Tips for Designing Custom Challenge Coins

According to the U.S. Department of Defense, there are two main versions of how custom challenge coins became so popular. Whichever one you choose to believe, there’s no doubt that challenge tokens can create a sense of camaraderie in any organization.

If you want to pump up your team spirit, you can easily create custom challenge coins to unite your crew.

These are the best tips for designing challenge coins to get a great vibe going.

Choose an Image

Step one is defining what you want to convey with your challenge coin. You can pick an image based on a concept, like victory, or base it on your team logo.

If you’re designing a coin for a team called the Whitefish Whippets, you could pick an image of a whippet or the mountains found in this area. You could also use both of these symbols in your design.

Make a list of images you can use to represent these concepts and get your team to decide on the best one.

Sometimes teams design challenge coins to memorialize a significant milestone, such as a major victory. For instance, an image of a trophy or ribbon with the name of the event works on these occasions.

Get together with your team to discuss challenge coin image ideas to signify this momentous occasion.

Limit Text on Custom Challenge Coins

An impactful challenge coin design relies on brevity to be effective; too much text will make the coin seem crowded. You can convey concepts more easily by limiting text to essential messaging.

If you need to fit some extra words on your coin, you can choose a larger coin, size, place the text around the border of the coin, or use abbreviations.

The U.S. Navy uses all these tips for designing various challenge tokens, like the Djibouti expedition coin. You can view more Navy challenge coins here.

Use Unique Designs

Avoid using clip art on your challenge coins. This artwork can’t reflect the unique nature of your team and won’t create the personal effect you want.

Rather, draw the images yourself, hire an artist for the job, or use an online logo builder to craft a novel design. You don’t need a design masterpiece to represent your team. A simple design works perfectly.

Getting together to design your challenge coins is a fun activity that can contribute to team spirit, so why not arrange a meeting and let the creative juices flow?

Using your team’s talents can help your challenge coin become a deeply personal and sought-after icon.

Appreciate Your Team Members

Custom challenge coins are a fantastic way to unite your team or show appreciation for their efforts. They’re instrumental in creating a sense of belonging for new members and recognizing old campaigners.

Striving towards earning a challenge coin can motivate extraordinary commitment and achievements, so why not harness the power of a custom token for your team?

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