Christmas just a few months away, there are a ton of opportunities for you to take advantage of datafeeds for pushing Halloween costumes and hot toys this coming holiday season. Shareaale has a ton of Halloween affiliate programs and being able to connect with all the other big networks offers a huge opportunity for anyone who start setting up their holiday trends sites right now.

Obviously the more time and effort you focus on creating quality content, links and promotions around your site, the better you will find you site indexes and ranks for individual items and keywords. This is where your time and creativity come into play, WP All Import does all of the dirty work for you.

WP All Import is Now 15% Off

Now that you have a good idea what WP All Import can do and got your mind churning for the upcoming holiday spending, you are probably wondering how much something like this will cost.

The regular version of WP All Import is available for $99 and allows you to create unlimited site. If you would like to go for the WooCommerce Add-On enabled version, the price is $129. No matter which you choose, you will still have a 30 day refund policy if you aren’t happy with the product.

To make your money go even further, be sure to use coupon code “ZAJO” at the checkout to save an instant 15%.

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  1. Thanks Zac,i have never heard of wp import, am hearing about it for the first time from You, but i think its a great plugin which il have to get!!! Create niche Site in 15 minutes??? Incredible
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  2. Definitely interesting. Can you override the product description from Amazon with something bespoke?

  3. I've debated using this plugin, thanks for the updated info regarding the Woo Theme integration……..question……how do create an affiliate site with thousands of affiliate links that Google will like? I thought that in general, Google will penalize these types of sites? Is it the thousands of affiliate links that will draw their attention, or is it other factors such as poor site design, thin content or poor backlinks?
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  4. Thanks Zac for sharing this post at right time. I chalked out a detailed plan of a niche and was thinking of building it the way "Spencer Haws" is doing it. Now you have given me food for the thoughts 🙂

  5. Wow, I never knew that is possible… it is a very big opportunity to start an ecommerce business even if you dont have anything :). Amazing…. Many thanks !
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