Direct Response Marketing – Ways to Crush Your Competition

Every once in a while I will meet someone who is very smart about the industry in one area, but not taking a full advantage of what they have available to them. One of these instances was when I met with Rich Gorman at DK’s ThinkTank last year. Rich is a really smart guy, and he’s making some serious money online. Rich is already fully dedicated to his work at Health Converter, but once I told him about the power and benefits of blogging, he just had to get started. A few months later and Rich is up and running with his own flashy and content loaded blog at

Direct Response Blog – Must Read Content

Rich’s blog is off to a great start. What’s going to be exciting for Rich, is that he most likely has hundreds if not thousands of awesome topics to write about, and since he just started, his blog will be full of killer content for a while. Here are some of my favorite and most useful posts since went live.

  • Building A Million Dollar Offer For Less Than 2k

This post might seem like generic information, but once you actually put everything in place and realize how crucial it is to your success and business, you will appreciate the value in this post.

  • How To Improve Conversion Rates By 2,100%

An excellent post that walks through various ad copies and landing pages. The easier and more direct you make your ad campaigns and landing pages for your customers, the more money you will make.

  • How Experts Get Paid For Their Time

This one is a personal favorite, and perfect for anyone that has ever has someone come up to them and say, I’d love to sit down with you at the show and pick your brain sometime. Believe it or not… we really do value our time!

What Can Direct Response Marketing do for You?

Having a blog is all about getting your name out there and building contacts. Rich is now putting his name out there and wants to help others succeed, and build a super networking group around himself and his blog. Whether it means partnering on a new project, or simply hiring Rich for his wealth of knowledge and consulting, I’m sure you will be happy with the results. Just from sitting down with Rich at ThinkTank, I still think back at some of the crazy ideas, insane numbers and potential projects we discussed over breakfast.

Be sure to check out and add it to your blog reading arsenal.

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  1. I am going to potentially inquire about their services as soon as I begin testing my new CPA offer.
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  2. I just checked out Rich's blog. It looks like it has some great content. It's refreshing to hear from a different point of view on such important topics. I might have to contact him to see if he can help me out with some business plans I have.

  3. I agree. It has pretty good content. Rich Gorman is sure going to help a lot of people struggling with making real money online.


  4. There we are. Another branch of marketing I'll have to explore.

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  5. Competing against other companies can be challenging but these are some helpful tips on ways to stand out. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Zac, if he's your buddy, you might wanna point out a couple of things to him.

    Having no contact form in an obvious place on his site in 2011 makes no sense. Thats why I am using your comment form to send my comments about that site and not to him directly. No I was not going to email the "work with us" link.

    Second, he needs to work with his webmaster to compress his images on his website. No reason to have a 2 meg image on this page Looks unprofessional.

    Third, the site is good looking but doesnt have a clear and compelling message. in addition to having the large images, the text doesnt GET TO THE POINT. What is it that he does and how can he make me money. The narrative is too lazy and didnt keep my interest.

    I dont mean to be disrespectful as I dont know the dude but those are my observations..


  7. It really is insane. I didn't know about Rich til a few months ago when we met at DK's Think Tank. That one connection was enough to make the event/cost/trip worthwhile.

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