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Dean Phillips Net Worth – How Much is Phillips Worth?

Welcome to our article on Dean Phillips, where we delve into his net worth and financial standing. Dean Phillips, an American businessman and politician, has garnered significant wealth throughout his career. In this section, we will explore his net worth and how he has amassed such financial success.

Dean Phillips

Key Takeaways:

  • Dean Phillips has a reported net worth of $77 million in 2018.
  • He is considered one of the wealthiest members of Congress.
  • Phillips earns an annual income of $20 million through his businesses and investments.
  • His wealth accumulation has contributed to his financial trajectory and current net worth.

Dean Phillips Biography

Dean Phillips, born on January 20, 1969, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is an American businessman and politician. He currently serves as the U.S. representative from Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district since 2019. With a diverse background, including his family’s liquor business, the Phillips Distilling Company, Phillips has made a name for himself in both the business and political spheres.

Phillips began his political career in 2018 when he ran for the U.S. House of Representatives. His victory in the election marked a significant milestone for the district as he became the first Democrat to represent the area since 1961. This achievement solidified Phillips’ position as a prominent figure in Minnesota politics.

Aside from his political endeavors, Phillips has been involved in various successful business ventures. He has held the position of president and CEO of the Phillips Distilling Company, a well-known distillery that has made a name for itself in liquor production. Additionally, Phillips co-owned Talenti gelato, a popular gelato brand later acquired by Unilever. He also founded and owns Penny’s Coffee, a chain of coffeeshops in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Political Journey

Dean Phillips’ entry into politics was a significant step in his career. Running as a Democrat, he successfully defeated the six-term Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen, clinching the U.S. House of Representatives seat in the 3rd congressional district. Since then, he has been reelected twice, demonstrating the continued support he enjoys from his constituents.

As a politician, Phillips has demonstrated a centrist and moderate approach, advocating for bipartisanship and common-sense solutions. He has served on committees such as the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Small Business Committee, showcasing his commitment to tackling pressing national issues from different perspectives.

Dean Phillips’ impact extends beyond his professional achievements. He actively engages in philanthropic endeavors and community involvement, aiming to make a positive impact on society. With his dedication and ambition, Phillips continues to be an influential figure in Minnesota politics and beyond.

Dean Phillips’ Business Ventures

Dean Phillips has been involved in various successful business ventures throughout his career, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

Phillips Distilling Company

One of Phillips’ notable business endeavors is his involvement with the Phillips Distilling Company, a Minnesota-based distillery known for its high-quality liquor production. As the president and CEO of the company, Phillips has contributed to its growth and success. The Phillips Distilling Company has a rich history dating back to 1912 and has established itself as a respected name in the industry.

Phillips Distilling Company

Talenti Gelato

Besides his involvement in the distillery business, Phillips co-owned Talenti gelato, an artisanal gelato brand that gained popularity for its delicious and innovative flavors. The brand’s commitment to using all-natural ingredients and traditional Italian methods of production resonated with consumers, propelling Talenti to become a leading player in the frozen dessert market. In 2014, Talenti was acquired by Unilever, further solidifying its position in the industry.

Penny’s Coffee

In addition to his ventures in the distillery and gelato industries, Phillips is the founder and owner of Penny’s Coffee, a successful chain of coffee shops in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Known for their welcoming atmosphere and expertly crafted coffee, Penny’s Coffee has become a beloved destination for coffee enthusiasts and a thriving business under Phillips’ leadership. The chain continues to expand, offering a wide range of high-quality coffees and delectable pastries to its loyal customer base.

Business Venture Description
Phillips Distilling Company A Minnesota-based distillery known for its liquor production. Dean Phillips serves as the president and CEO of the company.
Talenti Gelato An artisanal gelato brand co-owned by Dean Phillips, known for its all-natural ingredients and authentic Italian flavors.
Penny’s Coffee A chain of coffee shops founded and owned by Dean Phillips, offering expertly crafted coffee and delightful pastries.

Dean Phillips in Congress

After winning the election in 2018, Dean Phillips entered Congress as the representative for Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district. He defeated the long-serving Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen, marking a significant victory for the Democratic Party. Since then, Phillips has been reelected twice, solidifying his position as a trusted representative for the district.

Known for his centrist and moderate Democratic stance, Phillips has made his mark through his voting record and committee work. He serves on committees such as the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Small Business Committee, leveraging his expertise and experience to address key issues affecting his constituents and the nation.

Throughout his time in Congress, Phillips has been an advocate for policies aligned with President Joe Biden’s public policy positions. He has consistently supported campaign finance reform, healthcare reform, climate change initiatives, and gun control measures. Phillips believes in the power of bipartisan collaboration and has endeavored to find common ground with both Democrats and Republicans to advance these important national priorities.

Dean Phillips’ Voting Record

As a congressman, Dean Phillips has developed a strong voting record that reflects his commitment to his constituents and his principles. He has consistently voted in favor of policies aimed at promoting economic growth, supporting small businesses, and protecting the environment.

Issue Voting Preference
Campaign Finance Reform Support
Healthcare Reform Support
Climate Change Initiatives Support
Gun Control Measures Support

“I believe in the power of collaboration and finding common ground. As a representative, my duty is to work towards the best interests of the American people and find solutions that benefit all.”

