Deliver Lead Generation the Way You Want with T3 Leads

It’s been a while since I last did a review on T3 Leads Affiliate Network. I was contacted by my rep there and they’ve had a lot of changes and improvements to the system since that last review. A new look and feel, new offers and a variety of promotional methods  is what T3 Leads is all about.

What makes T3 Leads stand out from other networks is how they allow you to capture leads in different ways, and not just giving you a simple url for each ad campaign. Instead, you are given a selection of lead gen forms which you can customize and work with. The new setup at T3 Leads is using a 1 and 2 step process for building out campaigns with lead gen forms. You have the option to host these forms on your own landing pages, or simply send traffic to the advertisers landing page. Full customization includes fields, sizing, placement, one or two step forms and with or without your own landing page creative.

A screenshot of the form selection process from within T3 Leads is shown below.

While the lead gen form process is a pretty cool concept, it’s only available for a limited amount of campaigns. Outside of the lead gen forms, T3 Leads offers more campaigns with banner advertising, host and post options and direct linking.

As you can see from what we went over so far, T3 Leads is focused on lead gen. The majority of offers on their network are towards payday loans, car loans and warranties, home mortgages, debt relief and insurance. A few screenshots of actual offer landing pages can be seen below.

The navigation of the site can be confusing if you are logging in for the first time. I would like to see an easier navigation system and more to the point on how to setup new campaigns, and one click access to view advertiser landing pages. Instead of directly seeing ad campaigns when you log in, you need to go through some sub pages and tracking methods.  (ie: Channels > Public Websites)

Another complication is trying to find what the payouts are on the offers with the network. Since most of these offers are on a lead gen basis, the quality of lead can determine the amount of your commission… so each commission of yours may vary in amount. This however can heavily work for or against you, depending on the type of quality leads you are sending through. If you are sending great data, they are willing to pay a higher range, and this works out for both the network, advertiser and affiliate.

All in all, T3 Leads might not have the best looking admin area but the focus is there. Affiliates want to be able to setup ad campaigns and landing pages how they want, and through T3 Leads and their improved ad platform, this is possible. For anyone in the lead gen business and in the areas discussed earlier, you should get in contact with T3 Leads.

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