Dirty College Girls Take Over Twitter!

Not your usual blog post headline, but it’s sure to draw attention… and isn’t that what marketing is all about? Online marketing is getting more targeted and more in your face than ever. It’s just a matter of finding new ways of pushing the envelope, and who will do it. Yesterday I was on Twitter and reading over incoming tweets, then I saw one come through from ChrisHedgecock, which was the following:

Anxiously, I went to see what his findings were. It wasn’t that surprising after I saw it, but I just hadn’t seen it in action, beyond the fake biz opps being advertised across Twitter on fake accounts. Now, some marketers are getting smart daring enough to try it with dating offers. We’ve all seen the ads on Facebook, and know they convert extremely well because they are shown to you in a “social networking” and “friend” envoirnment. I haven’t seen or heard anything “actualy numbers” on the profitability of offers through Twitter, but sure enough it’s being tested. Here’s what an active search of “online dating” brings up using search.twitter.com.

I pulled this search query right when I started writing this post. Five minutes later, and there are already (64) new tweets coming through on the live search results. Almost all of the urls go to the same dating site/offer, and most of the accounts look automated (api driven). Just do a general “dating” search on twitter for more detailed information.

How are people making money on Twitter?
The concept of making money with Twitter is nothing new, and the majority of marketers already how. If not, it’s quite an easy process.

1.) Create a Twitter Account
2.) Choose an Attractive Looking Avatar
3.) Post tweets with Affiliate URLS
4.) Download/Buy an Auto-Follower Program
5.) Automate the Process to Tweet every few minutes.

The process is easy enough, but how effective and convincing you can be is the question. On several forums you will come across users selling automated account with 20,000+ followers, for only a couple hundred bucks. This was seen a few years back when individuals were building up MySpace accounts and direct messaging all of their “friends”. Run a search at search.twitter.com on “add followers” and you will see the latest programs and sites being pushed around, for adding followers to account.

What are your thoughts on marketing through Twitter, and have you or others seen success promoting “affiliate type” offers?

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  1. Much like SPAM emails, majority of them look obviously spammy and I'd imagine that the majority of users won't both clicking on the links.

    Marketing like this is inevitable on any platform, I just hope that the Twitter team sets about trying to clean up accounts made in this way.

    <abbr>Darren Singleton’s last blog post..My Customer Service Experience</abbr>

  2. @Darren Singleton:

    While most of us wouldn't click on spam emails and fall for them – it's a very different story for the rest of the world.

    In my opinion – it's clear that spam is working or it wouldn't still be prevalent. If the people doing it weren't making money than they would stop.

    Same goes with Twitter – lots of people are making money on Twitter and they will continue to do it until it's regulated in some way.

    <abbr>Jeremiah Cooper’s last blog post..A Guide to Affiliate Marketing</abbr>

  3. this type of crap on twitter is really getting annoying. I realize in a way that it is inevitable that whenever a new medium comes out, that it be infested with crap like a bacteria or virus, but c'mon twitter?!? who is actually purposely clicking these garbage links posted from BS accounts??!??

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  4. That was hot!

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  5. They're not making money out of me! They're spamming my inbox, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace account. I just ignore them. I can't be alone…and I don't consider this smart marketing at all. Just lazy and crappy marketing…everyone knows about it or will know about it. Maybe I should look into this, though, and see if I can get a collective financial number of how much they're scamming..I mean, making…from ppl.

    <abbr>Jermaine Holmes’s last blog post..Stockbroker Suicide: Wore Designer Suit, Ordered Glass Of Champagne And Jumped To His Death</abbr>

  6. Twitter was asking for this from the beginning with the limitation on 140 characters forcing everyone to use url shorteners.

    I believe they should have handled the linking internally. Let people put one url per tweet and Twitter only count the anchor text, thus leaving the original link viewable when you mouse over.

    Tragic design flaw.

