Damn It Feels Good to be a Super Affiliate!

Yes, being a Super Affiliate is awesome and if it’s not the best job in the world, than it sure is damn close. It’s a dream in itself to be able to work for yourself, but the idea of being able to work anywhere in the world is simply amazing. Super affiliates are making money 24/7 while in their pajamas and laying in bed, some guys are cruising the world on their yachts then occasionally checking their email on their laptops, others simply work a few hours a week and enjoy the good life and spend more time with their family. No matter where you are, as long as you can get online, you can be making big money. For all these reasons and more, I must say "Damn, It’s Feels Good to Be a Super Affiliate!"

I wanted to come up with a neat and original idea for a shirt for ZacJohnson.com. After thinking over several ideas over the past couple weeks, I am glad to say I am happy and confident with this design. Instead of just sticking a web address or a logo onto a shirt, I wanted my shirts to get attention, while inspiring others! If you are making money online, give yourself a pat on the back… you are on your way to Super Affiliate status!

I setup a store on CafePress in the meantime for anyone that would like to order a shirt or two. I will probably have these mass printed somewhere soon, as CafePress isn’t the cheapest service around. However I did order a few for myself and to give some away through the blog.

Let me know what you think about the design and if you would like the chance to win a t-shirt, simply leave a comment about a topic you would like to see me blog about this month. I will randomly select three winners by the end of the month and send out a few shirts. If any orders come through, I will get to work on mass printing these so I can offer them at much lower prices and give more away!

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  1. Hey that's a cool design. Since this blog is about affiliate things, I would like to see reviews about affiliate sites like clickbank, commission junction, link share and others and in the reviews you can write about the best selling products in few categories in each site. I think that will be a good series to post about.

  2. Hi Zac,

    Wow! Your new blog T-Shirt is awesome!

    It's funny, I just started a cafexpress shop as well for my blog T-shirt. I just have a T-shirt for now, but plan to add other accessories (such as a hug and mousepad as you have).

    I'm ordering "Damn it feels good I'm a superaffiliate" shirts for myself and my wife. Great job! 🙂

  3. But Zac, you didn't tell us how you become a super affiliate. Mind to shares some tips? 😉

  4. Greetings Zac,

    Love the site and the shirt. As an affiliate myself I would like to see an article on "The Next Big Thing"

    How do you determine when your niche is drying up and it's time to find the next thing.


  5. I like the design a lot Zac. I would like to see some ground up tutorials on how to break into the affiliate world slowly and methodically. That'd be great!

  6. I would like to also see a how to. Maybe you could do a step by step guide where you take a a concept from idea to actual product. Show us the step you take and share actual numbers with us. This would set you apart from the other AM bloggers out there.

  7. Nice Logo, You need to show us how you make so much money

    ,yes you tell us about your affiliate programs you use, but we want to know how you drive traffic, how are you able to get people to click on the ads and link.. thats What I want to know …

  8. I like the design and would love for you to blog about the process of making shirts, getting the mass printed, where you can do so and the cost?

  9. I like the shirt Zac! I'm going to be using CafePress for my shirts this month as well. are you going local for your mass printing or do you know of a another online vendor that is competitive?

  10. hey!, we all think that you should write an ebook, or maybe a series post about becoming a human-affiliate (easy mode), then a kick ass series for becoming a super affiliate(rich mode)

  11. Hi Zac,

    A big gongrats on being able to work anywhere and anytime you like. Not many people have this luxury. Having said that, I am probably the only one who is going to leave a somewhat negative comment. Here goes.

    At first glance, your T-Shirt logo does tell people you make lots of money. It gets the message across.

    But, I am one who think that affiliates, super or not, can still be recognized as successful without using the infamous 1990's themes of 100 dollar bills, big yachts and gold rings 🙂

    Maybe it's just me but I have a different view point on how I want to brand myself and my business.

    Anyone else feel this way too?

    1. More than anything else, the shirt idea is meant to be funny. If you haven't seen the movie "Office Space", they have a song called "Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangster"… my shirt is simply a play on words to show the good life of affiliate marketing. The shirt does not represent rubbing anyone's financial status in other people's faces… at the least it will encourage others to learn about what a "Super Affiliate" or "Affiliate Marketing" is when they see the shirt. You could even wear this type of shirt to an internet conference or convention and I'm sure it would get it's share of laughs. I could just slap my Zac toon on a shirt… but who would want to wear that?

      As for the reference to "100 dollar bills, big yachts and gold rings"… that' not myself either. I was simply trying to get the point across that working in this business can be as simple or extravagant as you want.

      Either way, I appreciate all comments positive or negative. Please keep them coming.

      1. Hi Zac,

        I should clarify. I think the slogan is funny indeed and at a conference, it will garner lots of attention. My above comment was directed more at the $ in "$uper" and the avatar holding the big wad of cash.

  12. Hey, Nice gear.

    I'm currently on a year long round the world trip whilst working on my trusty lap top part time.

    If that's the definition of a Super Affiliate, I can assure you its wonderful to be one!

    I'd love a T-shirt, but are you going to have them done in women's vests? I think a spaghetti style strap number would look wonderful. I'd certainly be proud to wear your logo on my bust, lol!

  13. It is the best job int the world!

    I've been traveling for the last 2.5 years around the world to South America, throughout Africa, Israel, India, Thailand.. so many places.. Working from my laptop or in 3rd world cybercafes!

    You just can't beat that.


  14. Zac,

    Sweet tee! I love it. I've been wanting to ask…who'd you get to draw the cartoon you? I'd love to see you blog about how much graphic design do you outsource and how much do you do personally? Do you have specific people or firms you work with on a regular basis or just hire whoever when you need a graphic done?


  15. I would love to see your T-shirt be featured in one of the shoemoney's T-shirt edition.

    It looks simply cool in this current design though i would love that print to be behind and maybe a sentence like "Zac John is a Super Affiliate!" but of course you can create a few more designs so that people have choices and when there are choices, you tend to get more deals.

    I am not a affiliate user but I would love to hear "How Super Affiliates Choose Their Top Affiliate Program" and why are those programs made to kill and profit from them.

    Maybe after reading this i would become the next "Affiliate Profit killer" Alright,jokes aside…



  16. This is rI would love to see your T-shirt be featured in one of the shoemoney’s T-shirt edition.

    It looks simply cool in this current design though i would love that print to be behind and maybe a sentence like “Zac John is a Super Affiliate!” but of course you can create a few more designs so that people have choices and when there are choices, you tend to get more deals.

    eally cool!

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