Do You Wear Affiliate T-Shirts in Everyday Life?

Last month I wrote a post on Good and Bad Branding and how much of a waste it can be for companies. The majority of companies out there will slap their logo on anything, then order 10,000 products that no one will ever use. put this concept to the test at this year’s Affiliate Summit West and went the extra mile to try and make a shirt people will actually wear after they leave the event.

With overwhelming feedback while at the event, wants to keep the testimonials alive by holding a contest for $1,000 cash to any blogger that enters and writes about wearing their shirt after the event. (improve your chances of winning by including a photo) The incentive to win $1,000 cash is great, but is also going the extra mile to donate an additional $1,000 to the Haiti Red Cross Relief Fund. (full details below).

Official Contest Rules
– Contest runs from today, 2/1 through 2/22.
– Entrants simply need to blog about the shirt (hopefully including a photo, but not required) and send the link to to enter.
– A winner will be announce on 3/1.

Good luck and don’t forget to join if you haven’t already.

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  1. Building a brand is important in internet marketing.

    It is always a good idea to explore the impact of wearing T-shirt on building brand in offline environment.You can have live testimonials in one place and for that reason I support this action and contest!

  2. They messed up on their graphic and doubled up the 3rd paragraph. While their t-shirts are cool, this contest is pretty lame. Who wants to read blogposts about someone wearing a specific shirt? I'm sure it will still generate some links and buzz for, but it doesn't make me want to check out their offers. I guess it's up to the bloggers to come up with something interesting to see which will determine how successful this promotion really is.

  3. <a class="replyTo" href="#comment-112880" rel="nofollow">@Laptop Briefcases:

    Good catch, I just fixed this. Thanks.

    I agree the contest is limited, with it only being for people with tshirts, but it's going towards a good cause, which pushed it over the each to get listed and spread awareness.

  4. Its a great marketing strategy.. not only did they make good t-shirts so that people actually wear those.. they incentivising people to do that..

  5. This give me an idea, perhaps.

    I am actually starting up a tshirt company. So I have money to create my own custom shirts, I am selling all of the shirts from other companies. I will copy and paste other companies tshirts onto my website and have a secrect link for the affiliate and click on that, order the shirt, ship it to me and than ship it to my customer, so I made money through the affiliate. I will keep the prices the same though.

    So what is the best funny tee shirt affiliate company?

  6. Indeed is no longer sufficient to just give something away… you must give something original that people will want to wear… something you in the first place can be proud of….

  7. Those shirts are really nice and the competition is clever marketing. How successful it will be remains to be seen. A unique approach definitely gives one a distinct advantage however.

  8. I must admit this approach is much better than just handing out useless junk with a company logo on it. At least some people may actually wear this shirt!

  9. Its a great marketing strategy.. not only did they make good t-shirts so that people actually wear those.. they incentivising people to do that..

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