    <abbr>Domainer’s last blog post..Question About Domain Name Disputes</abbr>

  7. I've actually seen a lot of tweet message like this in twitter, a lot of such twitter user follow me as well. I've used a twitter tool to automated following people who follow me, but I realized that a lot of people like this follow me and I don't want to follow them. Now, I'm following people manually instead of following dirty girl like this.


  8. You'd have to be ignorant to not foresee this kind of thing happening with twitter. Now it is easier than ever for anyone to create a twitter bot. So what you are seeing is just the beginning. Right as we speak I'm sure there is another online dating site owner that is looking into doing this for his site too. Eventually half the users on twitter will be automated spam bots. So enjoy twitter now before it gets too polluted with spam.

  9. I have ran across these ads on several of my social networks. It's a profitable scam because it targets now savvy prospects. It willl looose it's effectiveness after a while when more people earn about this scam.

  10. its just like spam. They are doing spam and making twitter an spam box. I think twitter should need to think about it. I've receive daily spam follower and they are just for count. Nothing else.

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  11. I've seen spam like this before on twitter, and I have gotten "followed" by a few of these people. It was funny seeing the different approaches each of them had. One of the persons who followed me, only had one message on their twitter account, and it was a link linking out to some sorta of web cam chat is what I am guessing. I think it will be hard for twitter to maintain an eye on it's spam, but twitter does need to take a strong stance against spam because otherwise their service will lose customers fast.


  12. Send a twitter message out once every 10minutes or so for 24 hours and count how many different users reply out of your total amount of followers. 🙂

    Most are bots or spam accounts now.


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  13. It is a good idea but i doubt it is effective becasue they are probably being regarded as spam by other users. The amount of people trying this is ridiculous and it is saturated now i think.

  14. This happens to several social networks, surprisingly, I didn't know Twitter was going to be spam so soon. Quite obvious though. If they start charging for there service there would be less of this going on.

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  15. I love to tweet with these dirty college girls, LOL, theses girls turn down and mess up with Yahoo MSGr now they are up for twitter, twitter must have to do something about it.

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  16. Good thing more and more people knows the internet well enough to not fall for something like that. I think in 5-10 years tops ads like this will become obsolete.

    <abbr>Stancje’s last blog post..WrocÅ‚aw 13.07.2009: Mam do wynajÄ™cia</abbr>

  17. It sucks when marketers try to take things over in a marketing hostile manner. Twitter is going to have to institute stronger spam filters soon – and it will be the fault of spammers and marketers. It's particularly bad when you see a link that is ostensibly about news and click it and it leads you to an adult site. this isn't a good idea if you're at work. and so crappy marketing techniques like that are likely to backfire since people may be less inclined to check tweets during work hours…..

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  18. This stupidity takes the fun out of social sites, damn.

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  19. Wow this doesn't surprise me at all to have hit twitter, I just hope twitter can manage to keep the spam away, otherwise it will be the downfall of Twitter. Especially since twitter has been considering selling!

    Till then,


  20. Lol how come I wasn't lucky enough to get any of those??

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  21. @Darren Singleton:

    Trust me, alot of people will actually fall for this.. for one reason..

    <abbr>Ben Pei’s last blog post..Pro Blogging Secrets™ Pre-Launch Notice</abbr>

  22. Sadly twitter is falling prey to the spam monsters. How they cope with eliminating spam is going to be key to their longer term survival, methinks.

  23. There should be severe punishment for the crime of spamming. The only way to stop people doing it is to hold them accountable and to persecute them for their trouble.

  24. Looks like people are doing the same kind of spamming on twitter that they used to do on MySpace, in chat rooms, etc. I know it is some people’s intro to internet marketing but I can’t help but think that it doesn’t offer any real value to the customer.

  25. Hi I've just visited your twitter categories and found this article so that's how they make money out of twitter. Isn't it using automated software to increase followers is a violation to their TOS?

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