DeluxeAds Affiliate Network Breakdown

The growing trend over the past few years has been the following: learn how to make money online, start kicking butt in affiliate marketing, partner up with others that are doing the same, then start your own ad network. And guess what?… the trend is working. As more affiliates become their own network, it makes each network unique and responsible for their own success, being that they were/are successful affiliates and must teach their network affiliates to do the same. This is the legitimate reason why so many networks can succeed in this market space.

Staying with the successful affiliates launching their own ad networks concept, I would like to introduce to you DeluxeAds. If the name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen the name DeluxNetworks. The company announced a change in their name in March, but have been an active performance marketing company since early 2010. DeluxeAds is a division of Media Crowd Inc. With the name change, comes the same focus of working with advertisers and affiliates to drive high volume of leads, but also to establish a solid affiliate network presence at the same time.

DeluxeAds: What’s Inside

The DeluxeAds affiliate network is run off the LinkTrust affiliate platform, and currently has over 150 different affiliate offers to choose from. Well respected offers and names on the network include Classes USA, Cupid,, Consumer Rewards, Scholarships 4 Dad / Mom and various other health and financial related offers. Campaign payouts are around the network average, and as always… can be increased with more volume.

As an affiliate, you will be paid on Net 15 terms when you reach the $100 minimum payment amount. Weekly payments are available at request and when lead volume hits a decent amount. Payments are made through check, ACH and wire. DeluxeAds also promotes the use of their network debit card, which is for higher volume affiliates who need access to earnings fast.

In addition to all affiliate offers and payout methods, DeluxeAds also offers a referral program that pays 2% of all referred affiliates to the network for life. This is nice to see as many networks are cutting back on percentages and how long they will actually pay out on referral commissions.

Affiliate Earnings Promotion

Earlier in the month, DeluxeAds was giving away free $100 coupon codes towards Google Adwords to their network affiliates. Now that it’s April, there is a new promotion for DeluxeAds active affiliates. The terms are simple, generate enough commissions during April for any of their tiers below, and earn that prize.

$5,000 – Apple TV
$10,000 – iPod Touch or iPod Classic
$20,000 – iPad or Samsung 32″ LED TV
$25,000 – Macbook or Macbook Air
$30,000 –  Macbook Pro or iMac

Join DeluxeAds

If you are looking for another resource for more affiliate offers and campaign advice, please to join DeluxeAds. You can also contact Jonathan Cole at jc(@) directly with any questions you may have, or following them on Twitter and Facebook.

DeluxeAds Network

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  1. Just clicked on the link that you provided and signed up. Thanks for this useful information.


  2. It looks like DeluxeAds is a fan of Apple products. All the prizes are from Apple. LOL Thanks for the info. It sounds like a cool deal! 🙂

  3. Thanks for talking about the new program Zac, but I'm going to tell you a truth. I belong to other affiliate market networks and, well, maybe I'm the dumb guy but I have no real idea what I'm supposed to really do with any of them. Be it CJ or GAN, I make very little money off them. I read your book and other books and still am missing the picture. Obviously someone's making money off these things, but it's not me. So, if I can ask, you take something like what you've mentioned above; what do you do with it?
    My recent post Finish Line Steals My Money Then Cancels My Account

    1. I'm an affiliate of nearly every network out there. It's a good idea to join a bunch of them, so you can see what offers are available and the payouts from each network.

      To make money with any of these networks you should be running ad campaigns, whether that be ppc, ppv, search engine marketing, social networks, banner ads, facebook advertising. All of these methods are discussed through out the blog.

  4. This is the new one affiliate ad network. Can I join it in India.What is the payment mode in India.What is the minimum payout and target. these things also will have to be looked in
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  5. That Sounds Great…haven't found a network that I am comfortable with yet though.I had an experience with a network where the AM wasn't responsive when I was trying to get approved for an ad.How could I prevent this form happening?…DeluxAds sounds promising. I'm really interested In becoming my own network.Is there a course that teaches you the how and what to negotiate with advertisers etc?

  6. Just wondering if anyone has actually been paid by Deluxe Ads recently, they closed my account without giving me a reason, and have kept my balance of over $500. I've tried emailing several times and have only gotten one response from Jonathan Cole, and I'm pretty sure the email wasn't actually meant to be sent to me, but was actually making fun of my to his friends.

    I've emailed a few times, not been rude, just asked for a breakdown of where my balance has gone since my account was closed (back to advertisers etc.) and haven't heard anything!

    Anyone had similar experiences?

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