Creating the Ultimate Squeeze Pages

Once or twice a year the Unique Blog Designs team comes out with a killer new product and revolutionizes how we create ad campaigns. In the beginning, they focuses on blog themes and custom layouts. Then earlier this year they came out with Affiliate Theme, which brought a new concept and method to making campaign landing pages. Now the UBD team is back, and showing us all how to easily create those wonderful squeeze pages everyone loves to hate. They may be very long sometimes, and they may always ask for your emails, but most importantly… they work!

I’ll tell you right now, I’m an entrepreneur and marketers at heart. I hate having to deal with any coding or wasting time with source codes on new projects. Whenever I can have UBD work on a project for me, or use one of their new plugins, it always saves me time and pays for itself instantly.

What is a Squeeze Page and why should I care?
If you are reading this blog, I’m sure most of you already know what a “squeeze page” is. For those who don’t, it’s been proven to be one of the most effective ways to generate revenue and build a mailing list. How many people visit your site or ad campaign, then leave? Instead of letting them leave, you offer them something for free and grab their email to follow up with them after you leave your site. This is the basic concept behind squeeze pages. If you’ve never split test your ad campaigns with a squeeze page, you may be missing out on some big money.

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How to Create Your Own Squeeze Pages for Ad Campaigns
I’m not going to leave you stranded with a quick one page review on Squeeze Theme and never talk about it again. Within the next two weeks, I will have a follow up case study on how to create a squeeze page for your ad campaign and build up a mailing list in the process.

Here is a quick example of an effective Squeeze Theme template.

Squeeze Theme + Squeeze Camp
This time around UBD has offered something new along with their product. You now have the option to purchase Squeeze Theme by itself, of enroll into Squeeze Camp. Squeeze Camp is a 12 week course that walks you through using the wordpress plugin to it’s max potential, how to create the best converting squeeze pages and most importantly, how to make money in the process.

Free 37 Page Squeeze eBook & Limited Time Discount
Even if you are on the fence about buying another wordpress plugin, you should at least head over to their site and pick up the free 37 page ebook on creating and making money with Squeeze pages. After looking through the ebook, you then have the option to save 34% if you decide to purchase. This 34% discount expires on December 1st, 2009.

As I mentioned, this was a quick review on a great new plugin I have been toying around with for the past week. Next week I will follow up with a few ideas and concepts I have been using to generate some revenue and build up lists.

Take a look at the new Squeeze Theme and let me know what you think.

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  1. At first I was like what the heck is going on, but I got what this squeeze theme is all about after watching the video. I guess I'm going to give this a try since it's by Unique Blog Design!

  2. Its really very important for make squeeze page for our blog to make our blog reader base and get more traffic. It look like that the tool you provide is really very useful.

  3. Thanks for informative revelation Zac.Creating squeeze pages really a proven marketing strategy. It has the possibilities of making your income high.

  4. Great review of a very cool looking product. I know that Affiliate Theme was good, so I'm sure this will be too.

  5. It is important for good fish to fish carefully with this blog squeeze fish. She said you bring me tea but squeeze page made me back pedal good.

    If squeeze page me smile keenly in retrospect for big things come in small boxes plus sparklers. Great info I modestly extrapolate from awesome blog about squeezing.

    Thank you — Douchebag commenter who wants link

  6. Actually, It's my first time to know what squeeze page is. Thanks for this post and this may clear us about squeeze page.

  7. Zac you been truly inspirational to me.I wanna learn lot of things from you.I wonder how do you learn so many marketing methods and so easily present them in front of people.You are really great.

  8. I'm considering doing so to help build my opt-in list but I'm afraid that I'll be losing affiliate sales.

  9. I'm trying to make the Thesis Theme work really well for like making squeeze pages and stuff for affiliate offers, but it is way too complicated. Any suggestions?

  10. I'm sure this theme will do extremely well. Making money online isn't just about getting traffic. You also have to know how to convert customers. This theme would help a lot with that.

  11. Wow!! It s really a great suggestion on Creating the Ultimate Squeeze Pages with have really good instruction…

  12. Unique Blog Designs really know what they're doing. Not only do they have alot of the A-list bloggers using them (Zac included!), bu they also deliver serious products that are designed to convert.

  13. I think the design of the squeeze pages really matter when it comes to getting better comverting rate. From my own experience, I know that complicated squeeze pages do not convert well indeed.

    Thank you for the post,

    Quality PLR Articles

  14. Hi mate,

    Just thought I'd let you know that I'm browsing your site on a teeny-weeny netbook screen (using flock browser) and your site looks a bit weird. The Ads are sticking out of the modules. I'm sure it's just because of the small screen but a lot of people are browsing with netbooks these days so perhaps you should look into it.

    Sorry if I've ruined your Saturday evening!

    Ps.It's just the adverts at the top of the page, the ads are sticking out of the boxes.

  15. Its really very important for make squeeze page for our blog to make our blog reader base and get more traffic. It look like that the tool you provide is really very useful.

  16. Does anyone know how to use the Thesis Theme for WordPress to make like a landing page or squeeze page?

  17. Just go to their membership area and you will find there all the info you need to make thesis an squeeze page ….

  18. Squeeze pages are a great concept but they lead to significant increase in bounce rates if not implemented properly. Also, do you any company which provides similar solution for Drupal?

  19. Thanks for this. I think it will come in handy since i am in the beginning of my list building journey. I'll be sure to follow this topic as i need all the help as i can get. Thanks.

  20. That was a very nice read. I will definitely look up your other articles and check them out too. Thanks for sharing.

  21. That was a very good read. Thank you very much for sharing and I will definitely check back for more.

  22. Great review! Very informative and I believe I will be able to use it. Its a big help. I actually use Optimise Press and it works great too!

  23. It would also help if you use OptimisePress on your squeeze pages. Its very user friendly

    My recent post Optimise Press Create Squeeze Pages That Convert Like Crazy

  24. I believe the design of the squeeze pages actually matter when it comes to getting better converting rate. However, the suggestion is very nice on creating the final Squeeze Pages with good instruction.

  25. List building is something that I'm trying to get into so your post about creating squeeze pages has been extremely helpful. Thanks
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