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Over the past several months, the whole world of SEO, search rankings and how we build links to our web sites and blogs has greatly changed. It’s no longer about building as many links as you can, and using the same keyword anchor text for every link, but instead focusing on only high quality links and generating on a constant basis and not all at one time.

Many site owners are focusing on their link building efforts on such tasks as guest blogging, directory submissions and social bookmarking. All of these methods are now legitimate ways to build links, and Google is always looking for sites who focus on building quality links through these methods. Unfortunately the main problem with these methods is that it takes a lot of time to set directory accounts up and verify email address, then adding your site information to each submission in the process.

A service that I have been using lately for my sites is Directory Maximizer, which takes all of the busy work out of directory submissions, and they also have a service for managing social bookmarking as well.

How Directory Maximizer Works and Saves You Time

As mentioned, directory submissions are quite beneficial to building one way quality back links to your site, but it’s a huge pain to go through the process manually. Since there are well over a thousand directories out there, this can be quite tedious and even painful to think about how much time it would take.

Once you create a free account on the Directory Maximizer site, you can add the sites that you want to start submitting to the directories, then you can sort and add the directories you would like to submit to. Not all directories are the same, so you can sort by Page Rank or manually pick and choose the best that are for your site. Also, as mentioned earlier, Google likes a steady flow in incoming links to your site, so you wouldn’t want to add 1,000+ new directory links to your site in just a few days. Directory Maximizer has great scheduling in place so you can pick how many directories you want to be added to, then select over how man weeks you would like the submission process to take.

Directory Maximizer’s Six-Step Submission Process

It’s one thing to sign up for a submission service and hope for the best, then it’s another to know what actually happens after you place your order. The focus behind Directory Maximizer lies in the bullet points below.

  • Get permanent one-way links by having your site manually submitted up to 1283 quality web directories.
  • We increase your chances of directory approvals by ensuring that your site details meet all directory guidelines and are submitted under the most relevant category.

Directory Maximizer also has their six step directory submission process laid out in an easy to read and understand chart, which is shown below. As the site owner you will only need to provide information for the first two steps.

When you finish selecting the directories you would like to have your site submit to, the DM team will get to work and start the submission process. You will also be setup with an account that you can access, which will have all of your order information and full reports on the directories and submissions that have taken place.

How Much Does Directory Maximizer Cost?

As you can see in the breakdown above, understanding how directory submissions work isn’t confusing, but it sure takes a lot of time which you could be spending on more important things. This is something Directory Maximizer knows and masters the skill of, so they can afford to charge the low rates of .14 center per directory submission.

Best of all, you have free reign over how many submissions you would like to have, and with a low $5 minimum order, virtually anyone can benefit from directory submissions.

If you are looking to increase the amount of directory links you have coming to your sites, and don’t want to waste hour of tedious work on the submitting process, be sure to check out Directory Maximizer and see what they can do.

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  2. I would be very careful about using services like this. Google has banned and penalized a lot of Directories over the past year and it doesn't look good when you submit to so many, especially when they've probably got some in their list that they submit to.

  3. Well this looks really interesting. Manually submitting the links to different Directories is very tiring thing to do. And Directory Maximizer may be very helpful in this regard. Well if we get benefits , 5 USD is no big deal. Thank you for sharing this article. I will definitely give Directory Maximizer a try!

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    1. there are so many free directory now
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