7 High Commission Crypto Lottery Affiliate Programs to Consider

Online lottery is a billion-dollar industry and is estimated to be USD $3 billion in the next few coming years. The USA alone accounts for nearly 30% of the global market share, followed by China.

Considering its massive size, one can understand why many consider this business a tool for financial freedom. And once you throw internet, mobile and app usage into the mix, these numbers can grow ever further and at much faster rates!

Making money from the lottery is not so easy and is purely speculative in nature. But one can always make money through its derivative form, and that is by earning from a lottery affiliate program. For this to happen, one only needs a website, marketing zeal, and signing up with the best online lottery affiliate program and start earning. 

With all of that being said, today we are going to highlight 7 of the best lottery affiliate programs in the market today, while also highlighting the commission structures and benefits of each.

Crypto Millions Lotto Affiliate Program

Crypto Millions Lotto is the world’s largest digital lottery platform and operates in more than 180+ countries around the world. This platform is based on blockchain and offers an innovative and high-tech secure experience for the players.

The site also has an app option that allows anyone to play 24/7, anywhere in the world. And in addition to normal lotto games and tickets, they also have some amazing grand prizes that also act as a bonus for affiliates as well.

It’s quite easy to sign up to the Crypto Millions Lotto affiliate program, and it also comes with many great features and benefits, such as the ones listed below.

  • A dedicated Account manager
  • All the transactions are done in Bitcoins.
  • 24/7 support services by phone, email, or chat
  • Comprehensive marketing materials 
  • Commission paid directly into the affiliate Bitcoin wallet.
  • Attractive commission pay-out as per slabs. The pay-out slab structures to affiliates are broken up as 
  • 5% up to $2000 Bitcoin equivalent on monthly sales 
  • 30% between $2000 and $ 5000 Bitcoin equivalent monthly sales
  • 35% $5000 Bitcoin equivalent monthly sales
  • Additional 5% bonus if one’s referral wins a jackpot lottery 
  • One of the fastest pay-out services with daily and monthly pay-out options.  
  • Maximum transparency with no hidden fees. One can withdraw commissions not less than 0.0003 Bitcoin.

TheLotter Affiliate Program

This affiliate is TheLotter’s own affiliate program and named simply after it for better brand awareness. TheLotter is considered the online lottery industry pioneer, having started in 2002 and considered extremely popular today.

To date, the site has paid out more than $100 million to over 6 million winners globally.  The highlight of this lottery is that they have a high lifetime value per player, making them a perfect affiliate program partner for a long tenor.

To learn more about TheLotter affiliate program, be sure to check out their features below.

  • One can start the affiliate marketing immediately after sign up 
  • The program assigns a dedicated affiliate account manager
  • Commission pay-outs are quick with no hidden fees
  • One can choose between the CPA method or Revenue Share or a customized Hybrid Payment Options.
  • No limit to the number of referrals. Higher business can get better deals from an account manager.
  • The platform has an in-depth statistics dashboard with referrals, sales details, traffic details, training materials, etc.
  • The commission is paid through multi-channels such as PayPal, Web Money, Web Money, or Bank Transfers.
  • 24/7 support from the platform via email, phone, live chat, and Skype.
  • Multiple helpful marketing tools like banners in different languages, video ads, widget and pop ups.

Lottery Partner Affiliate Program

This lottery started in 2012 in the name of Lotto Agent and among the top-ranked lottery sites. In addition, they offer their affiliate program in the name of Lottery Partner.

Like many other affiliate programs, USP Lottery partner program comes with it’s own payout structure and benefits. You can see a detailed list of them below.

  • Commission pay-out is high at around 10-20% of the revenue share, which works out to $15 or more for the CPA model.
  • Option to choose between CPA, Revenue Share, or a unique Hybrid Plan.
  • Commission pay-out is instant after a referral buys a ticket and low withdrawal threshold of $30.
  • Detailed performance metrics available  
  • Works on various devices, including mobile.
  • Provides Multilingual interface on various devices including mobiles  
  • Range of marketing materials and tools provided in 8 different languages.
  • Pay-out as per one’s choice through PayPal, Web money, or Skrill.
  • Offers referral links as text links or HTML ads.