Dean Phillips’ voting record showcases his dedication to serving his constituents and addressing the pressing issues facing the nation. With his centrist approach and commitment to bipartisanship, Phillips continues to be a strong voice in Congress, championing policies that promote progress and unity.

Dean Phillips’ Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Dean Phillips is a dedicated individual who actively engages in philanthropic endeavors and contributes to the betterment of his community. He understands the importance of giving back and works tirelessly to make a positive impact on society. With his financial resources and influence, Phillips strives to create lasting change and support causes close to his heart.

In his philanthropic efforts, Dean Phillips has shown a strong commitment to education. He has made substantial contributions to educational institutions, providing resources and opportunities for students to thrive. His support for education reflects his belief in the power of knowledge and the transformative potential it holds for individuals and communities.

Furthermore, Dean Phillips is actively involved in various nonprofit organizations. He recognizes the vital role these organizations play in addressing societal challenges and enhancing the well-being of vulnerable populations. By investing his time, energy, and resources into these organizations, Phillips demonstrates his dedication to ensuring equal opportunities and a better future for all.

Dean Phillips philanthropy


“I believe that true success is measured by the positive impact we have on others. Through philanthropy and community involvement, we can make a difference and create a more equitable society.”

“Giving back is not just a responsibility; it is an opportunity to empower others and strengthen our communities. I am committed to being an agent of change and working towards a brighter future.”

Dean Phillips’ Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer work in local homeless shelters, providing meals and support to those in need.
  • Board member of community foundations, contributing to the strategic distribution of funds for various community projects.
  • Mentorship programs for aspiring young entrepreneurs, offering guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.
  • Advocacy for affordable housing initiatives, working to ensure that everyone has access to safe and stable housing.

Dean Phillips’ Philanthropic Contributions:

Organization Contribution
University of Minnesota Foundation $1 million for scholarships and research programs
Local Food Banks $500,000 donation to support hunger relief efforts
Arts and Cultural Organizations $500,000 to promote arts education and accessibility

Dean Phillips’ philanthropy and community involvement exemplify his dedication to creating meaningful change and fostering a more inclusive society. He serves as a role model for others, inspiring individuals to use their resources and influence for the greater good. Through his charitable contributions and active engagement, Phillips continues to make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities.

Dean Phillips’ Personal Life

Dean Phillips, a prominent American businessman and politician, leads a fulfilling personal life outside of his professional endeavors. He is married to Annalise Glick, a successful businesswoman and art consultant. The couple exchanged vows in 2019 and provides unwavering support to each other in their respective pursuits.

As a testament to his commitment to family, Phillips has two daughters from a previous marriage. He cherishes the time spent with his children and prioritizes their happiness and well-being.

In addition to his family life, Phillips actively participates in the Jewish community and practices the Jewish faith. His family background includes the renowned advice columnist Pauline Phillips, famously known as “Dear Abby”. This connection to a prominent and influential figure adds depth to Phillips’ personal life and further highlights his diverse upbringing.

Dean Phillips Personal Life

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, Dean Phillips’ campaign will undoubtedly generate significant attention and spark lively discussions about the future direction of the Democratic Party. With his wealth of experience and strong track record in Congress, Phillips presents himself as a formidable candidate who is ready to tackle the nation’s most pressing issues.

Dean Phillips’ Electoral History

Dean Phillips has had a successful electoral history, proving his popularity among voters in Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district. In 2018, Phillips ran for the United States House of Representatives seat and emerged victorious, defeating the Republican incumbent Erik Paulsen with an impressive 55.6% of the vote. This marked a significant shift in representation, as Phillips became the first Democrat to hold the district’s seat since 1961.

Following his initial win, Phillips went on to secure re-election in both 2020 and 2022, further solidifying his position as a trusted representative for the district. His consistent electoral victories reflect the confidence and trust that constituents have in his ability to represent their interests in Congress.

By garnering support from a diverse range of voters, Phillips has demonstrated his effectiveness as a political candidate. His electoral success showcases his strong connection with the community and his ability to address the concerns and aspirations of his constituents. As he continues to serve as the representative for Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district, Phillips remains committed to working alongside his constituents and advocating for their needs at the national level.


How much is Dean Phillips worth?

Dean Phillips has a reported net worth of $77 million in 2018.

What is Dean Phillips’ background?

Dean Phillips is an American businessman and politician from Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district.

What businesses has Dean Phillips been involved in?

Dean Phillips has been involved in businesses such as Phillips Distilling Company, Talenti gelato, and Penny’s Coffee.

What is Dean Phillips’ political career?

Dean Phillips was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, becoming the first Democrat to represent the district since 1961.

What philanthropic endeavors is Dean Phillips involved in?

Dean Phillips is actively involved in philanthropy and community engagement, contributing to educational institutions and nonprofit organizations.

Who is Dean Phillips married to?

Dean Phillips is married to Annalise Glick, a businesswoman and art consultant.

What are Dean Phillips’ political priorities?

Dean Phillips prioritizes issues such as campaign finance reform, healthcare reform, climate change, and gun control.

Does Dean Phillips have presidential ambitions?

Dean Phillips has expressed interest in running for the presidency in the 2024 Democratic primary.

What is Dean Phillips’ electoral history?

Dean Phillips has won the United States House of Representatives seat in Minnesota’s 3rd congressional district in 2018, 2020, and 2022.

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