Do You have Twitter Power?

Written by Zac Johnson
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The growth and power of Twitter just keeps getting stronger. While many are sitting back and just simply enjoying what Twitter has to offer, others are finding ways to cash in, build cool apps or just networking and meeting up with new people. It’s no surprise that Twitter was a huge success and grew rapidly among web geeks and affiliate marketers, but it’s going mainstream now more than ever.

In Joel Comm’s latest book, “Twitter Power“, Joel has put together what some might call the “Bible for Twitter“. Whether you are new to Twitter and need a better understanding of what it’s all about, or if you are looking to accelerate your online business through Twitter, Joel Comm has it covered.

Twitter Power is available in hard copy and is made up of 232 pages, and retails for $24.95 (only $16.47 on Amazon). My favorite thing about the book, is that it’s not all text. Joel goes into detail on a lot of different topics, but almost always hase screenshots and image references to keep you interested. Whether you a web veteran or a Twitter newbie, it should be an easy and fun read.

Win a Free SIGNED Copy of Twitter Power!

I got my personalized signed copy, and you can too! For the next few weeks I’m giving away a signed copy of Joel’s new “Twitter Power”. Entering is easy, all you need is Twitter! Just head over to the “Follow Me on Twitter & Win Lots of Prizes!” contest post for full details.

Check out Twitter Power over at Amazon.

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27 Replies to “Do You have Twitter Power?”

  1. I certianly do NOT have twitter power. I have followers, but I do not get any type of feedback from them. It's kind of annoying, of course, I should post useful info on twitter to see if that helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have my own too – I actually bought it the other day – mine is not personalized ๐Ÿ™

  3. Very interested in twitter……I will get this book and update everyone about how it worked for me

  4. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-101759" rel="nofollow">@Product reviews Online:

    I wouldn't say it's the next email list, but it sure makes for a good method to interact on a mass scale, without cost and intrusion. Lots of blogs and web sites are using twitter to interact with their users and bring in new visitors.

  5. I love Twitter. I'll check the book out on Amazon. I've managed to make a lot of connections in my industry via twitter believe it or not. I've also gained a pretty consistent fan base on there too.. I won't stop til I have 5k followers ๐Ÿ™‚ AND even then I won't stop twittering!

  6. never heard of this book until now but looks like an interesting read. Thanks!

  7. I've had limited success on twitter. I have the followers but the response to posts isn't great. I'll definitely be checking out the book!

  8. Going to look in to the book. Power takes a lot of work to get and keep.

  9. yuck. Pushing Joel products here :(. Maybe it's because I am already on his list and get bombarded with this stuff from him personally but this is the last place I wanted to see joels stuff.

  10. I've had pretty good turnout with twitter so far. I try and issue open ended questions to get other users to input and then provide my favorite answer back to everyone to promote response.

    I'll have to check out the book for more ideas.

  11. Maybe I need this book. I think I'm one of the few who hasn't managed to find any real value in twitter. If anything I find it to be an opt-in spam generation system. Mind you, I'm not ragging on anyone for using. After all I have an account on it myself, but I'm just not having any luck leveraging it.

  12. It is scary how things have sped up in the online world! Books are already being written about new services like twitter, whereas in days gone past things just did not happen quite as quick!

  13. Twitter is becoming such a powerful marketing tool, its always good to know how you can do better on it. Thanks for sharing this book.

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