Creating Your Own Video Entertainment Web Site

When looking for new ways to make money online, the decision to create your own site and build up a member/visitor base is always a good one. Today I will show you how to create a video / entertainment site of your own, while setting up the necessary advertising to turn it profitable. Way before there was all of this video content available, one of the first areas I started making money online in was with freebies, celebrities and video entertainment area. Now, putting all of these methods together and utilizing the free resources at hand, you can create your own money generating entertainment site.

To give you a basic idea of how you can setup your new video entertainment site, I will use the CollegeHumor layout as an example. The key points I will focus on are Building Your Site, Adding Fresh Content, CPM Advertising, Tell a Friend Forms and Newsletter Subscriptions. I have marked several advertising and viral linking methods on the image below.

Building Your Site & Adding Content
For this article, we are going to focus on building a site around funny videos. There are already hundreds, if not thousands of funny video and humor sites out there. The main purpose of all of them is to gain the attention of the user and keep them coming back to the site. In the end, they make money by offering free content and getting paid every time banner ads are displayed. The longer a visitor stays at a web site, the more money there is to be made.

We all know that everyone loves watching videos online and there are already several huge sources that can provide you with free content. Just head over to any of the big video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion or MetaCafe and start grabbing content. These video sites want to get more viewers, and are giving you their “embed” code to place the banners on your site. Since you are grabbing content directly from their site, you don’t have to worry about copyright issues from videos or having to host them on your servers. To make your life easier, these sites already have the videos indexed and broken down into categories, you can easily create multiple categories or new sites based on each different category.

To keep your web site updated with new videos, simply visit these video site often and add new content, or visit the “What’s Hot” categories and add the most popular videos to your site. As your site continues to grow and gets spread around, you should start seeing some nice free traffic coming in through your free search engine listings. Once your site gets larger and established, you may want to host your own videos.

CPM Advertising on Your Site
Once you create your video entertainment site, you are going to try and build the site around your content, along with premium placement for advertisements. In the example above, you can see they have a 786×60 skyscraper on top and a 300×250 banner on the side. Because of the massive traffic and branding of CollegeHumor, they are able to sell their advertising direct and on a CPM basis. Not all of us have this same branding and traffic power, so the next best solution for us, is to place CPM banner advertising on our sites from companies like CasaleMedia, ValueClick Media and CPX Interactive. If you are unable to get approved by any of these CPM networks, you can also place your regular affiliate network offers on the site. (In addition to cpm advertising, you can also play around with contextual advertising, such as Google Adsense. Placing adsense above or below video content has proven to perform well.)
– CPM Networks I Use: CasaleMedia, ValueClick Media, CPX Interactive
CasaleMedia is a more premium network and hard to get approved with. ValueClick Media is one of the largest and easier to get approved with. CPX Interactive is the easiest to get approved with, but also offer the lowest cpm rates.

Tell a Friend Forms & Social Network Marketing
Below the main video content, you should have the option for users to embed the video (if you are hosting your own videos) or link back to your web site. Offering your users the ability to link to your content, will not only give them something to add to their MySpace page, (thus sending more visitors back to your site) but it is also one of the greatest reasons to create a video site… people love to send funny stuff to their friends. In addition to social bookmarks and linking, you should also add a Tell a Friend form, which enables the visitor to send an email to a friend, with your web site url and funny video link. There area few TAF affiliate programs that will pay you to add a tell a friend form onto your web site, where you will get paid every time the form is sent. The ideal placement for a tell a friend form is right below the funny video or funny picture content.
– Tell a Friend Networks I’ve Used: TAFMaster & OptMedia

Building Up Your Newsletter
Creating a newsletter for your web site is crucial to it’s growth. In most cases, people will visit your site for a few seconds, then leave. If you offer them a newsletter subscription, you can have them coming back to your site daily. In addition to sending out the latest content added to your web site, you can also feature ads or free content of the day. In most cases, this can be any type of freebie or trial offer from an affiliate network. You can send out mailings daily, once a week or once a month. Sending out daily would be best for traffic as long as you are providing quality content and mailings.
– Mailing Provider I Use: Aweber

In addition to the methods I listed about for earning revenue and increasing traffic, you can also link with partner web sites (check webmaster forums), run “free stuff” (cpa offers) sections on your site, create a forum around your site where users can submit content or even offer your own image/video hosting service. The options are limitless, and each will help in establishing your new web site’s presence.

