Do You Suck at Making Money Online?

Whether you are currently working a 9-5 job, running your own business, or even just a student in school… you probably suck at doing a lot of things, which is probably why you aren’t doing them? Gary Vaynerchuk recently made a quick video talking about the things he sucks at, then stressing the point about not focusing on what you suck at… and focus on what you are good at.

There are plenty of ways to start making money online, if you aren’t already. One of the fastest ways to start making money online overnight, is through pay per click marketing. Another way to make money online is through blogging (which takes time), as long as you can establish yourself and your blog as a prominent place for people to visit often and where advertisers may flock to. A more of a long term strategy for making money online, is to establish a web site that will continually grow in size and build up a membership base over time… whether that be paid subscribers, content providing or video entertainment. Just remember, a lot of people are making money online, but in hundreds of different ways.

If you are currently “sucking” at making money in a particular area, don’t stress yourself to death trying to make it work… there are so many alternative paths to online riches. As you dive into new marketing strategies, you will only continue to educate yourself and get better at this game. Making money online isn’t a one way street… don’t be afraid to take the path less traveled and try something different.

Take a moment and step back from your overall business model and ask yourself… where else can I be making money and what area am I sucking at?

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  1. Great article, Zac. I think it is important to realize what one sucks at and then get the best out of where one can thrive. For everything else there is always outsourcing. 😉

    1. I often heard others say "ignore the negative and focus on the positive." I know when I try to motivate others that it does less good to criticize poor behavior and a great deal to encourage good behavior.

  2. GREAT advice, I posted a rticle yesterday talking about how I am fed up with trying to get money off of CPA campaigns and failing miserably so I decided to stop for now and focus on other things like building up my other website projects and blog.

    1. I didn't try CPA. I just cannot understand CPA networks and making money from it, so I am trying other ways out.

  3. Good self realization. Nobody is going to tell you what you suck at in the "Politically Correct" world. Well… unless maybe you have a wife.

    1. Practice makes you perfect. No one is born perfect alan. I think you are doing a good job with affiliate confession. I like your EC Promotion. Just bought an ad on entrecard.

  4. Im totally agree. Everyone has somethings that is suck on, not only in making money online but in the entire activities. Everything.

  5. I am glad you put it that way. The online world is multi colored. With many flavors. I will keep trying to find a ad service that I can sync with. Live and learn in the real world and the cyber one as well.

  6. Hello Zac, you touched some good points here. I have wrote a post in response to this one, it's titled Do You Suck At Blogging?. It attempts to motivate to all those bloggers who feel frustrated :).

    See you around

  7. I like and think I'm good at making money from blogging. I suck at making money from affiliate marketing, but that just takes some time to learn.

    1. That is my exact problem. Can't understand affiliate marketing. But I do make lots of money from my teen forums.

  8. I seem to stink fairly well, I hate to admit. I think my overall issue is traffic, and it's so bad that TextLinkAds can't even find anyone to advertise on my site. But my Adsense revenue has doubled ever since I bought Comm's last book, so I guess I'll take what I can get for now.

    1. I am never using TLA. Google is penalising sites using them. If my teen forums is penalised because of my stupidities, all my earnings will hamper. My most visitors come from google only.

  9. I'm not sure I'd recommend PPC as a way to make money overnight, especially for a beginner. It's an expensive way to dig a hole real fast.

    FYI, can you tell I suck at PPC?

  10. Very nice article. There are lot of people who keep crying over not being able to make much money. They need to realise this also that it isn't so easy as it looks. Work hard, it may or might work. Keep all options open and be positive.

  11. Nice post. As you said, it is not an one way street. There are many ways to make money online. The point is, how you utilize your knowledge and efforts to get most out of them. Thanks.

  12. I am not a good money maker through affiliate marketing yet, but have many other ideas where i make money, and it isnt at all hard to make new ideas and fill your pockets.

  13. The best way to make money online in my opinion is not even thinking of making money. All you have to do is follow your passion and with time money comes itself.

  14. Well, this is very true, although I'm lighting a fire under my butt these days.

  15. It seems like I suck at making money everywhere right now. Good motivational post. I need re-evaluate my money plan.

  16. yes, i am.

    i am not able to make even $100/month. 🙁

    working 4-5 hours per day… even on weekends.

    what to do/

  17. Great article, Zac, Good motivational post, nice posting

    The Submission Zone

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