Don’t Put All Your Easter Eggs in One Basket

Written by Zac Johnson
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First off, I’d like to wish everyone an excellent and Happy Easter! I thought today would be a fun and creative way to just stress the reminder and importance of not keeping all of your business focused on one traffic or revenue source.

As we all know, my Google Adsense account was banned last month and while it’s not a big deal for me, it could have wiped out anyone’s business over night if they were simply relying on Google Adsense as their only income month after month. While Google Adsense probably isn’t used for many successful marketers, there are thousands of web sites that generate four or five figures a month off their advertising system. Instead of just relying on Google Adsense, web site owners could also be selling their own ad space, using affiliate programs, text links and contextual advertising… this is the concept behind “not putting your all of eggs in one basket”… as something could easily knock the basket out of your hands and break all of your eggs (revenue/business model).

With all of that said, the same can be said for spreading yourself too thin… just like you can find multiple sources of revenue for a web site, there are also plenty of ways to run online ad campaigns. From pay per click marketing to CPV and media buying, you could easily setup too many ad campaigns and find you are not spending enough time in each market or method to truly understand and master the traffic source. The goal is to master one or two traffic sources and make the most out of what you have, while also finding the perfect room for growth and success.

Just a few inspirational words and concepts to think about when moving into new areas for your business. Have a happy Easter!

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  1. Relax, have fun and let someone else feed you and clean up. It’s what it’s all about. Happy Easter, everybody!

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