Before jumping into the video entertainment area, make sure that you spend some time to research other sites and what may be your next competition. There are thousands of sites out there fighting to get top position in search and trying to build a visitor base. If you can create a unique or useful service around video entertainment, you might just be able to create the next hot video portal like, or

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  1. You just gave me a brilliant idea Zac! I have a domain my wife and I started as a magazine style site 8 years ago and we've done nothing with it for 4 years. As aged as it is, it could rock with tons of new content and videos. Thanks for the tips

  2. Hi,

    I am big fan of funny videos, and a regular visitor of your site, I just want to know what is the cms you are using on,


  3. Yes Awesome. Cant even it looks like one. Btw you are ranking in the top 10 for "funny videos" without quotes on google. Man you have great power. Can you please talk about how to get traffic and link building as the part 2 of your topic, iam interested in learning about how to create a one like yours and already registered a domain today, will post the link after installing WP and adding some content. Your Advice on CPM ads is spot on. Thank you, i never knew CPM ads existed before. Also btw, is down now, is that shut down or is it just temporary?




  4. Awesome information there! I've always wanted to run my own video site and you've pushed me to actually get one going. I'll see what I can come up with, there's so many sites I want to run!

    Best Wishes,


  5. Is their a way to add youtube channels to your site so that videos automatically get posted each time the youtube chanelle gets updated? This would reduce a lot of time it would take to add videos to the site if you find some good channels

      1. Any chance you would consider selling the "custom tweaks" and set up as a plugin?

  6. Very good post Zac. I'm starting another site and have two more in my list, but a Video Website could be the third in list. With all those video services available you could be adding content to a website forever and till the eternity 😉

  7. You didn't add Tribal Fusion in the CPM networks above. Its one of the best but difficult to get in. And CPX isnt good. It pays really low.

  8. What else could be the CMS than wordpress for video sites such as yours? I did not come across any except the ones with huge cost.

  9. TribalFusion have better rates if you can get in, but especially for this category that is no easy task. Keep applying and don't have adult content on your site plus having a lot of traffic are good ways.

    Very interesting that you are using WordPress. I use a full custom script on (flash games site) as I never thought any of the CMSs were good enough to be modified for this purpose.

    Is the old humor-website CMS going. I forgot its name since shut down (I now use your blog as the alternative insight into the industry).

    Keep up good posts.

  10. Most WordPress video blog templates are premium, I did find some free ones but they don't look as good, as always you get what you pay for. Probably customization will do the trick. Just added Video Blog to my to to do list. Thanks Zac!

  11. Good post Zack.

    A few questions please:

    1/ Wich script do you recommend for these kind of websites?

    2/ It's safe to use adsense on websites that grab videos from youtube automatically?


    1. 1.) Custom. I haven't looked around for other video site scripts, but I know there are some.

      2.) Adsense works fine with all video type sites as long as they aren't adult content.

  12. zac, you did not write that making a video site requires fast bandwidth. What hosting company are you using for the funny video site or is it your own dedicated server?

    1. I wrote that you grab the videos from the site they are hosted at, using their embed code. As for traffic, if you need more servers to handle actual traffic from visitors, then you are in a good situation and the cost of another server or two would be nothing compared to the profit.

      I have my own rack of servers, with a server management company handling them

  13. hey Zac,

    is your video site pretty profitable?

    I have one running right now and it's not making me diddly squat lol.

  14. I was wondering how to do this a while back but I never got around to focusing on this. But I tried something like this a while back and failed lol… but I may consider following up on this video entertainment… but there's lots of work involved!


  15. I think with video becoming so popular online, and youtube being the second largest search engine in the world, video sites for even unusual niches have potential to get significant traffic in the future. Still a lot of opportunity in video for niche marketing… just my 2 cents.
    My recent post Free Business Websites… You’ll Get What You Pay For

  16. Is wordpress the best to use when designing your site? If not tah wdo you use?

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