LottoElite Affiliate Program  

The LottoElite affiliate program promotes multiple lottery sites such as LottoKings, WinTrillions, Trillionario (Spanish version of WinTrillions), and   BuyLottoOnline. With so many choices, this affiliate program has more advantages than other lottery affiliates. For example, one can customize a marketing campaign for a specific audience.

If you’d like to learn more about the many features and benefits of joining the LottoElite affiliate program, take a moment to view the notes below.

  • Commissions range from 10-15% in the revenue sharing model. For the CPA model, commissions range from $35-$45 for the WinTrillions lottery and $10-$14 for the LottoKings lottery.
  • Additional commissions if referrals participate in Instant Win games.
  • Real-time statistics of sales and traffic available.
  • Reach out to a wide audience with Marketing materials in 14 languages
  • Commission pay-outs via bank transfer, PayPal, Pioneer or Skrill.

MultiLotto Affiliate Program 

The MultiLotto lottery has a host of playing options such as Mega Millions, US Powerball, EuroMillions, and SuperEnaLotto and interactive casino games.  They also offer a Bitcoin jackpot with grand prize money of 1000 Bitcoins.

In addition, the MultiLotto affiliate program is lucrative as it enables one to market various products from a single platform. For all features and specs, take a look at the breakdown below.

  • High commission rates. One can earn up to 50% on the Revenue Share model.
  • Monthly pay-outs of commissions.
  • No negative carry forward to the next month. An affiliate can start every month with a clean slate.
  • Dedicated account manager.
  • Customized promotional offers for the target audience.
  • Detailed real-time statistics dashboard such as the number of clicks, referrals, sales, and more.
  • Commission paid via MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, etc.
  • No withdrawal threshold of the commission amount
  • Provide marketing tools like banners, landing pages, and customized offers for customers. 

Lottoland Affiliate Program

Lottoland is a lottery betting site offering as many as 33 lotteries, a wide range of interactive games, and several syndicates. One can bet on the outcome of games like US Powerball or Mega Millions or scratch card and video slots.

With its many lotto games and promotions in place, the Lottloand affiliate program comes with many different features and benefits for their site partners. You can view a list of them below.

  • Commission   is based on Revenue Share or CPA model 
  • Revenue share has a high commission of 25-35% and paid out by the 15th of every month
  • Access to a range of marketing tools.
  • Offers customized promos for the audience.
  • Commission paid through  Neteller, Skrill, or wire transfer.
  • Provide a variety of marketing tools to affiliates
  • Wide range of bespoke HTML5 banners and text links, 

MyLotto (LottoMatrix) Affiliate Program

MyLotto is a well-known affiliate program for jackpot.com. Jackpot.com was formed in 2016 and offers an extensive range of lottery and betting services. The lottery platform provides access to international lotteries worldwide.

This site also offers scratch cards and popular casino games like roulette, blackjack, and poker, etc. Jackpot.com is licensed by the Maltese Gaming Authority and the Irish Excise Office and provides a safe and regulated gaming offering.

To learn more about the MyLotto affiliate program, also take a moment to check out the listed benefits below.

  • No fees for joining 
  • Guaranteed commission based on revenue share and CPA model
  • Lottery sites are monitored by Malta Gaming Authority
  • Timely payouts to affiliates once a month by the 25th of the following month.
  • Commissions are paid via Wire Transfer, and the minimum payout value is €100. 
  • Offers affiliates a wide range of creative marketing tools for different marketing campaigns, including banners, text links, and more.

How to Make the Most Money with Lotto Affiliate Programs

As we all know, the entertainment and gaming industry is one of the largest in the world — collectively generating billions of dollars daily across all means and markets. And with this type of play and activity going on, there is plenty of money and affiliate commissions to go around.

To take advantage of the many opportunities in this space, we recommend getting started with any of the lottery affiliate programs listed above, while also checking out this list of additional crypto affiliate programs as well.

Each is unique in their own way and can help affiliates earn extra income as they provide some of the highest commissions and excellent support services to the affiliates.

Secondly, with product versatility and global reach of nearly all of the above lottery affiliate programs, this enables site partners and marketers to easily market numerous products to specific audiences with high conversion success.

As with all affiliate programs, put in the time and effort to plan out your campaign and marketing, and then continually work on getting it in front of the best target audience. With these working methods in place, there is no reason why you can’t be making a few extra hundred or even thousands of dollars per month as an affiliate.

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