Currently at $450 in Donations to Humane Society

Written by Zac Johnson
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It’s been a week since I first posted about my idea to run a promotion to try and generate a decent donation for the Humane Society this month. To recap, all earnings from the “Top Spots” advertisers on the right side of the page, will go towards the Humane Society. So far the earnings are at $225, from first nine advertisers (thank you!). A bunch of new ad spots have just become available. If you would like to donate and get some free advertising in the process, simply click here to get listed in my “Top Spots” area for one week!

We are currently at a $450 Donation towards the Humane Society!

As mentioned in my original post, I will personally match all donations/ad buys made for this month… that means we are at a total of $450 in donations for the Humane Society. All donations/advertisers will also receive a Free MoneyReign T-Shirt, along with some “I Make Money Online” bumper stickers and some pens.

Let’s see if we can get to a $1,000 donation by the end of the month!

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10 Replies to “Currently at $450 in Donations to Humane Society”

  1. Nice to see people doing something for charity in this genre which is primarily focused on profit.

  2. My wife and I are still waiting on the shirts 🙁 Hopefully we'll get them soon, so we can rock on! Anyways, I've heard some bad things about the Humane Society and how the money doesn't go to animals…


  3. Good way to let her of you on charitical way. I never thought rich people doing such things like this.

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