Creating Your Own Affiliate Program with Track Grid Tracking Software

With more successful affiliates and marketers looking to start networks of their own, there is definitely a need for more stable and reliable network solutions. With the recent outages out at DirectTrack, it’s easy for anyone to see how important it is to have a tracking solution that promises to stay up no matter what, while also offering everything you need to run an affiliate network.

It seems like more affiliate marketers think they have what it takes to run a affiliate network of their own after just making a few thousand dollars in their first couple of weeks or months. The honest truth is, as easy or hard you might think it is to make money with your own ad campaigns as an affiliate, it’s ten thousand times harder to run your own network. Not only are you now responsible for your own offers, but also the mix of advertisers and affiliates you have to manage. Don’t forget to throw in all of the money going back and forth, if someone doesn’t make a payment, you are the one on the hook.

With all of that said, no matter what type of network you decide to run, it’s important to make sure that you have a ad network platform that knows what they are doing and has the features to make your business grow. One of the latest affiliate network solutions fighting for your business is called Track Grid. Track Grid offers an all in one solution for anyone looking to start a large affiliate network, or just an in house affiliate program of their own.

Let’s take a look at the TrackGrid ad network platform and what they have to offer.

Whether you are looking to create a large ad network, or a simple platform to bring your single affiliate program in house, Track Grid has the features to network owners are looking for.

Track Grid Features

There are three components to Track Grid and what makes them a reliable solution for any advertising network out there. These components are the affiliates, campaigns and the overall management of their software.

Affiliate Tools & Reporting

For an affiliate network to be successful, not only will they need amazing support, premium offers and payouts, but they will also need affiliate tools so they can properly track offers and run campaigns effectively. From the network admin area, it’s an easy setup to include revenue bonus programs, and group affiliates based on their revenue numbers or marketing efforts. Whenever an affiliate logs into a network running off the TrackGrid system, they will be introduced with your own branded design and custom reports. The login page can be setup to display clicks, leads, eCPC, RPC and several other tracking reports.

Ad Campaigns

The relationship between the advertisers and networks is where the real money is made. Making sure a network has the necessary back end to not only keep advertisers happy, but also the ability to provide in depth tracking is a must. Track Grid offers ad campaign management features such as adding new advertisers, creatives, payment tracking and content delivery. Track Grid is also partnered with Level3 to provide the fastest loading times and lightning fast Content Delivery speeds.

Network Management

Of course network management is always going to be a key aspect when creating a successful ad network. Having the ability to create your own branding and identity is very important with all of the competition of networks out there right now. Through the Track Grid back end, you can create a customized look and feel for your affiliate interface and web site. The platform is setup to work with any changes or additions with CSS, javascript, HTML and more. As the network owner, you will also have access to setting up specific roles for affiliate managers, campaign managers and any other required, but limited access jobs for your network.

Track Grid Pricing

Now that you have a good idea on how Track Grid works and the features that have, it’s important that we also covering the pricing. Many ad network solutions will provide different levels of access to their platform, Track Grid has one flat pricing basis of $249.95 per month. This includes up to 250,000 monthly clicks, unlimited leads, affiliates, advertisers, ad impression, campaigns and more. Be sure to look over the Track Grid pricing page for full information.

If you would like to give Track Grid a try, you can do so now by signing up for their free 7 day trial. The sign up process only takes 30 seconds and there is no credit card required.

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