Day 1 – ShareaSale Under the Stars Party

Just returned from the A Best Web / ShareaSale “Under the Stars” Affiliate Summit Party. When my father and I headed downstairs to catch the bus, we instead found two black and white stretch hummers. It was a bit stuffed (23 people), but still very cool. Along for the ride in the hummer was also Shawn Collins, Missy Ward, Shoemoney, Kristopher Jones and a few others. Some of the discussions were many of us comparing our own hummers, treo / iphone talk and the usual networking.

Once we arrived there was a bunch of people waiting outside to see who was coming out of the car… they were only to find a bunch of affiliate marketing celebrities! The party was held at the Sagamore and it was pretty sweet. Nice atmosphere, and the music was low enough so you could actually carry conversations with others at the party.

At the party I got to meet with even more friends I hadn’t come across yet. I also got to talk with Ze Frank, the keynote speaker tomorrow. I also spoke with my good friend Todd Farmer (below) for a while. Todd was the founder and CEO of Kowabunga… which was then acquired by Think Partnership.

Tomorrow the actual classes and sessions start up early in the morning. The exhibit hall also opens, which should provide plenty of new opportunities and a ton of new pictures for you to stay updated.

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  1. very nice… interested to see who you find at these things… then i get my weight up i'll have to check them out… I'm just getting back into Affiliate marketing, so we'll see…

  2. Zac, you missed your chance to throw a pie in the face of Brian Littleton at the party. They called your name after drawing your business card up on the Penthouse level.

    We looked for you man…

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