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Crowdsourcing Your Blog ContentBlogging is changing the way business is done online. Never has it been so easy for anyone to start a blog of their own, create amazing content and gather a following of loyal readers that can compete with nearly any traditional newspaper or magazine in a short period of time.

While the world of blogging is amazing for the content writers and people who own blogs of their own, it’s become equally as amazing for business in general and helping other online businesses target the audience and get the exposure they need.

When you combine the world of blogging with both content creators, site owners and advertisers… you have a world of potential and that is exactly what RankSider is focusing their efforts on.

RankSider connects advertisers and website publishers to create sponsored blog posts and advertorials.

Let’s take a look at the RankSider system and how it can be used for both bloggers and online marketers.

RankSider Account

For Advertisers

RankSider is one of the leading Platforms for Blog marketing, blog reviews, content and video seeding from Germany. RankSider’s auction-like marketplace is the ideal and cost effective way to extend the visibility of your website on search engines and on social networks.

For Publishers

Advertorials and text based ads are becoming more and more popular and the demand for websites and blogs with high quality content grow day by day. Maintain editorial control over ads, write only about products you love and define the price for each ad. Make money with your high quality and engaging text based ads.

When you sign up for a free account through their site, you can go back and forth between advertiser and publisher accounts, so you won’t need to create two separate accounts.

Not a big fan of reading text? How about a quick overview of how RankSider can bring new visitors to your business, or advertisers and sponsored posts to your blog? Check out the short video below.

While the concept of connecting bloggers with advertisers isn’t new, the process is greatly appreciated by both sides.

  • Bloggers can always use more content and getting paid to write reviews is a great way to generate revenue
  • Advertisers hate to spend time looking for blogs and trying to manage their budget and campaigns

RankSider solves both of these problems.

There are currently more than 2,000 publishers within the RankSider network, which is also made up of more than 4,000 blogs, $30,000 worth of ad dollars just waiting to be spend from their directory of over 1,500 advertisers.

These are some solid numbers, and if you have an established blog with traffic, it would be well worth your time to include you site in their directory. You never know when an advertisers with a nice budget might be looking to order a review through your site.

Once you have an account setup you can submit your blog to their directory for approve. You can then start viewing the potential sponsored reviews and advertisers that are waiting to gain exposure on quality blogs.

New Campaigns

The system is currently setup for European currency, but this can be exchanged over to US dollars whenever you request your payment.

RankSider is free to use for bloggers and they have also broken down the “sign up and make money” process on their site for anyone to quickly follow.

Step by Step Guide to Using RankSider.

  1. Register as publisher on
  2. Verify your email and login
  3. Enter your blog and wait until we approve your blog.
  4. Very important! Enter also the Facebook and Twitter account for your blog, they are essential.
  5. Select a campaign and place your bid.
  6. Enter a reasonable price – not too high and never too low.
  7. Read the briefing carefully, after the advertiser has accepted your campaign.
  8. Publish your blog post and enter the URL on
  9. You get your money after the advertiser has approved – Guaranteed!

Be sure to check out their site and see if there are any opportunities for you to make money with your blog or by advertising through their system.

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