Creating Targeted Ad Campaigns with Clicksor

It seems like there is a never ending supply of traffic when it comes to advertising on the internet. With so much traffic available it only makes sense that there would be a wide variety of ad networks and targeting options to test all of the massive traffic out there. Clicksor is a contextual advertising based network that allows advertisers to not only target their traffic through out the world, but also through many different platforms and cost metrics.

The company has been around for quite a while now, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you’ve already seen their name around or even used their network to create some ad campaigns. For anyone who hasn’t tried their network yet, this review will allow you to get a better idea of how Clicksor works and allow you to expand your advertising options.

What is Clicksor and How Does It Work?

Clicksor is an online contextual advertising and behavioral marketing company, but when it comes to advertising options they have plenty. With over 500 million impressions daily by partnering with over 100,000 specialized websites, it’s no surprise that the web site is currently ranked in the top 150 sites on Alexa, and has been a powerhouse of traffic and revenue for thousands of advertisers and publishers. From inline text links, banner ads, pop unders and interstitial ads, they have traffic solutions for all of them. Through the visual graphic below you can see how easy it is to create a campaign on Clicksor and start receiving traffic through their site.

To get a better understand of how Clicksor advertising works, take a look at the image below. Clicksor can serve many different forms of advertising across their network of sites, which includes pop under advertising, contextual text ads, banners and more. Through the combination of different advertising options and a massive network of over 100,000 sites, mixed in with nine different ways to target your traffic, Clicksor has been able to become one of the major players in the online advertising space.

Creating Ad Campaigns Right Towards Your Target Audience

As mentioned, with over 100,000 sites in their network and over 500 million impressions being served daily, there would have to be quite an amazing system in place to manage all of this ad inventory. Of course it isn’t enough to just throw banner ads and contextual advertising out there, you need know who your audience is and focus on advertising to the right people.

One of the big advantages to advertising with Clicksor is the many different targeting features they have in their system. While many other networks will allow you to target by country or url, Clicksor focuses on nine different targeting features such as geo-targeting among 40 different countries, channel targeting over 150 different categories, time and keyword sorting and more. Three of the nine targeting options are focused on they many different types of operating systems and devices that people are using to access the internet. This means you can target your traffic based on the users operating system (windows, mac os, linux), by device (mobile phones, laptops, tablets) and also ISP targeting (AT&T, Bell, Rogers). Of course you also have the option to create campaigns targeted towards language.

In addition to all of the tracking options, it appears that the traffic levels at Clicksor won’t be slowing down any time soon. In a recent email they sent out to their partners, they reports some amazing growth in the CPC and CPV space just in the past several months since April 1st, 2012.

  • For CPC the number of impressions have increased from 15 million to 40 million
  • For CPV the number of impressions have increased from 4 million to 6 million

Setting Up Your First Clicksor Ad Campaign

Creating a new ad campaign with Clicksor is quite simple and self explanatory as you walk through the system. Don’t let the simplistic look and feel of the system deter you.

When you first start you have the option of creating a new campaign and choosing your targeting type (CPV, CPM, CPC & CPI) or choosing from one of their high traffic packages which may include discounted run of network specials or packages based on geo targeted countries. You will also have the option to advertise on publisher sites within the Clicksor network, partner network of all sites.

After filling in the basic details of your account you will be able to choose your geo targeting options and the keywords/urls you would like to focus your advertising on. Once you are completed with the campaign setup, you will just have to fund your account and wait for approval on your ad from the Clicksor team.

If you are looking to reach a new audience of traffic of expand your campaigns to new markets, be sure to test your campaigns with Clicksor.

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  2. This is a great article Zac. I've been trying to look for new ways to run my ad campaigns and this looks like a good network to start. Thanks for posting this!

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